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Inside Man Sam Capra. Adrenaline The Sam Capra series. Cut and Run The Whit Mosley series. Here's how restrictions apply. Review "Abbott is one of the best thriller writers in the business, and he delivers action and complex characters in an explosive cocktail. Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention sam capra jeff abbott fast paced round table capra series last minute san francisco twists and turns former cia looking forward well written young woman bar owner fast moving cia agent woman named lots of action beginning to end page turner book in the sam. Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The Sam Capra series by Jeff Abbott if well known for it's well developed and complex plots, fast, thrilling action, and very memorable characters.

Downfall certainly fits right in and qualifies in all these categories.

The Sam Capra Series

The plot in this and all Sam Capra books is complex and requires the reader's attention. This certainly isn't a brainless beach read. But it is certainly worth the reader's attention. The twists and turns in the plot and the excellent and unique action scenes are more than enough to keep the reader interested and eager to get to the book's very satisfying conclusion.

And there is enough of a surprise and tease at the end to indicate that there will certainly be more Sam Capra books to come. Thank you Jeff Abbott. I've already put the next book on my wish list but hate that it won't be out until Summer. Jeff Abbott rarely disappoints anyone searching for a fast paced thriller. This is the third book in the series. I'm currently reading the fourth , and expect there will be several more before this series plays out.

Publication Order of Sam Capra Books

The writer does an admirable job filling in necessary background of the first two books in his series without boring those who've read his previous work. As a Harlen Coben fan, I found Abbott's faster pace a nice change. And for those who love well-written fight scenes, this is the series for you. My only negative comment is that I became a bit weary by mid-book and paged through a few of the fights.

I have to admit I found myself yearning for a few alternative obstacles for the interesting and well-rounded hero, Sam Capra. That said, I'll be in line for the next Capra book. Right after I take a break and read one or two by Coben. The pace is fast without being frenetic. The plot is intricate and require a bit of concentration, without being too convoluted, without being difficult to follow.

I would like better phrasing of parts involving motor vehicles. I am a huge motor head and am very particular about things motorized. One person found this helpful. Jeff Abbott continues Sam Capra's adventures in his latest thriller Downfall. This is his third book in the series about Sam Capra but could be a stand alone book. Sam is a late 20's "bartender" with a CIA history that has been erased and is somehow always able to fight his way out of impossible situations. The fun starts as a girl walks into Sam's bar and asks for help and trouble follows. What I liked about this thriller is that I really didn't couldn't figure out what direction the next twists were going to take us on during the roller coaster ride of this book.

It's a great summer beach read - just don't expect to be able to be able to talk to your family or sleep until you are finished! Keep the Sam Capra adventures coming!!

Hardback Editions

This is the third book in the Sam Capri series. Each of the 3 books should be read in order as they build upon each other. My favorite book was The Last Minute because it cleared up many questions left unanswered in the first book. Sam is a former CIA agent who was discharged due to treason by his wife. A mysterious group takes him in and gives him 30 bars worldwide to run.

This book like the other two has an interesting, ever-changing plot and includes lots of physical action. They are all fast moving. You will read them quickly because you cannot wait to read what happens on the next page. It is easy to see why movie rights have been sold for this series. When this latest Sam Capra character thriller was recommended, I saw it was the third in the series, so I started with the first one. A great series, with Downfall not being a disappointment at all. The characters are super, with the twists and turns of the plot adding to the enjoyment. The characters of Sam and Mila are the draw in these books.

I made the mistake of reading this book out of order. Because I didn't have the history on the main character it was occasionally hard to follow what was happening. I recommend not doing what I did even tho this book was less expensive. But it was a fun, fast read. As other reviewers mentioned - there are some plot twists that are hard to swallow but there were also some really surprising turns that I didn't see coming.

I have been reading Jeff Abbott since his Jordan Poteet books and have have been a fan for a long time. He moved to stand alone thrillers, and I enjoyed them as well. Then along came Sam Capra. These books are so much fun, and this latest is no exception. All of these relatively ordinary people are "Belias' puppets" and do what he wants them to do to get out of whatever he has on them.

At the end of chapter 8 there is not even a hint where this plot this is going. All "victims" want to protect their children. Bad mastermind Belias prides himself to be a master psychologist who manipulates people. Actually, at the point when I tuned out the listener still does not even know if Sam Capra who gets tricked into working for Mila is also one of Belias' puppets but at least I hope that there isn't a second puppet master in this book.

See a Problem?

