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This means that consumption of the goods result in external costs — costs that fall on people other than those consuming the goods. An example of demerit good is cigarettes.

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Smoking causes additional health cost external costs that are paid by the rest of the population. Merit goods generate substantial positive externalities Merit goods confer benefits on society in excess of the benefits conferred on individual consumers; in other words, there is a divergence between private and social costs and benefits, as the social benefits accruing to society as a whole from the consumption of such goods tend to be greater than the private benefits to the individual.

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This point can be illustrated in relation to health care and education: Pure public goods are ones that when consumed by one person can be consumed in equal amounts by the remainder of society, and where the possibility of excluding others from consumption is impossible. Examples of public goods are: Very good Comment by noob — January 10, 5: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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Merit and Demerit Goods

The analysis of the sense of Merit and Demerit 2. Our sense of its merit arises from an indirect sympathy with the gratitude of the person acted on. Thus, the sense of merit is a compounded sentiment.

Y1/IB 17) Merit/De-Merit Goods and Information Failure

How eagerly do we enter into such designs? How much are we animated by that high-spirited generosity which directs them? How keen are we for their success? How grieved are we at their disappointment?

We imagine that we are the very person whose actions are represented to us. We transport ourselves to the scenes of those adventures, in fancy. So far, our sentiments are founded on the direct sympathy with the person who acts. As the diagram illustrates, the MSB lies above the MPB and the difference between the two consists of positive externality.

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