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Suddenly Captain Kirk's journey for peace has turned into a terrifying war - to retake command of his ship! Even though the Enterprise is in desperate need of maintenance work, the ship is despatched to the Orion Arm.

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The Romulans have been making incursions in the area and the co-operation of the planets Ammdon and Jurnamoria is needed to patrol it. But the two planets are nearly at war with each other over food shortages so the Federation is sending an ambassadorial term. En route, the Enterprise rescues a female alien, Lorelei , from a damaged spaceship. Committed to absolute pacifism and possessed of an almost hypnotic ability to persuade people of her viewpoint, Lorelei begins convincing several crewmembers that the Enterprise' s mission will precipitate a war, since Ammdon has a defence pact with the Federation and both sides will assume they will assist them.

Kirk organises a public debate between Lorelei and the ambassador, Zarv , which only leaves more people siding with Lorelei. The Enterprise' s engines blow out and a nearby planet is shown to contain the necessary minerals needed.

Mutiny on the Enterprise (A Star trek novel): Robert E Vardeman: Books

Spock and McCoy lead a team to the surface but are unable to communicate with the inhabitants who take them prisoner. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

Mutiny on the Enterprise

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I grew up with the later Trek novels, ones written after TNG season 3 when formula had invaded every aspect of Trek. These days I find it refreshing to look back through the earlier books that were more varied.

See a Problem?

Mutiny on the Enterprise is one such book. For better or worse, it feels more like professional fan fiction that something churned out by the numbers, as many of the later books feel. On their way to a peace negotiation, the Enterprise rescues a woman named Lorelei with very strong powers of persuasion. She eventually convinces almost all of the Enterprise crew to rebel against the mission and Kirk's authority.

The book isn't perfect.

The conclusion is predictable almost from the start. And as noble as Lorelei's motives may be, there are aspects of her character, and hypocrisies in her actions, that prevent her from being a truly sympathetic character. Unfortunately, that is mostly glossed over. There's also an aspect of her persuasive abilities which raise the serious moral question of free will, which is never even touched upon.

That seems very un-Trek-like. On the other hand, Spock's pedantic pestering of McCoy's single-minded grumblings feels VERY much like an episode of the original series. And I love that Vardeman's writing stays in-universe instead of trying to relate the story elements to our modern day for example, his few similes mention non-existent alien creatures and locales, rather than "ancient" aspects of our own society.

It feels like these are the characters we know, living their own lives, not some avatars the author is making use of. The result of all this is a book that, while flawed, is more enjoyable that it probably should be. If you want something different than the novels of the past 25 years or so, this is a fine place to start. First thing - it's a short read. Second thing - I frankly had to struggle to finish it. It's hard for me to pinpoint where the story went wrong. There's no single thing I can point to and say "if only this were different, the book would be great!

Maybe it's his interpretation of Star Trek that's the issue, along with some odd characterization choices. Or maybe it's the overall plot that just rang off key to me. Regardless, I first read this as a teenager years ago and now after having unearthed my old stash of ST novels I still couldn't get into the book. Mutiny on the Enterprise, by Robert. The Enterprise has just entered drydock, in desperate need of repairs and the crew seriously needs some time off when they're told they have to turn around and go back out on a most important mission.

Star Trek the Original: Mutiny on the Enterprise No. 12 by Robert E. Vardeman (1983, Paperback)

There's trouble brewing in the Orion Arm between Ammdon and Jurnamoria and the only one with the skill to stop the trouble from turning into all-out war is Ambassador Zarv and his assistants. Captain Kirk is not happy about the mission at all. For one thing, the engines need a ton of repair work before going anywhere. For such a time-sensitive mission, the Enterprise isn't able to go past warp factor three without risking destroying the engines altogether.

But they're the only ship available that might even make the trip, even if it takes a little longer.

Mutiny on the Enterprise

So they set out for the Orion Arm, but along the way they detect a distress signal and detour to check it out. What they find is a young woman named Lorelei who claims she is a Speaker from a planet called Hyla, which no one aboard has ever heard of. They try to make her comfortable, give her access to the ship's amenities as they continue on their mission, but pretty soon the woman starts to make trouble. Not overtly, but she does insist that reaching their destination is only going to insure war between Ammdon and Jurnamoria. What's worse, the crew begins to listen to her.

People are beginning to abandon their stations, refuse to do their jobs, talk behind the Captain's back and insist they should simply turn around and head back to Starbase One and forget this entire business. Soon Captain Kirk is faced with a full-fledged mutiny, but before he can do anything, he's transported to the surface of another unknown planet the Enterprise has headed for in search of shielding materials to rebuild their engines before they wind up "dead in the water".

With nearly his entire crew turned against him, Captain Kirk must find a way to reclaim his ship, but first he's got to survive this strange planet that seems to act as if it and everything on it are all part of one big organism, one that doesn't like invaders.

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