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Then came many more, with some horror stories mixed in, and some screenplays including one based on a Nicholas Sparks just to mix things up: Perhaps they don't care? And just when I thought that was all The ABCs of Erotica: Some of these titles That being said, I may also be laughing way too hard at some of these titles, or their explanations. I mean I feel that if you've already stated that the story is erotic in the title, you don't really need to go on further to say that it is an "erotic sex story. Since I actually had to originally type out all of these titles for work I feel the need to also gripe that some of these authors really need to learn how to properly and consistently format a title.

I mean the Readerotica handles its sub-title different each time. However, kudos to Ashely Spector for properly using an apostrophe after a name ending in "s. However with this many new titles we've basically decided to wash our hands of it and not edit the device record to add all of the new books. This has nothing to do with the fact that we're dealing with porn titles, more a response to the flood and the unlikelyhood that anyone will be searching out catalog specifically for these titles.

We will remove most of the titles from the ereader. We are not returning them, if someone wants to read them they still can without a purchase. I normally would feel bad about essentially censoring the collection, but we think they were trying to cause mischief, and the titles will still be accessible without the ereader having an overwhelming amount of porn to sort through before finding a novel. The icing on all this was when a very nice gentleman in his 90's told my boss that he thought 50 Shades of Grey was very well written. I decided that regardless of my feelings towards the quality of that book, that this was not an argument I needed to get into.

I'm used to the fact that the biggest fan demographic at the library of 50 Shades is over 70, it was just the timing of that statement that got to me and the almost innate reaction of someone older than one's grandparents praising 50 Shades. And in a week or two I get a reminder of all this when the ereader is returned. So one of the "joys" of upgrading hardware is inevitably you have some sort of legacy component that still needs to work with the new system.

For us it was our barcode scanners as legacy components as I upgrade our staff computers. Computers that work are awesome, even more so when they work well. As it turns out, not so much. I can connect everything, the scanner is powered, but when I scan a barcode I get only a few characters printed to screen. This time around I am in the position of making most technology purchase recommendations, and I went for a generic adapter from Monoprice. So, thinking about putting iTunes on public computers? Please, don't do it.

Now, this is completely my personal opinion, but it's really not a good idea. Even the Apple help forums agree. You can of course do it if you really want to, and likely if you're in a public library, you've had patrons request iTunes on the public computers. Rush is the story of Gabe Hamilton, a wealthy hotelier with you guessed it a troubled past. Hes decided to put the grey days behind him though, and after lusting after his best friends little sister for years, hes decided its time to act on his desires.

Luckily for him Mia, the forbidden fruit in question, has often fantasised about him too, having had a crush on the best buddy of older bro since her teens. Once again, Mias past is pretty traumatic, but shell forget all about that once she gets to act out her secret desires with the man of her dreams hes fourteen years her senior, but shes 24 now, so he figures theres no problem with him tapping that okay, I cant pull that off Ill never say that again , so he hires her as his personal assistant.

And so upon essentially signing her body away in an employment contract, Mia is pulled into Gabes kinky world, and my God do they go at it! Gabe cant resist Mia and has to have her hard and often, its like they punctuate every minor action with some rigorous fucking. Despite Gabe essentially owning Mia and taking a dominant role, theres no real Dominant stuff, if you catch my drift. Sure, he tells her what to do, but theres no properly kinky shit, a little soft bondage, spanking and exhibitionism, but no real hard core bark-like-a-dog stuff.

Surprisingly enough, in between all the sex they actually manage to squeeze in some actual emotions and if youre not on guard you may find that Rush even brings forth a few tears near the end, resulting in a romance that is not only fast, furious, and sexually charged, but also sensual, loving and emotional. Now we have an erotic romance featuring Nora, a writer of erotica acting out some fantasies there, Tiffany? Zach is a stoic, hard-nosed Englishman whos not too pleased with his new assignment, and the story progresses from his initial no-holds-barred scrutiny of everything she writes.

