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We believe that each team member is also a salesperson. Retailing is a vital prerequisite to client experience and ultimately leads to professional success. Commitment to value-added service. Value-added means doing and giving more than is expected. We believe each of us needs to go above and beyond the call of duty. The school and salon will benefit in direct proportion to the value-added service provided by each team member.

We believe our strength lies in our passion to implement new ideas and embrace change. We realize that innovation involves risking failure, but we choose to risk failure in our pursuit of success rather than fail passively. Commitment to personal property. Commitment to respecting all equipment and belongings of others as well as to Epiphany Salon.

Business Plans for Hair and Beauty Salons

Stealing from others is stealing from oneself. Management Team Our management team consists of people that have mastered their technical skills and have a desire to share that knowledge with new talent enetering the industry. Staffing Epiphany team recognizes that additional staff is required to properly support our growth. President and Vice President As executive officers of Epiphany Salon, it is our responsibility to improve the image of our industry through solid business management. Barbara, President Retail center.

Oversee the operations of the retail area. This includes inventory, stocking, and displays. Oversee receptionist duties and scheduling. Oversee the Male Room operations. Participate with salon managers.

A Sample Mobile Nail Salon Business Plan Template

Managers should report to Barbara for needs. Act as salon manager until department can support a head. Oversee goals and evaluations. Participate with Artistic Director. Develop Epiphany fashion newsletter.


Salon technology and training. Refer to resumes and portfolios. Artistic Director As the artistic director you hold a strong leadership position within the company as well as within the community. This program must be rewarding to each party. It must be financially beneficial to the stylist and it must be educationally rewarding to the co-associate.

The educational process for the co-associate must be measurable with a competency based closure. Monitor the orientation of the co-associate program and evaluate the progress. Self-direction and education will be a must, keeping up with the latest trends. The staff will look to you as the fashion leader. It will be your expertise to communicate these collections to the staff and community. Active involvement in recruiting and interviewing potential staff. Coordinate training and development between departments. Attend department head meetings on a quarterly basis.

Participate in staff meetings on a quarterly basis. This is also a stipend position paid bi-annually based on 80 hours per year with staff and co-associate training and development. The pay for the stipend is derived from average weekly pay over a 6-month period. One week paid after 2 years service. Two weeks paid after 5 years service. Stipend for 80 hours education. Receptionist A salon receptionist is a viable position to a successful and harmonious salon. Health insurance is to be self-funded. Group rates are available. Greet all clients and customers within the first 10 seconds with a smile.

Make them feel welcomed and comfortable. Offer a beverage, reading material, and take their coat. Direct them to a dressing area if appropriate. All new clients are given a menu and tour of the facilities. If you are unable to do so, find an associate who is available, introducing them to the client by name. Handle all phone calls politely and professionally using your name when answering the call. Taking client's name, phone number, and type of service.

Repeat the time, day, and date of appointment to client. Resource information for available times to book appointments of each technician. Appointments for the following day are to be confirmed by the end of the shift.

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Communicate product knowledge to clients with confidence. Have knowledge of all services offered and their prices. Clients are to be checked in after being greeted. Check-in includes gathering data for client file. All data for that day is to be entered before the end of your shift.

As a receptionist, you will be responsible for handling all financial transactions of clients. You will have a complete understanding of the POS terminal as well as the credit card terminal and their functions. Gift certificates will be issued, monitored, and filed by the receptionist on duty. Proper maintenance of change in the cash drawer is expected. New inventory shipments will be promptly checked into stock. The answering machine is to be attended to every morning and the calls returned immediately.

It is the receptionist's duty to close out the POS terminal and credit card terminal at the end of the day or shift. Maintenance of the reception area, waiting area, and display units are also responsibilities. Inform technicians when their clients have arrived or canceled. Dayrunners will be given with data cards each morning. The Male Room Manager The main responsibility of the Male Room Manager is to encourage, inspire, motivate, and retain staff and clientele. Orientation of new staff, job description, policy, and procedures of Epiphany Salon. Making sure that clients are getting the best customer service.

Ensure all staff is supplied with business cards. Handle customer complaints and suggestions in a pleasant, efficient, and professional manner. Participate in presenting staff meetings on a quarterly basis. Evaluate Male Room staff quarterly.

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  5. This includes reviewing client retention and productivity in service and sales. Coordinate training and development of Male Room staff with Artistic Director. This is based on full-time employment. Also included is a bonus for productivity. One week after 2 years service and two weeks after 5 years service. Whichever is the greater revenue producer for the manager. Technician As a technician it is your role to communicate and listen to the clients you service and ensure complete satisfaction by focusing on their needs.

    Focusing on clients' needs first. This cannot be stressed enough. Listening to verbal and nonverbal cues is imperative to client retention. Continually furthering your education.

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    6. It will be expected that you attend one seminar annually. Within 3 years of employment, you will attend an advanced academy. Education is key to profitability. Be involved within the community. Participate with one local event each year. Also be a part of one charity event. Communicate product knowledge and service knowledge to the clients you service. Incorporate stress-relieving treatments and finishing touches with each client.

      Encourage and educate clients on new trends focusing on the total look. Develop strong business building skills and do DTA's downtime activities. Identify professional goals annually. Participate with daily cleaning following the golden rules. Enhance the image of the industry maintaining a professional relationship with the clientele. Actively participate with the team. Nail Technician A nail technician is a vital link to the operations of all departments. Placing the clients' needs first. Be involved with the community. Also play a part as a team to one charity event a year.