That might be ok, if the rest of the presented plot weren't so ridiculous. Why would a "brilliant mastermind" like Belias pick a woman stricken with an aggressive cancer to be his hit woman? She might decide that her life may be too short to play somebody else's game. Why would he ask the divorced couple to kidnap a person that's important for his organization, if they have never kidnapped anybody before the woman is a master thief but not a kidnapper?

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The two might fail in their efforts and indeed they do. Indeed, in the book, they had asked themselves the same and hired a Russian mobster to help with the task, only Sam Capra kills the Russian. Surely, if Belias is such a mighty bad guy he could find better suited kidnappers. This plot either has too many characters, or it introduces the overarching crime-concept too late. Listening to the audio book makes it very clear what's wrong with this plot. Collins does a masterful job reading the book, especially the Russian mobsters' lines.

I traveled Russia three times, I can vouch for that narrator Kevin Collins gets the Russian accent right. Still, even though Collins does a marvelous job reading the book I did not like his reading of Diana's thoughts. There are just too many different people in his book. Maybe I didn't like the book because I did not read the two preceding books from Abbott's Sam Capra series.

Aug 19, Jeffrey rated it liked it Shelves: What would you do for wealth or power? Would you join a group of like minded people intent on amassing power, fame and fortune through the manipulation of events or the outright death of your business, political or familial rivals. Jeff Abbott's new Sam Capra thriller is essentially about the lure of such a Faustian bargain. The people who have made the deal with the devil are, in many ways, just trying to get ahead, but they do not care who they hurt in the proce What would you do for wealth or power?

The people who have made the deal with the devil are, in many ways, just trying to get ahead, but they do not care who they hurt in the process. And they will do anything to get ahead. Diane Keene stumbles into Sam Capra's life because she has learned of her mother's Faustian bargain, and when Capra gets involved trying to save her, he comes to the attention of the evil Belias, the head of Keene's mother's network. Belias wants him dead, then wants him to join his network, then feels threatened and wants him dead again. The action is continuous as Belias and Capra hunt for each other and Capra's friends and Belias's people all get involved.

There is back stabbing a plenty, murder, fights, and more killings. Downfall has it all. Jul 15, Donna rated it really liked it. Ex-CIA agent Sam Capra owns 30 bars throughout the United States and around the world but his favorite occupation is being father to his 10 month old son. One evening his is bartending and a young woman darts in asking for help as 2 men pursue her. Of course, he is going to help her and that causes him to get in the big middle of a situation where he digs himself even deeper. He and his handler Mira from the Round Table are pitted against a secret organization that seems to have unlimited power.

The leader is fascinated by Sam's skills and wants to recruit him to join. This thriller contains a long and complex story. I was able to follow along well but wish I had read the first two books in the series because I didn't fully understand the Round Table organization, why Sam had to leave the CIA or why his wife is in a coma. However, I picked this book up at a garage sale because it sounded like a story I wanted to read and it was. There's non-stop action and many people are killed.

The Sam Capra: Downfall 3 by Jeff Abbott (, Hardcover) | eBay

If you like books with great fight scenes, Jeff Abbott knows how to write them. Oct 19, Steph rated it it was amazing. But his peace is shattered when a young woman fleeing two male attackers rushes into the bar and begs for his help. Sam leaps to her aid, and in the process kills one of the men.

As readers of the series will have come to expect, the story charges along at a breakneck pace. The stakes are high for all of the principle characters; the question is who will succeed and who will fail. This constant raising of the tension made the story compulsive reading. Tight plotting, high stakes and high action make this page-turner of story a must for fans of action thrillers. Jul 16, Scott rated it really liked it. The third book in Jeff Abbott's high adrenaline series about Sam Capra is definitely one of his best.

This time around - since it's the third book - Abbot can skip spending lots of time explaining Capra's origin story - how he was kicked out of the CIA, ran into one hell of a marriage problem, etc.

I like to The third book in Jeff Abbott's high adrenaline series about Sam Capra is definitely one of his best. I like to pretend i'm losing weight and getting in shape living vicarously through Sam. This is a book that should come with a warning sticker: Don't read in bed before trying to go to sleep because odds are you'll find the adrenaline contagious and will never fall asleep.

Keep up the great work,Jeff. The Austin Statesman has selected this book as one it's encouraging people to read during july. I interviewed him for the two earlier books in this series here http: This time i'm going to just add a review of the book to the two earlier interviews Oh final link - colleague Scott Montgomery of BookPeople interviews Jeff here http: Sep 23, Linda rated it it was amazing. Love love love Jeff Abbott. The main bugbear I had with the book was that there were whole days that I had too much on and that prevented me from doing any reading.

