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If you didn't, you can still pick up the book on Comixology and other places, and I highly suggest you do. Jan 31, Athena Bingham rated it it was amazing Shelves: Possibly my favorite thing in this comic is the portrayal of women. Both main females are of color, which is awesome! They both kick butt. The main villain reminds me of Transmetropolitan's Spider Jerusalem at least in looks.

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The art is gorgeous, and the inside jokes are a plenty. I really feel like this comic stays true to the intention of JoCo, probably because he collaborated on it. Aug 11, David Schwan rated it liked it. A graphic novel funded as a Kickstarter project. The world is overrun by zombies as usual, lol and Code Monkey saves the day. The main story is ok. The best part is the random collections of comics at the end of the book. Mar 09, Crisanto J. Jorda rated it really liked it. The inking and coloring in Code Monkey is stellar.

Mother monkey saves baby monkey ♥

So stellar that it really made me want to give this graphic novel 5-stars. Code Monkey Save World is set in what appears to be a fantastic, light-hearted world where the Feds are inept, villains are aplenty, and monkeys can speak sort of. The lore is there. The self-deprecating dry humor is a wonderful contrast to the vibrant atmosphere.

And the panelling is absolutely perfect. What lost it for me was the act Code Monkey simple. What lost it for me was the actual narrative. The pacing is much too fast and the characters far too rushed. I found myself wanting to learn so much more about the cast that the neck break twists and story arcs become cumbersome obstacles.

Did page restrictions limit real estate? Did the source material run thin in characterization? And Deus Ex Machina teleportation at the end—that part was frustrating. Very fun read, though. I really hope to see more work from the team. Mar 03, Bruce Screws jr. I preface this by saying I started reading this with no prior knowledge of Jonathan Coulton's music.

I found this on Humble Bundle and it seemed like a fun read. The first issue was quite fun and interesting. I had no expectations going in and it was a good surprise. The second issue was also good. The third and forth issues started losing steam. It feels like they tried to shoehorn in all of these disparate characters.

The Monkey Who Saved The Match

May 24, Becky rated it really liked it Shelves: A fun story full of JoCo references. Apr 19, Jen rated it it was ok. The art was really nice; the story was just okay. I'm not familiar with the source material, so I'm probably missing a lot of "in joke" stuff. Feb 18, Marcelo Sanchez rated it liked it Shelves: Greg Pak hizo un excelente trabajo al darle carne a los personajes. Estos son divertidos, interesante y fuertes en si mismos. Pero la historia falla al momento de ponerlos juntos. Jan 24, Demian Katz rated it it was ok. I'm not exactly a Jonathan Coulton super-fan, but I do find his work amusing especially his participation in "Ask Me Another" on NPR , so I can see how you might be able to turn some of his songs into a funny comic book.

Unfortunately, I didn't find this very funny -- it spent so much time and energy trying to cram a bunch of song material into its relatively short length that it never got around to doing anything especially original.

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In the end, it just felt forced, and I never particularly ca I'm not exactly a Jonathan Coulton super-fan, but I do find his work amusing especially his participation in "Ask Me Another" on NPR , so I can see how you might be able to turn some of his songs into a funny comic book.

In the end, it just felt forced, and I never particularly cared about what was going on. Feb 10, B rated it liked it Shelves: If the book were twice as long, I think the reasons would be apparent and the decisions would be more explicable. Fun character design, good art, a couple of funny moments, but mostly a little bewildering without the sense it was meant to be bewildering.

Dec 05, Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: The artwork is absolutely fantastic start to finish. It has a personality all its own, and the colors were perfectly selected to bring it to vibrant life. The plot, being a mosh-mash of JoCo songs, has its ups and downs. I enjoyed it for the most part but felt it lost itself towards the end. A solidly entertaining, light afternoon read.

Code Monkey Save World

Recommended for anyone who wants to escape their boring life for a few hours. Feb 07, Amy rated it liked it Recommends it for: I supported this project through Kickstarter, thinking it was a pretty neato idea to take some of Coulton's coolest song characters and turn them into a graphic novel. Overall I have mixed feelings about the end result.

