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I think it's perfect for ages Great series of books that are fun to read aloud to elementary aged students! I have read all of them to my students and this is one of their favorites. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I chose this rating because the book was okay It was okay because you people could of done way better with this book then you did I recommend this book to a chubby and clueless zookeeper. One person found this helpful. I took away a star because No four-year-old talks and behaves like Sam. He needed to be six and in first grade. Can't believe no editor caught this.

Zooman Sam

What preschool has Future Job Day? Okay, I'll admit that I'm 23 years old. I grew up reading the Anastasia books, and since then I read anything new that Lois Lowry writes.

I did enjoy this book very much - it's funny and touching, and Sam is a great character. I would enjoy reading future books about Sam. But I would enjoy reading a brand-new Anastasia book even more. Or, if the new Krupnik-family books will be focused on Sam, please add more "Anastasia! Sam Krupnik has to dress up for Future Job day at school.

He decides to go as a zookeeper and gets to tell the other kids in the class about a different animal every day. Sam is entertaining as usual, and young people will really enjoy this book. This was a hillarious comedy of a 4 year olds life. It starts out when his pre-school teacher announces that they will be having a future job day in the upcoming week. Sam decides that he will be a Zoo Keeper like Jake in his Zoo book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 2 May Cool Story Programs for the School-age Crowd. Children's literature portal Novels portal.

Novels by Lois Lowry. Anastasia Krupnik Anastasia Again! Quickly Sam realizes that he can't possibly talk about how a zooman cares for every single animal on one day, so he and his teacher devise a plan to present a few each day until he runs out of hats. Unfortunately, while some of the animals are easy to talk about, others are scary, and Sam isn't sure he'll be able to see his commitment through to the end.

As I read this last book, I couldn't help but think about my intense dislike for the Gooney Bird Greene books. If Lois Lowry can write Sam so well, how is it that she misses the mark so completely with Gooney Bird? I intend to revisit those books now that I've finished this series, in the hopes that my trained eye is sharper now than it was in library school and I might discover that they aren't terrible after all.

As nice as it is to complete a series, I will miss Sam and would love another young character to read about! In any case, Zooman Sam is especially impressive because it makes such a great, compelling story out of a small classroom event. Lowry has taken on big things dystopian societies, the Holocaust, death , but her talent for writing effectively about little things is what has elevated her to a favorite author for me. There isn't much more to say about this book that I haven't already mentioned in a previous review; children's literature enthusiasts who haven't read the Sam books just need to see for themselves how sweet, charming, and timeless they are.

Oct 01, Amye rated it it was amazing Shelves: After enlisting the help of his family, Sam is able to see his idea come to fruition. Initially, Sam loves this task and the attention he gets from the class. Soon, however, the job becomes cumbersome and Sam wishes to change his mind about being a zookeeper.

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He grows sad by his apparent failure at being the Chief of Wonderfulness until he realizes what can actually gain him that auspicious title: This book would be great for a class read aloud. This could prompt a discussion on how each child learned to read or the various items we read every day. May 26, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: This is a boy after my own heart. As a child and even sometimes as an adult, zookeeper was my absolute dream job! I have been a zoo volunteer for the last 3 years, and I've loved the zoo for as long as I can remember. But back to the book This book is supposed to be appropriate for 9 to 12 year olds, but I don't know.

Not having children of my own it's kind of hard to judge, but I have spen In Lois Lowry's Zooman Sam, a little boy decided to be a zookeeper for "Future Job Day" at his school. Not having children of my own it's kind of hard to judge, but I have spent some time in a 2nd grade classroom recently, and I believe this book would make a better read-aloud pick for storytime in a classroom up to the 2nd grade. The book itself was great! I really loved reading about Sam's passion for the zoo, and his respect for the job that Jake the zookeeper does at the zoo.

Zooman Sam is funny and touching, and Sam was a wonderful character to read about. Apr 26, Julie rated it liked it Shelves: I read this out loud with my Sam.

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He still liked it, but mostly because he's attached to the characters. I thought it was a cute book, but once the show-and-tell stuff started, it was just too long. Both of my kids were bored with it, but insisted that I keep going. So on one hand there's the fact that they were both tired of it, but on the other hand, their willingness to keep going attests to how lovable the characters are and how wrapped up they got in their lives.

All in all it was a good series of books still haven't read the 3rd one because it upset my little guy , I just wish it had ended better. Nov 20, george rated it liked it Shelves: Sam knows exactly what he wants to be for Future Job Day at school--a Zookeeper! Sam is excited to tell the class all about his future job and how he handles all the different animals. Sam soon finds out that teaching and animal training aren't everything they're cracked up to be--they are HARD! The final Sam book is as charming as the others.

Zooman Sam Book Review

I still like the Anastasia books better, but this is a nice Sam knows exactly what he wants to be for Future Job Day at school--a Zookeeper! I still like the Anastasia books better, but this is a nice spin-off series and it's always nice to catch up with Anastasia again she's a teenager now and has some boy issues!

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  • A nice ending to the series. Sep 05, Emily Birecki rated it really liked it. It was an absolutely adorable book. The author did a fantastic job of capturing the heart of a child. I enjoyed the humor that came from Sam. I feel as if I can relate to Sam because I get overwhelmed easily and can feel like nothing is going right. As a child, like Sam, I craved the attention I got from my peers and teacher.

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    It was funny how the book started with Sam digging through his closet and creating a pile of clothes on the floor. It was super realistic.

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    I also liked how even though it was a chapter book, it still had some great pictures. Overall I thought that this book was fantastic and plan on reading it to my kids at work.


    Aug 13, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: