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So if you're drinking a cheap champagne, with bubbles you'd like to preserve and flavour you don't want to study too closely, maybe flutes aren't a bad option. One does not simply drink cheap champagne.

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So, you've tossed those flutes you got as a wedding-present in the bin, and you've eaten your strawberries. Monsieur Krug has one more important consideration for you: Krug is designed to be drunk at 10 degrees.

How to drink Champagne the correct way

That's still cool, but warm enough for the flavours to fully express themselves. The best places in Christchurch for a taste of Beervana. Why you should never drink champagne out of flutes.

The five surprising health benefits of champagne

You want it at degrees, as opposed to on ice or even straight from the fridge, both of which would be too cold. If you have a choice, drink fancy champers out of white wine glasses , not narrow flutes, so as to better appreciate its bouquet.

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That said, Champagne actually pairs beautifully with some Chinese dishes and mild Indian food, says Soulas. She remembers being surprised when she paired Krug with salade Ardennaise , a traditional French potato and bacon salad she grew up eating, and it was a delight. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter alexvanburen. Alex Van Buren September 17, Cooking dinner shouldn't be complicated Sign up for our daily newsletter, Well Done, for expert cooking tips and foolproof recipes from your favorite food brands.

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