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Bob Chaplin, who got reconstructive surgery so he would look and sound like William Shatner , and even researched all the outfits that Shatner wears to conventions so that he would pick the same one Shatner did. Shatner even compares Chaplin to Annie Wilkes.

Book: Shatner Quake

Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: One character is run through with many functional replicas of weapons Shatner has used throughout his Star Trek career, and ultimately killed when the display the weapons were on ultimately falls on her. When you repeat any phrase enough times , it loses all meaning. All the Campbellians apparently go by "Bruce". Yes, even the women.

Refugee from TV Land: The Campbellians even cut off their right hands. To lots of Shatner's acting roles. Tap on the Head: A character tries to stop the crazed Captain Kirk by caving in the side of his head with a replica of a Borg cube. Unfortunately, this only makes him more deranged.

And Cicely, Nicholas's love interest, who is convinced that the fate of the world depends on never putting the tennis ball down.

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Together they seek out other victims of the curse, and confront the malevolent Pete. Cursed is like an episode of Seinfeld as written by Chuck Palahniuk: If I was an editor looking for the first break-out hit from the Bizarro genre, Jeremy C Shipp is where I would stake my six-figure advance. When I first stumbled across Bizarro fiction a few months ago, I wondered if there was any really decent writing in the genre , assuming from its trashy aesthetic that catchy titles might be the pinnacle of its achievements.

Bizarro fiction is by turns stupid, repulsive and crude.

But at its best, it is also intelligent, compelling and well-written. Any literary genre that can be both bad and good at the same time is worth watching. Topics Books Books blog. Science fiction books blogposts. Order by newest oldest recommendations. This isn't a big deal to some normal humans, but I'm an editor. I see typos and mistakes everywhere. I can not un-see them, like Tyler Durden in Fight Club. Here, each glaring mistake stares at me, and says "Nyah. Shatner and the Shatners learn nothing about themselves. That is thinking too hard, and this story does not call for it. Everyone just fights, until the fight is over, then they move on to another fight.

Shatnerquake tries to capture Shatner in a bottle. It reaches for Shatner and comes up short, as we all do. But at least it tries, as we all must. While I love the premise behind Shatnerquake, I did not really find this read to be all that incredible.

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It was an ok tale, and it did manage to get me to turn pages, but I did not find myself too overly enthusiastic about what I was reading. I love the idea of Shatner fighting all of the characters he has portrayed, but at the same time, to me the story was too short to really grip me into caring about anything that was going on. I also found the only really hilarious parts in the novella came from the Rescue version of Shatner. That was one hilarious adventure, and for those who did not notice, it also has Shatner in it. The premise is simple: When you put it that way, how could it fail?

On the plus side: It's a novella, so the joke doesn't have time to fall too flat. It treats the "Real" Shatner kindly. Great running gags about the Singing Shatner. Has Denny Crane Shatner, which more stories need.

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But there are plenty of minuses, mostly in the world-building. We have a hyper-violent society with unnecessarily explicit torture that only seems to matter once. Convention security are referenced repeatedly but only appear in two scenes. Some thought seems to have gone into how the two high-tech bombs work and how the failure of one leaves the imported characters Kirk Shatner is able to activate a toy light saber, creating a spectacular crossover at the expense of a deus ex machina , but we get minimal, muddled explanations, as well as other plot devices like a "static field" that keeps anyone from leaving for help.

The relationship between the rest of the world and the Campbellians is unclear and hard to believe. Some history about "network wars" and other celebrities being executed feels hand-wavey at best.


The writing was readable, although muddled on any details that weren't action and avoided most action details by describing action after-the-fact. I couldn't tell it if was supposed to be a thriller, a comedy, or satire. The level of violence seemed erratic and probably gratuitous. The writing around the cold, murderous convention organizer was completely different in tone from the earnest, doomed terrorists or the desperate "Real" Shatner or the various parodies of Shatner's characters. Add in a bizarrely superfluous faux-Shatner character and a completely unnecessary and jarring scene with Animated Kirk Shatner and it felt a little like reading a shared-world story.

But really, it's short, it's cheap, and it has Rescue Shatner standing around dying people asking the air to stay tuned and see if paramedics make it in time, while The Negotiator Shatner from the Priceline commercials keeps saying he can get them out of here cheaper and every shatner stops to remind you not to interact with Singing Shatner, since "he only does it for the attention. As actual science fiction, it's 2.

Shatnerquake (Shatnerquake, book 1) by Jeff Burk

Call it 3 stars, get the ebook version cheap, and have a fun, quick read. See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 11 months ago. Published 1 year ago. You need to own it. Published on September 11, Published on February 8,

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