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And sometimes, it also seems to rain blood there. That's what some locals thought on Tuesday July 3 when a crimson-colored downpour spilled over a parking lot in the industrial town of Norilsk.

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As you can see for yourself in the handful of videos posted to social media, the plaguey rain stained cars red, spread blood-colored puddles over the asphalt and cultivated the general vibe of a town turned into "a horror movie," as one witness reportedly described on social media. Some Siberian locals saw the freak red rain as a sign of the apocalypse, tabloid site Express. Other British outlets took a more patriotic view of the rain, suggesting the weather was merely showing solidarity with the scarlet-clad athletes of England's Three Lions soccer team following their triumphant win the same afternoon in the World Cup, taking place in Russia.

But the real explanation — at least the one provided by the local Nornickelmetallurgical plant that took responsibility for the ominous downpour — is far more pedestrian. According to Russian news sources , Nornickel factory officials were in the midst of scraping huge amounts of iron oxide residue aka, rust off the factory's floor and roof to improve environmental health and safety.

The rain mixed with the dust, and thus a storm of "blood" filled the factory parking lot.

Blood rain

While human-made plagues like this one seem rare, red rain — or " blood rain " — is more common than you might think. In Germany, a shower of blood was one of several portents for the arrival of the Black Death in — In Germany, such works were particularly popular amongst Protestants.

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In Europe, there were fewer than 30 recorded cases all together of blood rain in the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries. There were instances across the 16th and 17th centuries; there was a decline in the 17th century when only 43 were recorded, but this picked up again with in the 19th century.

Blood Red Rain

A study [20] has unambiguously established that the cause of blood rain in Kerala was the aerial spores of green microalgae Trentepohlia. The study used molecular phylogenetics to compare the evolution of DNA sequence of T. Results suggest that the isolate from Kerala is, in fact, a recently introduced species from Austria. The research confirmed the likelihood that the introduction happened through clouds over the ocean, a phenomenon of intercontinental species dispersal previously reported for bacteria and fungi but not for an alga.

What Caused Bizarre-Looking "Blood Rain" To Fall On Siberia? | IFLScience

Clouds over ocean dispersal is analogous to the intercontinental flights; spores of this alga from Europe are transported to India via clouds that drift across the Arabian Sea. Spores might have been carried first to the clouds for its dispersal. How exactly these lower stratospheric clouds containing algal spores got in Kerala remain unknown but it might be related to the monsoon as well, as Kerala is the first state that the southwest monsoon strikes together with Sri Lanka.

While most ancient authors, such as Hesiod and Pliny, tended to ascribe the rain to the acts of gods, Cicero rejected the idea and instead suggested that the red rain may be caused by " ex aliqua contagione terrena ", "from some earthly contagion". This explanation, demonstrating unfamiliarity with the properties of distillation was echoed by Eustathius of Thessalonica , a 12th-century archbishop.

Tatlock, in a study of some medieval cases of blood rain, notes that the medieval cases of blood rain "agree well" with their classical counterparts. Although there are variables for example, the rain sometimes lasted only for a short period, while on other occasions, it could last days , they were widely considered to be bad omens and warnings of bad events to come.

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He also suggests that the phenomenon may be recorded only in small areas because the colour of the rain would not always be noticed and may be obvious against only pale backgrounds. In the classical period, events such as a shower of blood was seen a demonstration of godly power; in the medieval period, Christians were less inclined to attribute the phenomenon to such reasons although followers of nature-religions were happy to do so.

In the 19th century, there was a trend towards examining events such as rains of blood more scientifically; Ehrenberg conducted experiments at the Berlin Academy , attempting to recreate "blood rain" using dust mixed with water.

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He concluded that blood rain was caused by water mixing with a reddish dust, mostly composed of animal and vegetable matter. He was unclear on the origin of the dust but stated that it lacked the characteristics of African dust that might have indicated it came from the Sahara Desert. Instead, he suggested that the dust came from dried swamps where it was picked up by violent winds and would later fall as rain. Other reasons for blood rain aside from dust are sometimes given. Schove and Peng-Yoke have suggested that the phenomenon may be connected to sunspots and aurorae. Alternative theories, later dismissed, included dust from a meteorite and extraterrestrial cells in the water.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Blood rain disambiguation. J Phylogen Evolution Biol 3: Retrieved 5 December Power, Symbolism and Landscape, to , Macclesfield: Retrieved from " https: Precipitation Forteana Anomalous weather.

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