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Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal of COLORS' to be a comedy of errors

We switched off the engine and then it was absolute pin drop silence and suddenly I see the grass in front of me moving — was it the water underneath or an animal? This was absolute goose bumps moment as I had come all the way to Brazil to see this beautiful feline. And then all of a sudden, I see a head emerge from the grass as if to look back at me and yes it was the Jaguar. It then came out of the grass and walked across us on the banks of the river- looking for maybe a Caiman on the banks. Though it looked full, it still was hunting probably for some Caiman.

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What an amazing predator — those beautiful spots, the walk, steely eyes — absolute wow! It then disappeared in the bushes to reappear again under the shade of a tree and then disappeared again. A short encounter but a great experience. What a great start for our Boat Safari!!

Looking Unto Jesus: EVANGELISTIC ESCAPADES: Another J-Dub Encounter

Another passing by boat told us that there was another Jaguar close by and Eduardo turned our boat. After a while, we decided to turn around and head back, however, on our way back we decided to recheck the same spot. This was actually an amazing spot — lot of bushes and thick vegetation growth on water, quite green and did have some shade. Blood rush all over again and on focusing on the foliage below the tree you could see a tail wag — Yipeeee there it was — another Jaguar hidden in the shadow and undergrowth of the lone tree.

So we decided to park our boat here whilst we have our lunch. Lunch is usually carried in picnic boxes as there is no way we can make all the way back to the lodge. After spending almost 2 hours waiting for it to move, my hopes were fast receding and Amoli was pleasantly surprised that I can be patient as well for a change!! We decided to leave this place and move ahead. The afternoon sun was hard and it was important to keep yourself hydrated. Definitely read our general tips on Visiting Pantanal here — Read more.

We turned our boat for one last time and headed towards the same spot again. I moved towards the front of the boat and was trying to spot it under the same tree. What a shame — it had left the spot while we were away.

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Just then Eduardo spotted it — Right in the water below the lone tree. This was a bigger one — a male. Seemed like it had a kill in the vegetation on the water and it disappeared in what seemed like a hole and it looked like eternity waiting for it to appear. Finally it appeared and it was really a pleasure seeing this magnificent feline sit on the banks, resting and licking it paws. Well the show was soon over and it retreated to the shade of the tree again.

I made a "moral error," Strauss-Kahn tells France

Finally, we decided to make our way back as it was late evening by now. The drive back with the sun setting in the distant horizon was a moment to sit and reflect on the day. What an amazing day it had been — 2 Jaguars on the very first day of our Boat Safari. All the heat, tiredness was well behind us at the sight of this beast.

I have had up close encounters with Lions and a mock charging Tiger in previous Safaris — Would I have a close encounter with the Jaguar on the next day? This is what I was secretly hoping for. Will this wish come true? It was indeed an intense experience! I haven't seen that young man since, but I still do remember and pray for him.


We can crush JWs and other cult members in an argument, but if we come across with a sinful attitude we will have gained nothing, and in fact we will bring reproach to the name of Christ. When debating or witnessing to anybody, I'd rather be weak in Bible knowledge and be full of love and joy in the Spirit, than to know all the mysteries of the Scriptures and be angry and loveless. May the Lord help us be filled with the Spirit when we witness to people.

If we have to be angry and rebuke someone, may it be led of God and not from our flesh. I was just reading in Jude -- "…contend for the faith" and last night at our Romans Bible study, we ended being pointed to 1 John 4: My hair is me, if you like it - great. If you don't - hard luck. I think making a personal remark seems rather aggressive and unpleasant, actually. Michael Fabricant later tweeted that the two met again - and posted a photograph of the pair locked in an embrace.

Jan and I did meet again after our firstdate and we got on better without the tv cameras. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Visit our adblocking instructions page. Home News Sport Business. However, many said Mr Fabricant was brave for being frank about his sexuality.