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How best to move forward through life is one of the questions author, life coach, and nonprofit CEO Paul Boynton asks and attempts to answer on a daily basis. As the author of the inspirational Begin With Yes and the host of both its accompanying Facebook page and the Facebook page Being Gay, Becoming Gray , he helps others take big issues and distill them into manageable bites.

Unique to his beliefs is that while having a positive attitude is helpful in creating change, it isn't an absolute necessity. Boynton recently took the time to share with me more about his thoughts on initiating change, as well as his thoughts on being gay, aging, and other aspects of negotiating life. Paul, I've been looking forward to our chat!

Before we get into your book and Facebook pages, tell me a bit about your backstory. Well, my story is very similar to that of many other gay men of my era. I was married for many years to a wonderful woman, with whom I had three amazing children, and now four grandchildren.

As I grew older, however, I realized that I needed to deal with myself in a more authentic and honest way. Consequently, my wife Susan and I eventually separated almost 15 years ago. Happily, we were able to maintain and even expand the best part of our relationship as dear friends and parents, and she and my partner Michael had a wonderful friendship too. Sadly, she passed away three years ago. After all, I was born in Growing up today, the world has changed in monumental ways. Back then, I had no role models for how to be gay. There were no resources, as people just didn't talk about it.

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Many of us had to do the journey of self-discovery completely on our own, and my journey took a bit longer than most. Looking back on your life and the challenges you faced, how do you feel now? Life is really an experiment for all of us, isn't it? We make what we call "mistakes," we learn, we grow, we make more mistakes, and we continue to evolve. I really have no regrets.

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We all go through difficult cycles and times, but it is how we react to those that help us evolve. What inspired your book Begin With Yes?

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I've been speaking and sharing the lessons I've learned for a long time, and I eventually realized that there was something of value here. My approach to life was in the spirit of "begin with yes," even though the phrase hadn't been coined. And I came to recognize that my lessons, even the difficult ones, might have value to others, in encouraging, hopeful and motivating ways.

For those who haven't yet read your book, in a nutshell, what is it about? It's about being hopeful and passionate, even when life seems insurmountable, and it's about creating your own realities and taking responsibility for what happens next as you find a path forward. So many books in the self-help genre focus on having a positive attitude. What was interesting to me about your book was that it's saying that having a positive attitude, though helpful, isn't essential. As I was writing Begin With Yes , there were several other popular books which were focused on the law of attraction.

Sometimes quickly you have to rethink the no. When you start being mindful things start to change. Thanks for the jump start and the encouragement. The book does change your attitude. Renew and refresh attitudes while we have a fresh start again. Mindfulness awareness I also name it is step one, agreed! Your email address will not be published.

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