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Overall, I enjoyed the alpha tendencies that comes with being a Silverman Three stars and three wet panties. Review by Miranda at Mommy's a Book Whore. One person found this helpful. This book has so much potential and it has some great ideas First half of the story I easily got into. But, by the halfway mark, Richard was becoming very meh instead of an alpha he was supposed to be and it felt like he was whining and acting like a scared little puppy.

I really wanted to shake him and tell him to man up and take charge!!!! I really thought the character's would pick it up but it got worse. The hero e and supporting characters seemed to grow more immature as the book went on and I finally lot interest. Really wasn't worth spending money on Bless her heart, this girl is not only vision impaired but she's TSTL. She leads on both the H and an OM too. Agree with another review that both Caveman books so far had the H smexing some skank the night before they meet their soulmate, and that was just icky.

Aurrora St. James

Still desperately in need of a good editor. This was as bad as the first one. At first I was horrified that Bailey is Then 2 days later she is It still really bugs me but she is so good with Richard. Never just taking his business. I really Luke Richard. He was so living and caring. Bailey was great with her friends and her impairment. Can't wIt for the next one. Dustin has a lot of groveling to do with Cassie. Aurrora St. James: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Loved, Loved, Loved this. Richard and Bailey truly a great pairing. Although their is an age gap they make it work. He at times is so funny trying to control this and then letting it out. The story was great with several different surprises along the way. This series is a must read! I love a strong man, alpha's rock!

Throw in a great plot and amazing character development and BOOM, you have a great read! Thinking that Ryder is going to be a very intense story when we get there, age does matter. I was a touch worried about the "stalkerish" behavior, but loved how Richard never wavered in his devotion. Hazel Gower never lets you down as an author, can't wait for the next book in this series. I read the first book in this series and couldn't wait for the second book to be released.

Now, I'm anxious for 3! Every woman wants that one man who puts her above all else, the one that will cherish her and isn't afraid to show it! Now, if only real life worked this way. Although, I admit, if it did society might grind to a halt. Work, or a gorgeous, loving man? I didn't choose work, either! Richard is a great alpha male.

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The characters in this series do get a little over the top with possessive behavior. The possessive behavior was just right for a story. In real life it would be awful but this story isn't real life. It a wonderful story to get lost in and forget the worries of the world for a time. See all 71 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Caveman Instinct Gypsy Curse Book 2. Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Dillon Scandals Book 1. Kane's Mate Armageddon Mates Book 1. There's a problem loading this menu right now. I'm looking forward to Dragan's story and I hope Nick will get his one too!

Gabriel is book 3 in the Stone Warriors series. Like Damian and Kato, Gabriel is another one of Nick's warriors who was cursed and has been trapped in stone. Unlike the first two Gabriel is found by a family who held some magic and could sense something different about the statue. He is then placed in their garden and there is where he will learn about our world. Hanna is part of the family and when she is younger she is shown the warrior whom she eventually falls in love with. I loved this part Gabriel is book 3 in the Stone Warriors series.

I loved this part of the story. I loved how there was something about Gabriel that she claimed him as her own. So when her need was dire she ran to the statue like she was told and at that point is where she breaks the curse. Gabriel is free and holds close a secret that only Nick is aware of and that is the fact that Gabriel is a Vampire.

I have to admit this was my favorite part. After escaping danger Hanna begins to see something is wrong with Gabriel. So when she decides to bring him to see a friend of her Grandfather who resides in Malibu I may have jumped up and down like a crazy woman. Not sure why yet? Malibu is where a delicious Vampire Lord resides with his mate, yes the one and only Raphael and Cyn. Crossing over with the VIA series was awesome. I loved how Raphael and his vampires embraced Gabriel and it was also entertaining putting Nick in the same room with them.

Overall an awesome addition to this series and I loved the teaser at the end. The next warrior is something that only exist in myths and the next VIA comes to the states from Scotland. A fierce warrior, Gabriel Halldor is trapped in stone and lying in darkness for thousands of years. Raised to the life of a warrior. Hana Himura is sent to the one guardian courageous enough to protect her from a sorcerer. They can only be saved from slavery by the most powerful vampire on earth. The story is brings the two A fierce warrior, Gabriel Halldor is trapped in stone and lying in darkness for thousands of years.

The story is brings the two series, Vampires in America and Stone Warriors together and as usual with this author, readers are compelled to the pages as they hold on to their seats in anticipation of what thrilling event will take place next. The readers easily connect with these characters ensuring that they want to know every last detail of their story while the fast page and smooth flowing plot keeps them glued to the pages with lots of exhilarating action, intriguing suspense and witty dialogue that adds depth to the characters and adds a sense of realism to the story.

Nick and Raphael add even more enjoyment to the story with their hot as sin selves and their antagonistic attitude toward each other that causes some very heated discussions while planning on how to keep Hana and Gabriel safe. There is not one moment of boredom to be found in this explosive story that includes some spectacular battles and sizzling romance. Disappointed I have read every single book by this author and for once I gave her book less than 5 stars in a review. The way Hana reacted towards Nico was weird and childish.