His characters have depth and his novels are action packed. Like a lot of series with recurring characters, you really need to start with book one, but this novel is such that you gleam enough from the story to work out what has happened before. Sam Capra owns bars all around the world, when a young girl in distress stumbles into the Love love love Jeff Abbott. Sam Capra owns bars all around the world, when a young girl in distress stumbles into the bar he is currently working, and says help me, little does Sam know the consequences of his actions.

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Fighting friends and foe alike, Sam is soon fighting for his life and not sure whom to trust. Jeff Abbotts standalone books are excellent too, everyone well worth reading. Jul 06, Jennifer Golden rated it it was amazing Shelves: The 3rd book featuring Sam Capra and it is action packed and reads like movie script. The characters are easy to love and hate depending on which character you are talking about.

There are a lot of good authors and books out there but Abbott knows how to get your attention and hold it the entire length of the book. Jun 23, Debbie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I received this book free from Net Galley in exchange for a review. This is my first book by Jeff Abbott and it won't be my last.

My heart pounded and my pulse raced throughout this thriller. It was very well written story with plenty of twists. The list of suspects for several murders was very long and kept the characters confused leading to the "thrill'. I would highly recommend this book. May 22, Claire rated it really liked it Shelves: Sam is an appealing protagonist- this is the first book I have read of Mr.

I will be looking for others. This installment is a wild ride as Sam takes on the shadowy puppet master of the fates of successful and powerful because he has made them so men and women. Twists, turns alliances and betrayals make this read a roller coaster ride. Jul 06, Matt rated it it was amazing. Great thriller novel that kept me interested from beginning to end. I liked how Jeff Abbott was able to continue on with the story of Sam Capra in this novel.

After the ending of the previous book I almost thought the story was over. Glad I was wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and can't wait to read more about Sam Capra in the future. Nov 05, Carmen rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans of action movies.

This book is like an action movie in book form. Amazing, and very difficult to do right. It is the third in the Sam Capra series. I recommend reading the first two before this one - they are better read in order instead of alone. Jul 22, Robert James rated it liked it. I think there was too much going on in this one though. It's like the author had all of these ideas and he wanted to cram as much as he could in this one book.

However, I still enjoyed it and look forward to the next Sam Capra adventure. Aug 04, Jennifer Clarke rated it it was amazing. Good fast moving action that the descriptions make easy to imagine Just waiting on the next one. But Sam, go get Mila!

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Jan 13, Stephen Boiko rated it it was amazing. Jul 03, Ray Palen rated it really liked it. Read my review next week on Bookreporter. Jul 16, Ed rated it really liked it. Outstanding third book in the series. I hope to see Sam Capra in action for many more years. View all 3 comments. May 24, Mehreen rated it liked it. I just picked this up at the library without knowing much about the author or the story but I like a good thriller. It didn't drawn me in right away but by Part 2 I was contemplating whether it was more important to go to work or finish this book I compromised and went in late.

There's a lot going on here between the Belias Network and the Round Table and you don't really get great insight into either, perhaps the Round Table was explained in an earlier book. Sam Capra seems insanely young for the role he is intended to play here He also has a 10 month old son who he adores but is unable to put his dangerous lifestyle aside for him. Considering this book takes place over a few days, there's an incredible amount of action Sam's theory about Jimmy at the end seems incorrect given the 2 page epilogue which leaves the book open for a sequel, perhaps a 4?

I still can't figure out Felix's role but this is an action packed book that will keep you on your toes and it's amazing how fates are manipulated by puppet masters without too much government interference. Belias's network has met its doom by the end but it appears the Round Table and the 9 Suns may live to tango another day. Jun 02, Kory rated it liked it. The book is fairly easy to read and the plot is okay. There are a few characters, some of which work better than others, but some which I found more interesting than the main character.

The style of the author was…functional is probably the The book is fairly easy to read and the plot is okay. The style of the author was…functional is probably the best way I can describe it. It felt quite standard and it was just barely enough to keep me going when the plot sagged. Jun 23, Katherine Clark rated it it was ok. I broke one of my rules, and I started this midseries. I might get the first one, but I"m not sure I will, which is part of why it is a 2 and not a 3.

I like it, but I've been reading a number of books lately with this kind of hero I crave these books and I prefer the Hellwatch guy or Greaney. Characters weren't well enough developed and it was a bit over the top.