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Both Zach and Nora are recently single, both having split from the people they believed to be loves of their respective lives; in the inevitable relationship that ensues between the pair, the shadows of the predecessors looms ever-present, adding an odd depressive atmosphere that is rarely seen in erotic romance. This is not a bad thing however, in fact it gives the story a strong and unique atmosphere that draws in the reader and envelops them wholly in its clutches. Theres some BDSM, its not hardcore, but it is a present theme, along with some deeper questions about the nature of such sexual activity.

Overall, The Siren is a fascinating exploration of the lives of two complex characters, their emotions, sexuality and what lies beyond a painful break up. This Man is the sensuous story of interior designer Ava OShea who on a routine appointment at The Manor a swanky hotel for which she is to provide a redesign quote , meets the impossibly handsome owner, Jesse Ward. The instant she sets eyes on him she burns with desire as attraction sparks violently between them.

They both handle the situation quite differently, Jesse remaining cool, collected and in control, whilst Ava becomes all hot and flustered. She initially tries to resist him, but of course, the man is so devilishly handsome, charismatic and enigmatic that the two soon embark upon the inevitable relationship that is both sexually and emotionally exhausting. Jesse is every bit the typical erotic romance protagonist, rich, handsome and controlling, relentless in his pursuit of the woman he wants, and also largely temperamental, moody and possessive.

Hes a challenging man, secretive and even dismissive at times, and yet somehow its all so very endearing. What one cannot deny about this book is that it most definitely belo0ngs in the erotic romance category, the sexual exploits of our central couple have a strong physical connection and express it through an abundance of superbly steamy sex scenes.

Top 25 Best Erotic Romance Books

This Man is perfect for fans of uber-alpha male leads in erotic romance tales that are incredibly intense and insane but undeniably arousing. Masters of the Shadowlands. This next novel starts out with a premise so unoriginal that the easily turned off may be fooled a young womans car breaks down in the middle of nowhere during a storm, but luckily she finds a nearby mansion and decides to knock and ask if she can use the phone I know, creative, right?

Its a dime to a dozen, but wait! It just so happens that the clich mansion that unsuspecting Jessica Randall has unwittingly found herself in front of is actually A secret BDSM club!! Now thats what I call good luck! Jessica is a nave observer at first, new to these exciting pleasures of the flesh that she is bearing witness to, but increasingly finds herself becoming aroused by what she sees. It is in this new and exciting environment that she meets Master Z, a man who hasnt been attracted to a woman in years, but is intrigued by this new little morsel, and the pair embark upon a journey to unleash Jessicas hidden passions.

The relationship between the pair feels a little rushed at times, but still feels genuine, and it is really amusing to see Jessica learning the ins and outs of life as a submissive. The male characters we meet in this first instalment of the Masters of the Shadowlands series Masters Z, Cullen and Dan are all uber-masculine men who truly dominate their territory, tough, forceful and yet gentle when needed; this taster of the first of the trio will leave you gagging for more, eager to find out the stories that each of them has to tell.

Beautiful Disaster is what you might call a crowd-divding book, it is in so many ways, oh so, so wrong these I will get to momentarily , and yet there is something about it that makes it extremely addictive for some. Its a emotional, intriguing and at times quite appalling and disturbing tale of all-consuming, obsessive teenage love. We have a level-headed and strong willed female lead who despite her attempts to avoid him ends up in a relationship with lovable jerk also known to some as just jerk Travis. Hes a charismatic, tattooed fight-club badboy who oozes charm.

He has everything, hes tough and intelligent, yet tender and vulnerable at times.

Hes also a major stalker, and the originally genuine friendship between him and Abby becomes an all-consuming, passionate and unhealthily co-dependent relationship. Travis obsession is what makes this book both intriguing and appalling, his reactions are always totally disproportionate and at times he treats her, and others around them like complete shit all that one can hope is that he serves as an example that whilst complete devotion sounds great on paper, it is actually really unhealthy in reality. Interwoven in this at-times-vomit-inducingly horrendous obsession is actually some really good smut like reeeaallly good smut, but even so this book really is only recommended for those who either get off on or can get over the stalkerish behaviour that verges on outright abuse.

