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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Charley Bland by Mary Lee Settle. In this narrative of doomed love, Mary Lee Settle tells of a triangular affair set in the small town of Canona, West Virginia, revealing the mores of Canona's closed, upper-class society and of its less prosperous underculture.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Charley Bland , please sign up. Lists with This Book. May 17, Cienna Lyon rated it did not like it. Like many other reviews on this book, I thought this book fit the name. I didn't feel like I grew or learned anything about this character. It seemed to me as if I was reading someone's journal on completely normal every day activities. The deaths in the book were one sentence events, and although the author said they had an effect on the characters, it did not feel genuine.

Perhaps this era of Like many other reviews on this book, I thought this book fit the name. Perhaps this era of writing is not my cup of tea, or I am not old enough to understand the nuances of the book, but generally I would not suggest it to anyone and did not enjoy it whatsoever. Nov 12, Pammy rated it really liked it. The story is a memoir of sorts told from the narrator's point of view. A love story centered in the social setting of the south in the 's. We learn that in this small coal town of West Virginia social status is determined by "when you made your money, or how long ago you had lost it.

But the Settle you will relish and cherish is her simple, soul-bearing passages that The story is a memoir of sorts told from the narrator's point of view. But the Settle you will relish and cherish is her simple, soul-bearing passages that make you weep. She skillfully weaves relatively unremarkable words into sentences so vivid you can feel the weight of them in your heart. It was a growing together into body bloom, into the yes we lived no other time, not in public, not in the fear that kept us apart As I lay beside him, cool and weightless, I can still, after so long, see the night outside the windows The final act of trust is not lovemaking, for lust can drive you there.

It is to lay down your arms and sleep, unprotected. Sleep then is a brave act, lying awake floating in the joy you might lose is braver. Aug 12, Sparrow added it. I've never struggled with a book as I did with "Charley Bland. And the plot, or the lack of plot. The setting -- which I didn't realize was West Virginia, till after it was over. I thought Virginia, maybe. It's a very Southern novel. Can a novel be TOO Southern?

If it can, then this is the one.

Yet you learn much about the South -- at least the West Virginian version of the South. The texture of winte I've never struggled with a book as I did with "Charley Bland.

A little too avant garde | Books | The Guardian

The texture of winter, and its deep snows in The strange all-male society of Korean veterans who live in a decaying house by a forded stream. The most amazing fact: They would be captured, and given the option to enter the Northern army! They fought against their own brothers, to survive, and carried their shame to their grave.

Luckily, they had a little Jack Daniels to slightly neutralize the shame. How I love you, without being forced to endure your brittle upper-class supper parties! Nov 08, Rhonda rated it really liked it. A great read and what a glimpse into small-town southern life in the coal-hills of WV. I was fascinated by the love story, which in many ways is quite mundane but lovely and vivid in Settle's telling of it. These are like characters I've known along the way Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

Familial involvement means no sanctioned investigation. He knows one thing for sure: This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: This book is approximately 84, words Kindle Edition , 1st edition , pages. Big Bad Wolf 2. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Wolf at Bay , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Lots of growth character and relationship wise. Avoiding going home is no longer an option for Cooper when his father calls and pretty much guilt's him into coming home for his brothers engagement party.

Coop would like to see his family he just hates going back to his hometown where the memories he'd rather forget lingers. But he can't say no and the only way he feels like he can survive 5 Stars! But he can't say no and the only way he feels like he can survive this trip is if his new werewolf partner joins him. He and Parker are on shaky grounds when it comes to their "relationship". That is exactly where the problem lye's because Cooper is uncertain if they are in a relationship or if they are just partners with benefits.

He's hoping bringing Parker with him will help clarify what they are doing. What should have been a short weekend visit attending his brothers engagement party turns into a longer stay when a body is found in his fathers backyard after digging up his late wife's gazebo. The body is identified as a neighbor that everyone had assumed left his wife and town. The body not only brings into question of Cooper's father's innocence, but also secrets from the past about his mother that Cooper is shocked to discover.

