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See the full disclosure. The youngest of nine sons, Jesse is used to neglect and hand-me-downs.

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Becoming a knight through England in the summer of is a nervous, triumphant place. The English king holds the King of France hostage—but there are plots afoot to see this French monarch assassinated. Duke Henry begs beautiful Amice, the spice seller, for her help to c Once a child-bride, married with the intent to stop a blood-feud between rich and ambitious families in fourteenth century London, Isabella is now a young widow, a medieval Cinderella, tormented and blamed.

Seeking always to escape her grim destiny Medieval Captives - 2. Will he keep her for love? Sebastian, lord of the tower in the northern high lands, is a proud, bitter man with a dark past. An alchemist and a warrior, he has had lovers but knows A Widow of Bath - 2. Alyson Weaver, five times wife and a now a widow of Bath, is back in her birth city of Bath fighting for her life in a sultry July, I Command you to marry the bearer of this letter. Lady Alice Martinswood has no choice but to obey her dead father's final instruction. His choice is his champion, the mercenary Simon Paton. To Alice, the handsome, arrogant Simon is a dangerous, sedu The s are a time of pestilence and unease, plagued not just by disease but by demons and the restless dead.

Yolande wanders England and Wales, armed with her blessed bow and sacred herbs, laying the spirits to rest and driving the demons away. When a shadowy piper kidnaps seven beautiful girls, can a wounded knight and his witch save them? Will Sir Magnus and Elfrida find them in time, and at what cost to themselves? Magnus, the battered crusader knight, and his witch-wife, Elfrida, are ha Historical RomanceShe has twelve days to win his heart. He was known for his travels and explorations as well as his extraordinary knowledge of languages and cultures Alfred Nicolas Rambaud was a French historian.

After he traveled to Russia for intense study he wrote this short but excellent Histoire de la Russie depuis les origines jusqu'a l'annee Arthur John Arbuthnott Stringer was a Canadian writer, primarily for films. He wrote the movie serial, The Iron Claw. This volume includes statistical data of Union and Confederate Ships; muster roles of Confederate Government vessels; Confederate departmental investigations; and letters of marque and reprisal -- a government license authorizing Loving her new home and its big basement, five-year-old Missy is unaware thather imaginary playmate, Lisette, is the tortured soul of a murdered child whois determined to get revenge on a cruel world for her destroyed life.

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Diego Hurtado de Mendoza was a Spanish novelist, poet, diplomat and historian. The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes and of His Fortunes and Adversities was published anonymously because of its heretical content. This volume contains the first part of Man and Wife, in which Collins attacks both Irish and Scottish We just know more about ourselves, and should be able to use that to advantage in our writing. What do you think an editor is looking for in a good novel? I imagine editors would look for a great story with interesting characters, preferably presented in a professional manner — and one that would attract good sales and make a profit.

Only the old chestnut of persistence! Writing is hard work. Nobody can prepare you for the crushed dreams when you open a rejection. You really do have to grow a tough hide and roll with the punches, remain optimistic against all odds, and work to improve. Do you enjoy research, and how do you set about it? Yes, I do enjoy research, though it sometimes has a habit of taking me away from where I want to go. I try and observe the customs of setting and introduce the historical detail.

First I read a quick overview of the period and look up the timelines. I especially like books written by local historians about their towns. I also find postcards to be useful. I found one of roller-skaters on Bournemouth pier in Some churches have historical societies and all have been helpful. First hand accounts on anything are excellent for research. Were there any wars or epidemics — domestic turmoil? All three can affect the mood of the book, or change the family structure. I send off for maps of the period, and they often contain a wealth of information on businesses, position of public building.

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If there is a plague, epidemic, or surgery to be done, I research it, as related to its time, and try and keep it authentic. It was the scene of a rat fight. I dramatized it with my own text for the opening scene in the book. From there I expanded it, adding the heroine, a young pickpocket called Celia Laws. I also added a victim, a man who goes on to become the hero. He features throughout the book. Those three are my principle characters. Until I saw that illustration I had no idea what this book was going to be about.

Usually, before I start to write I like to have a title. I could find one that sat comfortably with this book. Towards the end, one of my critique group suggested Lady Lightfingers, which suited it perfectly. Thank you, Janet, for sharing with us how you work. To find out more about Janet and her work visit her website at http: Posted by Rosie Hendry at 3: Wednesday, July 20, Interview with Jen Black. Recently retired from library management, Jen lives in Northumberland. She writes almost every day — sometimes contemporary ghost stories, but more often historical adventures.

So tell us how you sold your first book, and if you had any rejections before getting that exciting call? Posted by Freda Lightfoot at 8: After a frantic week editing, I couldn't wait to head to the wilds of Wales for a weekend full of food, wine and fun. Oh yes, and fantastic writing advice. My first conference last year in Greenwich was a blast, and I was super keen to get out of the house and drink. Did I mention I'd been editing? And if you're looking for drink, there's really no better place than a romantic novelists' convention.

Compared to others there you know who you are! I can only aspire to such imbibing greatness. Many have already written fantastic conference posts and since, at heart, I'm basically a very shallow and materialistic individual, I thought I would summarise my conference experience in shoes.

Conference shoes must be high-heeled and ultimately quite uncomfortable, and these high heels certainly filled that role. After checking in and getting settled in my dorm, I scurried over to register, slightly anxious I wouldn't see anyone I knew. I needn't have worried. Instantly I spotted people I recognised from Twitter, Facebook, the last conference I'd forgotten how lovely and friendly everyone is.

It was amazing to see so many friends again and meet people for the first time. I didn't even feel the pain in my feet! Copious amount of wine were downed that night at the bar and the chatter and laughing continued. With my feet smarting from the night before, I was only too happy to don this pair of relatively low-heeled shoes for Saturday and Sunday. Despite my slight hangover and zombie-like appearance, Saturday passed in a blur of fantastic sessions and speakers. One of the things I love about the RNA is that no matter how successful and experienced authors are, they always take the time to interact with aspiring writers and those just starting out in their publishing career, like me.

Yes, the time had come to don my lovingly purchased turquoise frock, slide my feet into these killer shoes in more ways than one and drink as much wine as I could. It's safe to say a good time was had by all, except my liver, which is still in recovery.

The Gala was fabulous and everyone scrubbed up very nicely. I was particularly chuffed to have a lovely late-night conversation with the fabulous and talented Miranda Dickinson and Ruth Saberton , despite the fact that I was practically swaying on my feet and almost slobbered all over them in my delight. Sunday afternoon rolled around far too quickly and I hopped well, stumbled on board the train back to reality. A big shout-out to Jan Jones and Roger Sanderson for being organisers extraordinaire, and to all the ladies of the RNA for being so wonderful!

Talli Roland blogs here and tweets here. She is already training her liver for Penrith. Posted by Talli Roland at 8: I know the reasons for this say a lot more about me than about it, but here goes anyway. Everyone would know everyone else. There would be loads of hugging, loads of kissing, laughing, gossiping, and I was going to be shifting around on the edge, trying to get a look in, feeling like a lemon.

There would talk about shoes.

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I mostly wear Birkenstocks. There would be a lot of successful writers there. I like successful writers as a rule, but am also fed up with being the bridesmaid, never the blushing bride. I thought they would favour their own. It was a whole weekend, and the Friday too.

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I was dreading it in a general, globilized, all-my-phobias-rising-up-to-meet-me-all-my-inhibitions-squashing-me-down kind of way. This is what happened: I met several people whom I can genuinely now call friends; many others, whom I think will become friends by the next conference.