If I Were You is an engrossing and erotic tale of living life vicariously, and the danger of prying into the private lives of others.

Books by Sophie Sin (Author of Hardcore XXX)

Our story begins with school teacher Sarah McMillan who finds a stack of journals in a storage unit that belong to art gallery manager Rebecca. Housed within the pages are the details of a sizzling affair with a dominant and controlling man, and Sarah is drawn in by the vivid descriptions of what appeared to be some truly mind-blowing sex. On attempting to return the journals though, Sarah inadvertently ends up working at the gallery, replacing Rebecca, and seemingly on the road to taking over the inexplicably absent Rebeccas life in more ways than one.

Controlling boss Mark seems to be the man in Rebeccas journal, and a territorial spat between him and fellow gallery worker Chris over Sarah yields Chris as the winner, resulting in a smoking hot affair between the two. The development of this incredibly passionate relationship between Chris and Sarah is the dominant feature of this first instalment, a relationship that initially sets out as just sex, but intensifies into so much more. If I Were You does what a truly good first book in a series does; it digs its hooks in deep and gets under your skin, the heat and passion draw you in, and the underlying themes surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Rebecca as well as the promise of more intense erotica makes it a series youll be committed to finish from the moment you begin.

Up In The Air. Our next erotically charged love story arrives to take you to all new heights as a flight attendant gets it on with a handsome billionaire she meets in the first class section of a flight she is working. Mr James Cavendish, billionaire in question, is as most billionaires are domineering; a possessive man, driven, controlling, painfully good-looking and yet of course extremely insecure. The relationship between flight attendant Bianca and this enticing entrepreneur develops in a tried and tested manner among writers of erotic fiction.

No, it surely isnt. It is just another story in the same fashion of Fifty Shades of Grey and the Crossfire series, but nonetheless it is still extremely readable and enjoyable. It is worth so much more than a label of just another Fifty Shades rip-off, it is a genuinely enjoyable romance filled with sex, steam and a fun twist to keep it fresh and interesting. This is truly a compelling and rewarding read for fans of the genre, even if it doesnt bring anything particularly new to the table. Something incredibly new now circus erotica! Our female protagonist is Kelsey, an aspiring American Olympic gymnast who unfortunately fell short of reaching her dream.

Instead she has ended up as part of the troupe of the Cirque du Monde, a French circus in romantic Paris that is about to open her up to an exciting new romance and a whole lot more. To introduce her to this world of wonders is Theo, a gypsy king who Kelsey accidentally spies indulging in some sexual domination backstage.

Her interest is piqued, but the pair doesnt really get together until the tragic death of Theos partner nothing like death to bring people together and spark a journey into submission, right? Its interesting to see how Kelsey begins to learn about submission and how her education in erotic pleasure is intertwined with her training to perform on the aerial silks, even more so because there is a parallel in the level of discipline in each activity.

This is bolstered by strong characterisation; the perky California girl meets desperately-trying-to-be-aloof Frenchman is an amusing combination that works both in terms of humour and in terms of heat and chemistry. This is a good strong erotic romance with light BDSM elements for those who enjoy it; its not hard-core, its actually fairly tame, but more than anything the focus of this story is the developing love between Theo and Kelsey and their gaining trust in one another, and for that it is a perfect choice. Next up we have a glorious tale of forbidden love for those of you wanting something a bit more clandestine, focusing in on one of the most common taboo fantasies, the love between student and teacher.

Our rule-breaking romancers are Gabriel and Julia; Gabriel is a professor and Dante specialist at the University of Toronto, an intense older man who falls for sweet and delectable student Julia. The chemistry between these two is tangible, and whilst their sex is hot, not everything here comes down to a meaningless fling. Instead this is erotic romance with a surprisingly deep and intellectual flavour, the backdrop provided by Dantes famous poem, the Divine Comedy, is a rich and complex one; Reynards book draws on the themes present in Dantes masterwork and there are clear parallels between Dante and Gabriel, through his lectures, life and experiences.

