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The h is conned into a MOC that the hero has no intention of honoring. I bit the bullet and sallied through the scenes. The H and h have lived apart, I mean really lived apart, and see each other a few times a year. They have a son together because as we all know, sperm count and fertility exist in a different dimension in HarleyLand.

Sensation by Charlotte Lamb

Present day, the couple arrive at their Paris apartment, and the H has decided to make some changes. Alerted by his son that someone may be interested in Mommy the H makes a play. His way of making a play is just being there and irritating the hell out of her. He's brought home the quintessential Mr. Nice Guy, a man who was cheated on by his now dead wife.

The H warns the h that her winsome ways will attract the nice guy and he won't tolerate it. For some reason, the ice is breaking with the h, and she pushes the envelope back in hopes of seeing the H break. She does an excellent job as in a Gone with the Wind Rhett sweeping Scarlet off her feet moment, the h finally gets a dose of real passion. I'm sure you can guess who is on the plane. Nice Guy with a hangdog look.

More jealousy drama, a vile encounter with Mum of the year, and all is confessed by the H. The H has been in love with the h for years and wants her to love him back. Don't get me wrong, the h can dish it out in spades; she would make an excellent ice cube. When she sees the H kiss a woman at party, she leaves with Mr. Nice Guy which results in a punch and a threat against his life. The H is quite the red-blooded he man. I may be wrong, but I don't see a prolonged HEA unless this couple can maintain the level of drama and angst. Some will love the angst fest while for some it has so many triggers it might as well be a six-shooter.

View all 5 comments. The guy is an unapologetic manwhore who is frustrated when he can't melt the ice queen. So what's a guy to do? But of course it's a marriage of convenience in order to get her away from her parents and allow him to merge businesses with her dad. The wedding night is a non-con scene if that upsets some readers, consider yourself warned. I was surprised by w 3. I was surprised by what the H said about it at the end. All through the story the H did everything in his power to make the h think he way sleeping with any woman that entered the same room as him and we're suppose to believe what he said at the end.

I'll sit on it a while. Things usually look different to me after some time away. But I think this is a pretty good story But Philip, the H's coworker, made it all better: Aug 21, EeeJay rated it really liked it Shelves: If anyone of you know me, I generally avoid angsty books and jealous heroes but I liked this book for these reasons: That's a long time to stay impassive.

Granted, that doesn't make what he did right but he did ask the h if she regretted w Genre: Granted, that doesn't make what he did right but he did ask the h if she regretted what happened and eventually she admitted it's helped to humanize her. I agree with another reviewer, both the hero and the heroine were ninnies.

I would have liked the hero better if he had been in love with the heroine when he married her. At least he did fall in love a few years into the marriage. And then he suffered from several well deserved years of unrequited love. The heroine was just a ninny. Most times I don't mind a silly young heroine but here she just kept being silly for years.

I don't see how anyone could be so unaware of themselves or others. And s I agree with another reviewer, both the hero and the heroine were ninnies. And she seemed more uncaring really. And there really were at least 2 forced seduction scenes that honestly left the seduction in the dust and just left the forced bit. View all 4 comments. Aug 27, Chrisolu rated it liked it. Why has Drew shown up in Paris now?

Helen had managed to avoid Drew for the past six years,ensuring that if he was in one country she'd be in another. After all, theirs wasn't a real marriage anyway- Drew had wanted the business connection with her father and Helen had merely wanted to escape her parents. His sudden demands were frightening and confusing-as were her own s Why has Drew shown up in Paris now? His sudden demands were frightening and confusing-as were her own surprising responses The Heroine, Helen married the hero, Drew because he offered her a compromise. If she married him she could escape her parents desperate attempts to be married off to some suitable male from an equally wealthy background.

Drew promised it would be a marriage in name only but of course he switched the tables on Helen the first night of their honey moon. He came into her room ready to "possess her" because he said her father threw a clause into his taking over Helen's fathers business. The clause stated that Drew could only gain full control after Helen had her first child. This scene would be considered rape today but was a "forced seduction" in the 80's.

Helen finds herself pregnant after two encounters and for six years, she managed to doge Drew whenever he was in the same city. One weekend she decided to stay in Paris and guess who she happens to meet when she is leaving the airport-Drew. They share the Paris apartment for the weekend together along with her husbands good friend Phillip. Phillip is very emotionally venerable at the time as his cheating wife has recently passed away. He falls for Helen and this makes Drew very jealous. I doesn't not help that the heroine runs around and off with Phillip a few times in the novel and flirts very heavy with him in the heroes presence.

