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What I liked about this book: He doesn't try to puff up his short trip to Heaven with empty prose to make the book longer. Th Roberts Liardon is an interesting fellow who's had an interesting life and by all means, he's had some interesting and heavenly experiences. Sort of a grown-up pamphlet. What I didn't like about this book: His style is--hard to describe--breezy, lacking in depth and detail. Enthusiastic, but the meat just isn't there. Apr 05, Yemic rated it it was amazing. I have had this book since , but just read the 1st chapter.

Reading it now i knew i was being silly for leaving it.

Testimonies of Heaven and Hell, End Times, Jesus Christ

Thank GOD i did. God can use anybody just make yourself available to him. It's amazing how we find excuse not to read books that will help us grow spiritually, but read other books without thinking of the impact it will have to our mind. Aug 07, Melissa rated it really liked it. This book is very special to me.

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My youngest brother asked my mom to read it to him every night when he was about years old. He passed away at age 12, and I have found myself going back to skim the book over the years and appreciating its beautiful message , as well as anticipating seeing him again someday. A good read and a quick one. Apr 09, Christopher Huszar rated it it was amazing.

So cool learning about the experience of an 8 year old Roberts Liardon taken up into heaven to experience the glory of this beautiful place, the dwelling place of those who believe in, trust and follow Jesus Christ. Sep 15, Michael J rated it it was amazing. Roberts Liardon was 8 years old when Jesus took him through heaven and ordained him to the ministry.

I SAW HEAVEN & HELL By Othusitse Mmusi – Christ is Coming, Prepare to Meet the Lord

Apr 21, Michael rated it did not like it Shelves: He is properly named, LAIR. There were several angels there, then I saw all kinds of musical instruments, pianos, guitars, flutes, trumpets etc, the angels began to play, they began singing, I decided to join it, it was incredible music I have ever heard.

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We started flying over the earth, we flew over a certain path, then over trees and grass, we flew over the mountains and hills, valleys, flowers, we saw animals, birds, a beautiful earthly scenery. Then we flew above cities and towns.

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Just so fast than you can imagine. We flew over a large ocean, I was so close, I was seeing the water moving as beaten by winds, suddenly we were not flying there any more, but it changed and below us was like a large sea of fire, red, liquid fire, magma of some sort, and fiery red. It was a terrifying scene. I knew it was the lake of fire, where sinners will spend eternity. Then we left that place, we appeared on another, here we saw giant red flames, and cells, the fire was continually burning, I saw the devil with his demons around him, they held long and large sharp instruments, I knew they use it to torment souls in hell.

I saw Heaven and Hell (My real life story)

Quickly, we flew away into the skies, I saw the whitest and pure cloud ever, never seen white like that on earth, then an opening or a portal, then we flew through it. Looking on the sides, was this glorious white cloud. The scene was so spectacular. I was so overwhelmed. After meeting the LORD, we started flying around heaven at a tremendous speed, a very beautiful and pure place, with golden streets, transparent light, mansions, many angels moving about.

Words are insufficient to describe that place.

Man who was clinically dead for an hour ‘I saw Heaven, I met dead friends’

God is a Spirit: The throne also had white clouds below it, with something guarding on it. I can't tell precisely as I am only seeing it from afar.

It's like seeing a tall building kilometers away from you and that you can't see the very details of it. What made me intrigued is that they are truly one! After taking a glance on them, I heard them both speak!!!

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But listen, I only heard one voice. They said "Melea, you will obey me".

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Upon hearing, I felt the holy fear, I trembled in fear. I don't know how will I describe, but His voice seemed authoritative. He isn't mad, He isn't frightening, yet when you hear it you will surely fall on your knees! I remember my physical body started feeling electrified. I don't know why.