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Loyalty that these characters are supposed to posses was out the window with Gabriel. I was frustrated and annoyed. I absolutely love crossovers and series that mix story lines.

Stefan of Caeli (Lords of Magic Book 2)

To me, this really wasn't much of a crossover. It started as one and then flipped to the other, and became more of a Vampires in America book instead of the Stone Warriors is should have been. As soon as Hana and Gabriel make it to the U. It was all about Raphael and his people, and how Gabriel is one them now and blah blah blah.

When Nico, Damian, and Kato finally show up it was more like they were the side story. But you know what? I could have easily gotten over that. What really made me angry is what happened with Gabriel. I settled for putting it down and just breathing for a few seconds before pissing myself off again as soon as I picked it back up. This got to me so much because I love Nico and, damn it, Gabriel was already sworn to him!!! You're a vampire and Raphael saved you. But what the fuck Gabriel? All of your brothers were trapped in stone and you think you're the only one who suffered during that time and now are a "different person"?

You don't see them abandoning Nico and swearing to a new leader. Plus, you know, what he did with Gabriel made me so mad. If anything, Gabriel was the lucky one of his brothers. He was found by somebody that knew he wasn't just a statue and brought to a garden where it was seen to that he be kept up to date on much of how the world was changing. He didn't lack for company with this family as one of them visited often to talk, read to him, or just to be there. Before he heard Nico's call, Gabriel was turned into a vampire against his will and then basically pimped out by his sire to those who could pay to have him fight for them.

It's hard for me judge how much I liked him because I still hate him for his decisions. But if I put that aside, or try to anyway, I still think he's my least favorite of the brothers. He was too broody and not much fun. Though her attitude towards Nico pissed me off too. What the heck is up with all the females hating on the guy?! I will buy that she knew how to fight because her family was a yakuza family and her grandfather made sure she was trained. But we hardly actually saw her fight so I didn't get why everyone kept going on about how she was some amazing warrior or had great skills and yadda yadda.

How would they even know?? I thought it was sweet how she also had that domestic side where she wanted to feed, clothe, and take care of Gabriel. As odd as it sounds, Hana has been in love with the statue in her grandfather's hidden garden since she was a child. When her grandfather's house is attacked, she does as he orders and runs to Gabriel for safety.

The next few days the two of them continue to flee the attackers and try to stay hidden. They both already love the other from the years before, but each also thinks there can be nothing between them. To be fair, Gabriel fights his feelings a lot more. While breaking free of his curse should have been a good thing, Gabriel finds himself in more trouble than expected. When that curse was broken, so was the spell that Nico had placed on him long ago to control his vampire side.

And it's caught up to him. Hana knows of Raphael thru her grandfather and she knows he's probably the only one who can help. It's only a matter of time before Nico and the others show up demanding to see Gabriel. What they hear from him is not what any of them expected.

I also got pretty mad at how even Gabriel treated Nico, so that didn't help anything. While Nico is understandably livid at the situation, it turns out that the one that has been trying to get Hana is none other than Sotiris. Hana has a special sort of gift that can allow sorcerers like him and Nico to double their power by tapping into hers. Way too dangerous of a power to end up in Sotiris's hands. So despite the palpable hatred between Nico and Raphael, a temporary truce of a sort is called until they can take him out and train Hana how to protect herself.

Let's just say that doesn't go so well and Hana still gets taken. The plus side to that is that Nico has finally been able to find one of Sotiris's hideouts. Another huge fight is waged with a debatable victory. Nico is even more furious to have lost his enemy yet again, but it was his parting words that had spiked into his heart.

He has one warrior left to find and it sounds like his enemy has beaten him to it. Even though I was so mad at this one, it was still good and I can't wait to get the next one. ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley. Dec 07, Megan added it Shelves: This is book 3 in the Stone Warrior series. While this does standalone there are characters from the previous books and Reynolds Vampires in America series mentioned in this book. There is also a series arc that is ongoing from book 1 so I would suggest reading them in order at the very least to get the most enjoyment of this book.

In this book we have Gabriel Halldor. He lived his life as a warrior, a berserker, that reveled in battle. He joined forces with three other warriors and Nico, a sorce This is book 3 in the Stone Warrior series. He joined forces with three other warriors and Nico, a sorcerer, as they battled against an evil crazed sorcerer. They banded together as brothers and fought until they were betrayed and cursed by their enemy. Gabriel was encased in stone for a millennium until the exact set of circumstances come together to break the curse.

A woman that had been keeping him company since she was a child. Once free, he helps her escape the men chasing her and they make a mad dash around Japan staying one step ahead of the men following them. I really enjoyed this story. There is a lot of action and revisiting of characters from this series and Reynolds vampire series. They are both have feelings for each other before she ever frees him but there are some other things that make their road together a little bumpy.

One of the things I was most excited for in this book was how Reynolds was going to do a crossover with her ViA series. Unfortunately, that was one of the things I liked least in this book. There are a lot of different points of view in this book and I would have rather spent more time with Gabriel and Hana, building their relationship or dealing with the man hunting her and less page time in the heads of others. I felt like I was reading a Vampire of America book at times.