I won't give anymore away but as in all HP Romance novels the hero gets the heroine. Harlequin Presents, No been sleeping in my bed. Her best book is Temptation which is my favorite romance novel of all times.

Amped: A Kid Sensation Companion Novel

Hero admits to cheating on the heroine with other women in the early years of the marriage. This is a Charlotte Lamb's classic! If you don't love her, just skip the book, but if you are her fan - this is, in my opinion, one of her best. The heroine is emotionally handicapped, and the hero is secretly crazy about her. When she starts seeing another man too often, the hero decides it is time to do something about it and follows her to Paris She starts being aware of him and he tries to awaken her lost sensations.

This book is so intense, and always building, and bu This is a Charlotte Lamb's classic! This book is so intense, and always building, and building until the end. And that scene is just great!

The wedding night is a non-con scene if that upsets some readers, consi more than one copy of this book on here 3. Dec 30, bookjunkie rated it liked it Shelves: Heroine's a total zombie. She's checked out of the world for most of the book, just a blank-eyed pretty doll who socializes, shops, and plays piano. Still, it's fun watching her frozen-out husband chase after her and finally win her.

Dec 04, Lede rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was very similar to Savage Surrender, also by CL. Here we have a heroine who actually agrees to a marriage of convenience - to escape her controlling parents. I can't justify Drews actions on their wedding night, I did enjoy him trying to thaw her over the years and waiting for her to come to him. Everything was handled with much more maturity and their hea was convincing. She writes some good descriptive passages.

The hero was so tortured by his ice-queen wife. I needed some angst after all the insta-shit I've been reading lately. This took me straight there with a vichyssoise starter with coq au vin and sherbet to finish. May 23, Xai Xai rated it it was amazing. My kind of book. Clea lives in Greece with her stepfather and step-sister.

She came to live with her stepfather, Kerasteri as a young girl when Kerasteri married her mother. After her mother's death when she was a teenager, Clea stayed in Greece as she has no close family in England. Clea's stepsister is a very outgoing and flirtatious young woman who happens to be a year younger than Clea. One day her stepsister brings home the very handsome half Greek half British Ben Winter for dinner. Makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or just to relax.

Enjoy these easy-to-read puzzles anytime, anywhere! Hours of Wordsearch puzzles to enjoy!

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A perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or just to relax. They call it the "Greatest Sport on Earth" for a reason. It just took me 26 years to figure out why. A Memoir meets The Giver. When Josh finally overcomes his grief and isolation, will he be able to escape the cult that is all he knows? One day she met a U. Marine stationed in Italy. They fell in love, married and began to build a life together in the United States. The Silver Thread of Life: True Accounts of Spiritual Interventions.

Start your metaphysical journey here with dozens of true accounts and spiritual interventions. Birlinn Ltd March 17, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Really enjoyed reading this book. Very informative and easy to resd. I found this was true only when he had his Sensational Alex Harvey Band backing him up. The truth is, poor Alex was a rock star wannabe for so many years that when fame hit him, he did not know what to do with it.

The author makes him out to be an angry working mans hero who feels the world screwed him over. After getting part way through the book, I felt I just got screwed. This book is wordy, self-indulgent tripe. The author repeats himself numerous times in an effort to make interesting reading, which fails miserably. Who cares what songs he recorded and did NOT sell? Who cares that he had a drink with Joe Blow at the local pub on a rainy September night? I am sorry I spent the money on this nonsense and would not recommend this book to anyone. My copy of this book now has a respectable place in the local landfill.

If you are a Sensational Alex Harvey Band fan, you will waste your time and money on this drivel. John Neil Munro's biography of the late great Alex Harvey is worth a read. Finding herself in the crosshairs, Electra must now find a way to stop those seeking to exploit her unique talents for their own nefarious purposes. Kindle Edition , pages.

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Metaphysical Visionary Stuart Wilde

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jul 26, Juan Carlos Orantes rated it really liked it. Is good Electra novel I like it because is good. Explore the world of kid sensation in good way. It make sense Electra have is own book so you no need this story en mean Books. Oct 23, Amanda Kern rated it it was amazing.

Awesomeness This is an awesome companion novel. I can t wait that till the next one. The next one is about our favorite Mouse. I hope we get to see how he joins the alpha league. Feb 23, Scott rated it really liked it Shelves: For fans of the kid sensation series, I highly recommend this book to read. The book focusses on Electra and her story. And boy is there so twists.

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I feel that this book is necessary read for the series, and makes me even more eager for volume 6. Jul 26, Larry Velardi rated it it was amazing. Best book yet Loved the book and couldn't put it down. Finished it in one day. Now I have to wait to find out more about Smokey's background.