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Here are just a few that we use:. Give Us A Call Today!

Complete Production/Design

Here are just a few that we use: We take pride in getting back in touch with you about your event in a timely manner. Submit your request for a quote before 2pm EST and we'll get back in touch with you the same business day.

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Our award-winning innovation of PRG BAT Truss offers unprecedented creative flexibility, structural safety, and cost-saving reductions in both time and storage needs. Our well-respected rigging team includes ETCP qualified personnel and we pride ourselves on our safety program. We are industry leaders in all forms of automation and motion control; having extensive experience incorporating a full range of automation options into scenic elements.

From proprietary automation control systems to purposed-designed winches, we can solve the simplest to the most complex of motion challenges. Our decades of experience, attention to detail and our extensive knowledge of the practical demands of automation in a wide range of production environments, allows PRG to provide motion control that is executed with precision, accuracy and repeatability in the safest and most effective manner possible.

Designers and operators trust PRG to provide precise control of scenic effects for Broadway and touring shows, Las Vegas spectaculars, corporate and trade shows, concert tours, theme park attractions and special events around the world. Our master craftsmen work in tandem with our technical designers to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality; fully functional, efficiently constructed, and completely safe. We have a large expert workforce of industry-respected professionals; in fact many of our craftsman have over two decades of experience.

We know that prop construction is a balance of visual and practical needs that PRG understands extremely well. At PRG we know that a strong, stable foundation is at the core of any successful endeavor and that is why PRG ensures that our staging solutions are unmatched in the industry.

We offer rugged, reliable construction that is the PRG hallmark of this workhorse scenic element, whether stationary, multi-leveled, or automated to lift, roll or slide PRG has the experience to solve the most challenging of decking designs. It is a flexible, portable stage that offers strength and durability and is also quick to assemble.

Television crew

The Rolling Deck is engineered for safe, efficient and rapid deployment and is easily repositioned and reconfigured. PRG helps you minimize your productions' impact to the environment throughout the design, manufacture, support, and use of our products and services by reusing, recycling, and adopting processes that conserve raw materials and energy. We are committed to recycling of materials, lamps, and other expendable items from our lighting, audio, video, and scenic operations. We recycle used equipment to extend the lives of durable items and minimizing electricity consumption through the efficient design of our lighting and power distribution systems.

PRG understands the need to minimize fuel consumption through careful planning and management of logistics. This includes combining orders on trucks whenever possible and transferring inventory between locations to minimize long-distance deliveries. We utilize paperless systems whenever possible for processing bids, notices, purchase orders, and invoices.

Our innovative testing and equipment handling equipment and processes reduce test times of equipment to lower electrical consumption while ensuring quality.

Provision: Custom TV Studio Scenic & Lighting

PRG will also suggest substitutions of more energy-efficient technologies in place of requested technologies whenever the substitutions will fulfill your performance objectives. PRG offers a range of video solutions for filmmakers including the latest projectors with a range of outputs, LED video screens from high through low resolution imaging, and media servers and consoles for controlling and manipulating the images.

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We back all of this technology up with the best trained technicians and account executives to work with you to get that just right image for your production. Here are just a few of our video solutions that filmmakers can draw upon: From educational session projectors, confidence monitors, digital signage and exhibit monitors to playback systems in general sessions, high-end large format video projection with blending and 3-D mapping.

PRG will work with your team to design the best possible video solution to fit your venue and presentation requirements. PRG offers a full range of production solutions and technology that address the VFX needs of cinematographers, directors and visual effects teams. Our experienced staff and technicians understand the challenges of creating different looks and effects as well as the cost considerations when providing solutions. We can collaborate with your creative team to find the right approach, paired with the right gear options to achieve meticulously executed in-camera effects.

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Job roles within the camera crew completely depend on the size and nature of the shoots you are working on, and career progression can involve taking a lot of little steps. This is a perfect way to get started and learn the ropes. These guys assist the assistant camera technicians in their day-to-day duties, acting as a runner, handling lenses, and perhaps maybe even dealing with the actual film magazines. This entry-level step can often last for around two years. Consequently, you will need to consistently maintain your enthusiasm.

The next step is being a full blown camera assistant. There are two kinds: This person also gets the fun job of operating the clapperboard. This is one of the most highly-skilled roles in the camera crew and these guys need excellent attention to detail. The next big step up is to become a camera operator. These guys are the big cheese of hands-on camera operation.

The Industry Standard for Entertainment

They oversee all the camera operations and are in charge of physically capturing each shot, i. They also liaise with the director and director of photography to discuss shooting options and equipment choice.

TV studio lighting techniques with talk show set design

Some camera operators begin to specialise in certain operation techniques, such as Steadicam operation. These creative gurus work alongside the director and manage the camera crew in order to give the production its unique visual personality. The creative choices of lighting and camera movement are all down to them. These guys are at the top of the career ladder and it takes years of experience to get to this level.