There is even a traditional epilogue featuring the ViA characters that set up their next book. Granted there is one that sets up the next book in this series as well, but I wanted more from the characters we were introduced to in this series. He seemed so strong and self-sufficient with a clear plan for his future until he gets to California and then his character changed. It had nothing to do with his relationship with Hana, it was more the other characters from the ViA series.

I found it kind of hard to believe that he so quickly trusted them and was willing to change so much of his future so quickly. Overall I did enjoy this book and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Nov 08, Hailee haibooklovers rated it liked it Shelves: Oct 23, Book Him Danno rated it really liked it. As a reader I am not much for Paranormal Romance books.

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Every so often I figure why not try something different. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Gabriel. The author brought two world together that were able to mash into mix of wonder, passion, adventure and romance. Reader will be pulled into the world of Magic, vampires, Japanese mafia, and two enemies that have to work together to fight the darkest of evils.

The story will pull readers in with Hana who is devoted to someone she has never met As a reader I am not much for Paranormal Romance books. The story will pull readers in with Hana who is devoted to someone she has never met but has seen every day of her life. Gabriel is a warrior from another times or place who has watched as Hana grown hoping to one day hold her.

Each character is strong, has the ability to connect with readers. The one down side is the endless pages of very graphic sex. While I understand that sex is part of the paranormal romance or in fact all romance stories. The sex scenes take over a majority of the book that will leave some reader wishing for more background story, understanding of Hana's gift instead readers are giving a endless amount of biting, sex and graphic moments of blood.

I would have giving this book a solid 5 if the story could have had less sex and more Hana's magical gift and teaching of her powers. Oct 28, Tracie R rated it it was amazing Shelves: Book 3 in the Stone Warriors series, Gabriel, is a well written, dynamic adventure with fabulous characters and an edge of your seat storyline. I loved everything about this story and look forward to reading many more books by this author. B Reynolds you are truly missing out!! Oct 18, Keri rated it it was amazing. Get out of the way Gabriel your blocking my view of Raphael, lol!! This was a great addition to this series and we saw some more plot movement and back story in to the curse Sotoris placed on this group.

Gabriel and Hana has great chemistry and I loved that they had history, if you can call it that. You get all you expect out of this authors work here romance, suspense, comedy, fights and steamy moments. Anyt Get out of the way Gabriel your blocking my view of Raphael, lol!! This was a complimentary advanced reader copy provided by the author publisher in exchange for a honest review via Netgalley. Oct 20, Dani Dee rated it it was amazing.

Eeep it's a crossover book!

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With Raphael and Cyn Can't wait for this Halloween treat! Nov 13, Anne Szlachcic marked it as to-read. Gabriel is the 3rd book in the Stone Warriors series by this great writer. Gabriel's spell is broken by Hana just in time to rescue her from the assassins sent to kill her grandfather and capture her. With the assassins on their trail Hana remembers an old friend of her grandfather's in America …………… all the while Gabriel is weakening - why?

True to from the " friend " turns out Gabriel is the 3rd book in the Stone Warriors series by this great writer. True to from the " friend " turns out to be Raphael who realises that Gabriel is dying unless he takes his superior blood ……………… for Gabriel is a vampire. Nicodemus Nick had cast a spell on him that supressed his vampire traits , allowing him to face the sun , to eat food and live and fight - BUT that was fractured when Hana broke the curse cast on him by Sotiris. Hana is also still under threat , she has a special ability - one that any powerful sorcerer would kill for to gain access to.

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Gabriel is going to have to use all his abilities along with his comrades old and new to keep her safe …………. Nick's battle with Sotiris is nearly reaching its conclusion - but there are surprises for him within this book too. I loved the fact that the Stone Warriors and the Vampires in America married together so well in this story- resulting in a fast paced story , magic , action and romance. I look forward to the final Stone Warrior book and hope it includes a hint of someone just for Nick - I feel he needs his own HEA I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

All thoughts and opinions are my own. Nov 07, Theresa rated it it was amazing. This is the third of the warriors and starts in Japan before moving on the Malibu. Since then, her family has been protecting it and researching how to remove the curse and free him. Hanna is that woman, but who she needs to be save from is the nemesis of the Stone Warriors: He has murdered her gr This is the third of the warriors and starts in Japan before moving on the Malibu. He has murdered her grandfather and destroyed her home so that now she is on the run with Gabriel just trying to stay alive.

Hanna is a very resourceful woman, highly trained by her grandfather in everything she needs to know to survive.

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Gabriel is not just a warrior, but had been turned into a vampire before joining Nick. Nick had removed his vampirism but it has come back when he changed from a statue. Oct 31, Dot Salvagin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: He is sexy and powerful and totally capable of aiding Hana and Gabriel in their fight against Sotiris. Sorcerer Nicodemus Katsaros is the warrior who led the others in battle in ancient times and has been searching for the four stone warriors since.

He will also fight Sotiris along with Raphael. This offering in The Stone Warriors series starts off with Hana running for her life with Gabriel, newly released from his stone prison, and hardly gives the reader a breath as they fight their way to safety from Japan to Malibu where they hope Raphael can help vampire Gabriel. However no place is safe for Hana as long as the evil sorcerer Sotiris is after her.