      Communicate product knowledge and service knowledge to the clients you serve. Maintain a sanitary and organized work area. Follow the golden rules with other team members. Participate with the team. Follow up with the clients you service. Pre-book return visits with clients. Current Product Proprietary information is available to investors upon signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

      The services offered include: This is a product line designed for men. The price point is average. Epiphany the Salon—Hair design, colorization, chemical reconstruction, scalp massage and reconstruction, natural and alternative nail treatments, makeup lessons and application, facials, waxing , and full body massage. Stress-relieving treatments completed the wellness services. Epiphany Education Center—hour cosmetology course, a hour nail technician course, a hour skin care course, an instructors' course. Of course, there will be a clinic of cosmetology offered to the public.

      These are discounted services performed by senior students. Retail will also enhance the operation. The overall market demands quality service at a fair price. Future Opportunities As our client base builds in the local market, targeting marketing to the tourism trade will bring new opportunities.

      Customer Profile I believe I have already covered this. Risk Barbara or I could die before the business has established its systems. Marketing Plan The marketing plans are presently in the development stages. All of this will be developed, mapped out, and evaluated. How this will be paid back Refer to amortization for loan repayment. Refer to financial statements following. Balance Sheet May 31, Balance Sheet Subsidiary Schedule May 31, I think your business plan is well written and I love the concept of your beauty salon with the men's area and the school.

      I am in the process of attempting to help a friend write her business plan for the opening of her new salon and am having a difficult time trying to explain the nature of the hair salon business, how long it has been around, trends, etc. I can easily write what I think, but to me, it sounds amateur and unprofessional and I am looking for something better.

      We are building a standard mobile nail salon business with a variety of nail care services which is why we have decided to subject our business idea to SWOT Analysis. We hired the services of a HR and Business consultant with bias in startups to help us conduct SWOT analysis for our company and he did a good job for us. We have state of the art mobile nail salon equipment and tools and we are also one of the very few mobile nail salons in the whole of Baton Rouge — Louisiana that offers a wide range of manicure and pedicure services for both households and corporate clients.

      Another strength that counts for us is the power of our team. We have a team of experts in the hair and nail salons industry, a team of hardworking and dedicated individuals who have the magic wand to grow a new business to become a national phenomenon. As a new business, we are also quite aware that it will take time for us to build trust with our clients since the business entails them opening their doors to us. We are centrally located in one of the largest residential areas in Baton Rouge — Louisiana and we are open to all the available opportunities that the city has to offer.

      Our business concept also positioned us to be a one stop shop in the mobile nail salon line of business.

      Nail Salon Business Plan

      The truth is that there is no standard mobile nail salon business within the area where ours is going to cover; the closest mobile hair salon company to our proposed location is about 6 miles away. In a nutshell, we do not have any direct competition within our target market area. No doubt, the positive change in consumer sentiment and per capita disposable income have boosted the industry growth and revenue in recent years.

      This has also led to increased demand for ancillary services of standard manicure and pedicure. Per capita disposable income and consumer confidence will keep rising as the unemployment rate continues to decline, providing consumers with more discretionary income for luxury services at hair and nail salons. The trend in the hair and nail salons industry is that most nail studios in a bid to survive the recent global economic meltdown included additional services to their core service offerings.

      Some nail salons include complimentary services such as retailing manicure and pedicure related cosmetics and beauty products, and grooming services amongst many others. It is much easier for nail salons and mobile nail salons to increase their revenues by diversifying as against increasing the scope of their market. Prior to choosing a location for our mobile nail salon business, we conducted our feasibility studies and market survey and we were able to identify those who will benefit greatly from our service offerings.

      Essentially, those who will benefit from our service offering are households, hotels, hospitals, hostels, and camp grounds et al. They cut across different sectors of the economy. The demographic component of those who need the services of mobile nail salons spread across the public and private sector, and individuals from different strata of the society. Below is a list of the people and organizations that our mobile hair salon services are designed for;. Mobile nail salon business is easy to set up and does not require huge capital base to achieve; anybody can set a mobile nail salon business if they have the required skills.

      It means that the possibility of a mobile nail salon business springing up in the location where our mobile nail salon is located is high. We aware of this which is why we decided to come up with a business concept that will position us to become the market leader in the whole of Baton Rouge — Louisiana.

      Our competitive edge is that we are standard mobile nail salon business that has loads of complimentary business offerings that can help us attract customers within the radius of our mobile nail salon business operations. Our customer service will be customized to meet the needs of all our customers. Lastly, all our employees will be well taken care of, and their welfare package will be among the best within our category in the industry.

      It will enable them to be more than willing to build the business with us and help deliver our set goals and achieve all our business aims and objectives. We will ensure that we build a loyal customer base. We want to drive sales via the output of our jobs and via referral from our satisfied customers.

      We are quite aware of how satisfied customers drive business growth especially businesses like mobile nail salon services. Our company is established with the aim of maximizing profits in the hair and nail industry and we are going to go all the way out to ensure that we do all it takes to attract clients on a regular basis. We have been able to critically examine the mobile nail salon market and we have analyzed our chances in the industry and we have been able to come up with the following sales forecast. ExtraB is headed up by Mrs. Tromens with a team of technicians currently employed.

      Business Summary ExtraB Limited is to re-develop an existing hair and beauty salon in the local town. The existing business is already profitable, but a new focus and product offerings will improve revenues and profitability over the coming years Ownership Felicity Tromens founded ExtraB and previously managed three top performing salons in the local vicinity. Marketing and Customers ExtraB Beauty Salon is targeted towards women only, although it is planned to include treatments for men at a later date.

      Facial and body spa treatments. Hair cutting and styling. Prepaid vouchers available as gift tokens.