I liked it, but if you didn't get all the references, I don't think you'd get much out of the story. I don't think it stands alone terribly well. On the upside, I loved the artwork, and that the two main female characters are women of colour who are pretty badass. May 04, John rated it liked it. Packed cover-to-cover with JoCo references - every one well done. I really wanted to love this - I'm a massive fan of Coulton's work - but the ending was simply unsatisfying.

Characters changing personalities and circumstances at the drop of a hat, sudden reversals of the story, and an ending that didn't deliver. Jan 13, J Wagoner rated it it was amazing. I was happy to have contributed to the Kickstarter campaign that helped to create this book, but I had not read the finished product that I received in the mail until now. The artwork was beautifully done and the storyline was a great start. Greg Pak successfully created a hero for those of us who are code monkeys in the real world, and I look forward to subsequent volumes.

Apr 05, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: Been meaning to read this since I picked it up at C2E2 last year. I'm really bad at reading trades and comics I pick up at conventions. I'm sad I didn't read this one sooner. I love the songs JoCo writes and Greg Pak wove a great story around them. Code Monkey might be my favorite new hero or villain? It's a must read. The art is also amazing. Feb 16, Valerie rated it really liked it Shelves: This comic is a delight for Coulton fans. Greg Pak did a wonderful job weaving together a fantastic cast of characters and telling a story which passes the Bechdel test with flying colors, zigs every time you expect it to zag, and gets a lot of songs stuck in your head.

In short, this comic really put the rock in the house. Apr 10, Douglas Beagley rated it liked it Shelves: Lots of creativity and some hearty action moments, but I will not re-read it. And if you do end up going through with the printed copies i'm definitely getting one or more for my daughter and some of our friends!! I didn't think this campaign could possibly get even more awesome, but obviously it just keeps getting better. The only way this could be more awesome is if there were yet another stretch goal to actually get it printed.

Constipated Guy, what does the scouter say about their awesome level? Come one guys donate a bit extra just for this extra book, we as fans have to show our awesome levels. Need to add more: Code Monkey Save World? The Princess Who Saved Herself as a picture book for kids? Which would not be enough. Will raise if both desperate and hopeful. The last stretch goal to make me raise a pledge was the first Kickstarter I did, tremulus. A children's book would be so awesome in print!

Not sure how I'd read a children's ebook to my kids.. In fact, I've been wanting "My Beige Bear" to get the same treatment for a long time, now it would make for an awesome bedtime book. Thanks so much for the kind words, y'all! We're super excited and really appreciate the support. Coupla quick responses Jon-Paul, we're actually planning to make "The Princess Who Saved Herself" as a traditional children's book, not a graphic novel.


But it will be awesome! Charles, if you're having trouble hearing the song at that link, head over to BoingBoing. I am so, so excited about this project. I was happy before, but now with the added possibility of The Princess being added, I am now bouncing up and down inside and out.

Charles - I just tried it, too.

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  • It maybe having to many requests to run at the moment. I'm not in Canada, so don't worry.

    Huge Stretch Goal: A children's book based on "The Princess Who Saved Herself"!

    I was excited about this project to begin with, but I'm over the moon about this! My 8- and 6-year old daughters have adored this song since its release, and they will love being able to read its book counterpart. I'm kinda tearing up on this one. I can just imagine my niece's reaction to seeing herself in a book She loves to read, and she's only 2. Share this project Done.

    Code Monkey Save World. Posted by Greg Pak Creator. And now the big, big, big news as we launch into the final eight days of the campaign: Thanks as always for your support! Comments Only backers can post comments. Oded Sharon on May 12, I couldn't play the song here in Israel. Greg Pak 5-time creator Superbacker. Seth Purdy on May 7, This looks amazing! Serpine on May 7, I sort of wonder if some variation of the bit with the prince on the phone will be factored in. Jennity on May 6, Oh my goodness this is amazing!

    Rick Roe on May 6, The only way this could be more awesome is if there were yet another stretch goal to actually get it printed.