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It can be thought of as a metaphysical distinction as no empirical information differentiates actions that are means to ends from those that are not—that are "ends in themselves". It has been incurred that all actions are means to other ends—this is relevant when considering the meaning of life. Immanuel Kant 's theory of morality , the categorical imperative , states that it is immoral to use another person merely as a means to an end and that people must—under all circumstances—be treated as ends in themselves. This is in contrast to some interpretations of the utilitarian view, which allow for use of individuals as means to benefit the many.

Economics is ultimately a societal system which distinguishes means from ends.

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Modern economists, such as ecological economists, point out that our ultimate means are not labor or artifacts created through human production, but instead are ecological services provided by nature in the form of energy, low-entropy matter, chemical and biological composition as well as habitat stability [ citation needed ].

Further, ecological economists and many others discuss the notion of ultimate ends.

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For instance, does non-human life have intrinsic value? Most argue that the answer is yes, but processes for maximizing this value are perplexing [ citation needed ]. A means to an end is also an idiom. It often refers to an activity such as an undesirable job that is not as important as the goal you hope to achieve monetary gains for example.

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  • For example, Sam does not have any professional ambitions. For her, work is just a means to an end.

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    • One starts something and finishes it, without that something leading into something else, thus it is an end in itself. Don't hesitate to automate: Competitive sourcing is a means to an end , with the means being competition and the end being better management of our government and better service for our citizens.

      Perfect Commerce wins GSA supply management software contract. For Heidegger, technology der Technik is not the means to an end we may think it is but rather, "essentially," akin to artmaking itself akin to poetry --a bringing forth or expressing of something that was already there.

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      Terrorism is not an end in itself but a means to an end. However, Tromly's single-minded approach tends to rob Marlowe of any impulse other than iconoclastic cruelty He rejects the possibility indeed, likelihood that Marlowe's cruelty is a means to an end somewhat more elevated than an impulse to "do dirt on humanity," as Wilbur Sanders once characterized the motivations of Edward II in a notoriously homophobic outburst. Christopher Marlowe and the Art of Tantalization.

      But HPI's Carlos Zometa, an international program director who is also a breeding specialist, explains that animals are a means to an end. Buildings, for example, are a necessary means to an end but never an end in themselves. Who will lead the unsuspecting lemmings over the cliff?

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      For plants, the show is only a means to an end -- the end being mating success," Harder explains. Why more blooms aren't on the rose. In this era of globalization, championships quickly are becoming a means to an end , and without the means, the end becomes uncertain.