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Faith believes even when it makes no sense to believe, not because of the proof before you, but because of the trust you place in the object of your faith.

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Faith is based on the will of that person in whom you place your faith, not my will. You can have faith that the person you love most will never hurt you, for example, but whether they do or not is up to their will, not yours. Biblical faith is in a person, the person of God. Faith is not in me or my abilities, but on God and His abilities. When Jesus used the illustration of moving mountains He was giving an example of the power of God and how we should place our whole faith in Him.

He was not talking about the power of my ability to have faith, but rather the power of the One in whom we place our faith. You can even ask Him to by faith. When we talk about faith in God then, we are talking about His will, not our will.

Faith is based on the promises of God, not our hopes or desires. Those facts better be good if they are going to provide us with a solid object for our faith. As Christians we base our knowledge on the historicity of Christ, and key historical events which have been proven reliable through ancient eyewitness testimony, sacred history, and even secular history.

We have knowledge of the good news of the gospel message and knowledge of how one may receive the free gift of salvation Romans There are plenty of solid reasons to know that the Christian faith is packed with truth. They believe that God does not exist, and they base that belief on science, drawing together all kinds of logical fallacies which can be turned over and used against their arguments.

It is the step of belief. This is not some kind of mental assent. You see biblical faith is not believing against the evidence.

When all is said and done the Christian faith is a believing and a knowing which in turn results in action. What is that action? It is called trust. Going beyond some kind of assent, the Christian faith is not just about believing that it is true. The Christian faith demands the action of taking what we know, what we believe, and taking it to the final step.

Understanding the Faith: A Survey of Christian Apologetics

The center of this trust involves a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, in which we recognize our dependence on Him not just for our existence but for our salvation. We acknowledge that we are not the people we were created to be, that we have abandoned God and gone our own way. Acknowledging this, we turn repent and rest in the assurance that Jesus Christ, through His death and resurrection, has reconciled us to God. As a result we are able to be honest about who we are rebellious and broken people in need of healing and a transformation of character , and we are able to hope, and have a growing confidence that Jesus Christ is sovereign over all of reality, that His kingdom is being realized, and that He is indeed returning us to the arms of the one holy and loving God.

The Christian faith is not believing something that has no evidence. As Bible believing Christians do not deny reality, we discover it; and once we discovered it there is no turning back. We are called and must act upon it. We are called to love God with all our heart, all our soul and all our mind. We have biblical mandate to act upon that calling, by loving our neighbor as ourself by first denying ourselves, taking up our crosses and following the One who gave His life and rose from the dead for us.

What we have are better evidences for believing the Christian faith than the atheist.

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What does the atheist have? Perhaps they are the ones believing in something for which there is no evidence and not the Christian.

Understanding the Faith: A Survey of Christian Apologetics

I would agree with you. Men need an alien faith in the same way they need an alien righteousness. If men are fallen like you affirm, and I agree with you that they are totally depraved, their nature binding them to sin and the devil blinding them to the truth, then saving faith can only be produced by supernatural means.

The question then moves to what produces saving faith?

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I believe it is only the Holy Spirit working through word of Christ, i. Where I see a disconnect between apologists, however, even here on this apologetic hub, is degrees of difference as to the role Scripture plays in saving faith. In other words, I see a severe distinction between what is affirmed theologically from what is practiced methodologically. This is a great question Fred. Let me just give you a quick answer to this, and maybe expound upon it in a private email if you would like.

I believe faith comes from God. This dovetails nicely with Ephesians 2: We have no true knowledge of God. We are as it says in Romans 1: It is a God that we have created in our heart and mind. What is the definition of faith? What About the Bible and Faith?