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The church was restored by Sir Albert Richardson in In a fund-raising cream tea garden party for Christian Aid , held in the churchyard after the Sunday sermon , was stormed by armed police. The police proceeded to the adjacent Saint Alfege Park, where a man was arrested and a firearm found. Notable burials in and around the church include the Renaissance composer Thomas Tallis d. The merchant , Lloyd's underwriter and art collector John Julius Angerstein d. Sir James Creed lies against the outer north wall. Sir John Lethieullier lies on the outer southwest corner of the church.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Buildings of England. The parish church', Old and New London: Volume 6 , pp. Churches in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Rebecca Parrant, the newly appointed heritage engagement and interpretation manager, discovered the sketch tucked away within an envelope containing more modern, unrelated, documents.

Rebecca was accompanied by Alison Fisher, postgraduate student, University of Greenwich, who has been awarded a vice-chancellor's scholarship to enable her to look into the church's history and its place in the country's local and national heritage. Alison, who instantly recognised the work, said: The handwriting is as much of a giveaway as the drawing itself.

Famous painter's centuries-old drawing found by chance in Greenwich church history project. We have our own ideas about who we are, but one-seventh of our personality remains hidden. The choral singing was wonderful. It was clear that a lot of practice and passion had gone into this, but it wasnt so professional so as to be joyless.

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For those not used to choral singing in church, this was a rare treat. There was a horrible moment part way through the sermon when one of the parishioners sat next to us was taken ill. All of a sudden we heard a thudding sound. We looked over and saw an elderly lady slumped forward with her head leaning on the pew in front, her arms dangling downwards.

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Within a flash, before it had properly registered that she was ill, several people came to her aid. She was well cared for, but it was quite a distressing sight to witness. Later in the service, prayers were said for her and a notice given for someone to move their car in order to allow access to the ambulance that had been called.

We queued at the back of the church to hand back our hymn books before heading across the car park to the church hall for refreshments. We spoke to one parishioner, who was lovely and friendly, proving herself well capable of holding a conversation and keeping an eye on her son, who was seemingly about to bump into anyone and everyone. Coffee was served in the church hall, which was situated on the far side of a small green.

St Alfege Church, Greenwich

No two of the mugs it was served in were alike, making one wonder if the hodge-podge nature of the mugs was an accident of history or a theological statement about the diversity of the church. The coffee itself was quite passable and went down well. Our Mystery Worshippers are volunteers who warm church pews for us around the world. Find out how to reproduce this report in your church magazine or website.

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Skip to content Mystery Worshipper. The church The churchs dedication is perhaps not the most common. The neighborhood Greenwich Park and the surrounding area is probably the most touristy part of south-east London. The cast The service was led by "Susan," who also presided over the eucharist.

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