PDF CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Labs (Digital Short Cut) (Practical Studies)

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I took the Assessor Lab at Networkers this week, and I felt that they did a good job of weighting the basic connectivity versus the ancillary stuff like QoS or Security. Therefore, I might look into these new labs to help me with getting the core stuff down solid before moving out to the other sections. Comment by Tom Hollingsworth — June 25, 8: Comment by cciejourney — June 25, RSS feed for comments on this post.

June 24, 2008

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Cisco , Cisco Certification , Training Materials — cciepursuit 2: Regards, Maurilio It looks like the first version of that new edition is out now.

They did give me a refund though when I complained… Comment by cciejourney — June 25, 5: Just saw it is on Safari, duh…. Checking it out now.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Stay away from virtual, it's not what you will find in the field, it may be convenient but at hrs on a Friday you will not find yourself troubleshooting IOSv or some form of IOU if you have it as CCIE you will be expected to TS something physical. When I first got started I used Video Training and workbooks, back then mostly everything available was just that - a full lab workbook or if it wasn't that was what I did anyway. I agree with Jon for the graded lab approach and using it as a bench mark - I got my scores up this way.

While others have graded labs - I prefer the Cisco graded labs to all others for an absolute measurement of where my current baseline is - I'll be taking their whole battery as soon as I'm ready again this year and next year and would even if I passed the actual lab just to sort of keep my confidence up. There are other graded labs available and each grading style is different and this is where I advice you at least consider more than one vendor since there are many approaches to asking a question and grading a task - the actual CCIE Labs are developed by a team and as such one needs to understand an array of possibilities that may be presented.

Guess what - I've designed and implemented over hundreds of networks or MAC's to networks for one thing or another by the time I write this and everyone seems to present their problems in a more or less unique manner even though we all try to speak the same language. Do what you can to keep sharp, sometimes the competition can be fierce even if the work is pretty standard.

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Remember the goal is to become a better engineer, earn the digits, and make a living for your family. Getting a CCIE is a plaque, some digits, and an achievement to be proud of Ok - Even I'm starting to lose track of that last one, it was a freebie to me from Cisco. I don't have any digits so my advice or experiences should be taken with a grain of salt. However, it has worked well for me in terms of keeping focused on the objectives and studying consistently. I like to be able to see results and I want to know if I am not putting in enough time on a weekly or monthly basis.

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Everyone's life can get busy, so I do not trust my instinct on whether or not I am putting in enough time. Meh, everyone learns different.

You have to do what works best for you. There really isn't a cookie cutter approach to this stuff as much as many people would like. You're preparing for a grueling 8hr practical lab, so you have not just technical stresses, but also physical stuff like you're just GOING to be tired. You WILL feel like you just ran a marathon.

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So there is no "just do A, B, C, and D. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again.

Apr 25, Can anyone suggest anything that can help me improve my study? This content has been marked as final.

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The first thing you need is a study plan. The CCDE has an excellent spreadsheet to self-evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement that can be found here: Hey there are a lot of rain men out there I suppose. I think my studies paved the way for this lifestyle I now enjoy. Take your time and learn the stuff, if you want digits, decide which are more important to you. In the end people pay you for your knowledge and how you apply it with finesse Sounds like I need to take a page out of your book!

I used workbooks from CCBootcamp too and again a ton of different labs.