There are a whole host of references to other classic works of literature too, meaning this book is bound to satisfy any literature nerd looking for a little sex and romance whilst retaining their literary connections. Hearts In Darkness is a nice little novella for those of you craving a story of opposites, two people who are outwardly as different as night and day, these two people are Makenna and Caden they may be outwardly different but are both share appropriately stupid names just sayin Makenna is a stylish woman who steps into an elevator with bad boy Caden, covered in piercings and tattoos, and the pair barely get a glimpse of one another before the elevator promptly stops and the lights go out.

Canvas (Love Movie, Erotic, HD, Full Movie, English, Drama, Romance Film) free drama movies

Despite being outwardly tough, Caden is deathly afraid of the dark and as the two begin to talk and Makenna tries to help him overcome his fear, a touching connection begins to develop between them. Left alone together in the dark, the emotions run high and their interactions not being coloured by preconceived notions of first appearances makes their connection even stronger, resulting in an honest and erotically charged story. Its a quickie, a sweet story that leaves you wanting more of this highly erotic love in an elevator and now I dare you not to sing.

Marie Wilson now brings us a wonderfully saucy blend of romance, erotica and subtle wit in The Gorgeous Girls, a novel about strong and intelligent women and their respective romantic and sexual exploits. All three women in question are big, big fans of Dorothy Parker, a twentieth century author, poet and satirist best known for providing stinging social commentary as a member of the Algonquin Roundtable and for having a sharp tongue and biting wit. Parker is a clear muse in this book in which our three ladies with brains, inner strength, vulnerabilities and high libidos recount their loves, losses and lusts.

It is touted as erotica for the thinking woman, in which it is not entirely successful, sometimes coming across an odd mix between Sex and the City and The Golden Girls but nonetheless it does use some sufficiently flowery prose to dance around its dalliances, which are arousing enough to make up for any distractions the aforementioned writing style may cause.

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Furthermore, the development of the characters and how they relate to the central figurehead of Dorothy Parker actually prove to be surprisingly deep and well-thought out, if not immediately apparent. Wilson is a quality writer, and here she has produced something that is perfect for women who like a little food for thought amidst their stories steeped in love and sex. This next offering on our hunt for rousing romances is short but not so sweet.

Its a steamy and slightly insane story of revenge and growing obsessions. Madeleine Taylor is harbouring an obsession with businessman Daniel, but this obsession is a dangerous one.

RnB/Hip Hop Playlist – 100 Sex Songs

She has stalked his every step for years in the hope to find the perfect time to infiltrate his life, take over, and gain her revenge on him for what, it is up to you to read and find out. She finds her moment however, acquiring a job as PA to the man she loathes and uses her new position to find anything she can to incriminate him. It turns out that Daniel has some very hands on plans for his new PA however, and in order not to arouse suspicion, Madeleine succumbs to his want to know her intimately.

As you can imagine, theres quite a conflict of interest in having sex with the guy youre attempting to destroy and things get complicated very quickly. Emotions become tangled and it calls into question whether revenge is worth losing a relationship that could go the distance.

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This is a delectable mix of sex, drama and suspense that will speak to anyone who has ever been at odds with their sexual desires; its a tale of warring head and heart with a whole lot. Annabel Joseph strikes again with yet another hot and heavy erotic romance with strong BDSM elements. In this book she introduces us to Nell, a professional submissive who works in a BDSM club who is about to find that sometimes being a submissive isnt always as fun as it should be. A Hollywood movie star decides that hed like to have some fun with Nell, a little role playing that involves employing her to pose as his girlfriend in public and then be his sub in private.

In order to make sure she succumbs and to make sure she has no choice but to sign what is essentially his sex slave contract, he gets her sacked and evicted so that she becomes dependent on him. Jeremy Gray is a total fuckwad, selfish and self-serving and constantly demanding, and Nell is his non-resistant doormat. Lots and lots of varied sex and an oddly sweet-in-a-weird-way ending, make this an unexpectedly enjoyable story.