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Ruth Padel born , British poet, and non-fiction author known for her poetry criticism and nature writing Isabel Pagan c. Robb, born , American romance and fantasy novelist; In Death series E. Sayers — , English mystery novelist, translator, essayist, and short story writer; Whose Body?

Mostly known for Horror, Fantasy and Steampunk.

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Marie Stopes — , British author, palaeobotanist, feminist, eugenics and birth control advocate; Married Love Alfonsina Storni — , Argentinian poet Harriet Beecher Stowe — , American novelist; Uncle Tom's Cabin Susan Straight born , American novelist, short story writer, essayist, journalist, and academic Hesba Stretton — , English children's writer Agnes Strickland — , English history writer and poet Eva Strittmatter — , German poet and children's writer Rashida Strober , playwright Elizabeth Strout born , American novelist and short story writer; Pulitzer Prize for Fiction ; Olive Kitteridge Jan Struther — , Scottish-English hymn writer and novelist; Mrs Miniver Andrea Stuart born , Barbadian-British historian, biographer and journalist Lady Louisa Stuart — , English writer of memoirs and letters Mrs.

Travers — , Australian-British writer of the Mary Poppins books Carmen Clemente Travieso — , Venezuelan journalist and women's biographer Natasha Trethewey born , American poet; Mississippi Poet Laureate, won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry Terra Trevor , writer Adriana Trigiani , Italian-American writer and filmmaker Sarah Trimmer — , English children's writer and critic Flora Tristan — , French socialist writer, feminist and activist Frances Trollope — , English novelist and travel writer; Domestic Manners of the Americans Joanna Trollope born , English novelist Catherine Trotter — , Scottish-English novelist, playwright, philosopher, and letter-writer Trotula 11th—12th century , Spanish writer on women's medicine writing in Latin Jean Trounstine , activist, author and professor emerita Meta Truscott — , Australian diarist and Ashgrove historian Sojourner Truth — , American feminist; Ain't I a Woman?

Tuchman — , American author and historian; The March of Folly: Wells — , African-American journalist, newspaper editor, suffragist, sociologist Martha Wells born , American novelist Eudora Welty — , American novelist, short story writer, and photographer Viola S. Wilson — , American novelist Jacqueline Wilson born , English children's writer Margaret Wilson — , American novelist; Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Sarah Winnemucca — , American lecturer and autobiographer Kathleen Winter born , Canadian novelist, short story writer, columnist, and television writer Jeanette Winterson born , English novelist Jane Wiseman c.

Retrieved 4 March Retrieved 7 March Retrieved 19 January Lists of women writers by nationality. Retrieved from " https: Women and the arts Lists of women writers. Flint and Feather The Poems of Sophie Jewett I, that could always catch", VIII. Some hearts are like the bright". Mountain Dooryards 2nd edn Glyphs from the Washoe-Paiute: The Works of Alice Dunbar-Nelson Lady's Magazine and Musical Repository The Literary Voyager Ann Plato, Lines, Written on visiting the grave of a venerated friend.

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Nineteenth Century American Women Poets: An Anthology

Lippmann, Sweet Peas; Katherine T. Prescott, A November Prairie.

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Mary Kent Davey, trans. Nineteenth Century American Women Poets: Added to Your Shopping Cart. Description Paula Bernat's anthology, based on seven years of pioneering archival research, establishes nineteenth-century American women's poetry as a major field in American literature and American women's history.

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Lydia Huntley Sigourney Flora's Party, Indian Names. Zinzendorff, and Other Poems The Indian's Welcome to the Pilgrim Fathers. Christian Parlor Magazine A Scene at Sea. Mother's Assistant and Young Lady's Friend Maria Gowen Brooks ? Elizabeth Oakes Smith Southern Literary Messenger A Poem in Seven Parts: Frances Anne Butler Kemble Sarah Margaret Fuller Manuscript Poem ; Steele, Double Triangle, Serpent and Rays.

Frances Sargent Locke Osgood North America Daily Fanny Fay's Baby Jumper. My Country, An Appeal to Women. Julia Ward Howe Battle-Hymn of the Republic MS The Hunter and the Doe. A Rhyme of the Bay State.


Black Mountain in Bearcamp Lake. Wild Roses of Cape Ann Frances Ellen Watkins Harper Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects Bible Defence of Slavery.

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To the Cleveland Union Savers. Rose Terry Cooke Rosa Vertner Johnson Jeffery Women of the South Helen Hunt Jackson Her Eyes, My Bees: A Dream MS Adah Isaacs Menken Judith, Working and Waiting, Answer Me. In Kittery Churchyard, Wherefore. At the Breakers' Edge. The Cruise of the Mystery and Other Poems Harriet Prescott Spofford Louise Chandler Moulton Where the Night's Pale Roses Blow. At the Wind's Will Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt Giving Back the Flower, Shapes of a Soul. A Hundred Years Ago. There was a Rose. A Ghost at the Opera.

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Her Blindness in Grief. An Enchanted Castle In the Round Tower at Cloyne. Child's World Ballards A Mistake in the Bird-Market.

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Heart's-Ease over Henry Heine. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Songs of the Silent World and Other Poems The Stone Woman of Eastern Point. The Twain of Her.

Songs of a Semite Love Song of a Alcharisi. Little Poems in Prose," IV. The Poems of Emma Lazarus The New Colossus , Venus of the Louvre. Manuscript Poem date unknown; Vogel, Henrietta Cordelia Ray Fair Shadow Land The Torches of the Dawn, Losers. The Dancers and Other Legends and Lyrics The Guest at the Gate Lizette Woodworth Reese