I loved the mystery of this one. It had many layers and I enjoyed getting to learn more about Cooper and his family. Especially about Cooper cause the man totally rubbed me wrong for the majority of the first book. By the end though he had totally grew on me and in this book I definitely felt more connected with him. The relationship between Cooper and Parker in this book takes many steps forward and a few back. To say these men are emotionally stunted would be the absolute truth.

They both tip toe around what they are to each other. Cooper tries many times to have the big conversation of "what are we", only to find many excuses to avoid it. I think they both avoid the talk because they aren't sure how the other one is feeling and both don't want to be hurt by rejection. They've both had plenty of that in their life so avoidance is key.

I really loved this book, even more than the first. I can't believe the wait we have to endure for the next book to be released. But it's worth it cause I completely enthralled with this story. That would be awesome. If you haven't picked up the first book I highly recommend you do and do the same with this one on release day.


View all 13 comments. May 15, Simone rated it it was amazing Shelves: So yeah, they are in a relationship. They have fun together - in and out of bed -, watching movies and talking about everything and anything. Because that would mean stripping your soul. Baring your deepest secrets to someone else.

Which in turn evokes your deepest fears because God, what if the other one doesn't like what he finds there? What if he doesn't feel the same? Oh, and talking about their past is another absolute non-topic because that also belongs to the deepest secrets part and that could easily mean tempting fate. Cooper's fate comes calling, though - well okay, it's his dad who calls him, but in this case it amounts to the same thing - and reminds him in no uncertain terms that he should make an appearance at the engagement party of his brother, which means going home.

Home to a place where nobody knows about Cooper's secrets, either. When a ghost from the past gets dug out - umm, literally - and Cooper's dad is suddenly the suspect no. But when Park worries him by acting weird, another body turns up, the evidence against his dad piles a mile high, Cooper's world unravels by detecting a family secret and his own secrets bubble to the surface, Cooper suddenly has more on his plate than he can chew This book made me wonder if I am living in an alternate universe and might have some werewolf genes myself.

You should have seen me howling with laughter sometimes and getting all gnarly and growly here when these guys wouldn't talk Like I said in my review for The Wolf at the Door , though, I can understand where they are coming from. Basically, I could have copied my review for the first book, not because the second book is a replica from the first book and therefore boring without any development - hell no, quite the contrary - but rather because everything I said there is still true. I just love the different take on the whole wolfy thing and as of yet I stick to my word that this series could also be for people who usually are not really into shifter books, but who love a good whodunnit and a slow burn romance.

Charlie Adhara seems to be a master at spinning a mystery plot because I had absolutely no clue who the perp was. Okay, in the end I was right, but only because I suspected everyone. Cooper and Park - no, Oliver - are well on their way to become one of my favorite couples. I just love their chemistry and although their sex can be quite kinky role play, just sayin' , I especially love every tender and gentle moment between them There was a lot more he could have said, maybe a lot more he should have said, but this was the clearest, most honest thing he could give right now.

Park did nothing for a moment, almost as if he hadn't heard, then pulled back and looked cooper in the eye. His expression was so fierce it was actually startling. Cooper scrambled for his gun and turned to see Simpson pinned to the floor with a man kneeling on his back, ass waving in the air and cuffing Simpson's hands. Cooper left his gun holstered and flopped back on the floor with a sigh.

He knew that ass. Knew it very well indeed. He heard a huff. I could have sworn we said we'd meet outside. The very last sentence at the end of the book made me whine like a pup, though, because I have to wait until April until the next book comes out View all 52 comments. Nov 10, Ky rated it it was amazing Shelves: The mystery was soooo good. The suspence had me reluctant to stop reading even though it was the middle of the night and I had an early morning.

That had a nice comfy spot in the plot as well. Bit by bit the fantastic world that Charlie Adhara created for her characters is revealed to us and we can do nothing but buckle on and get ready for the ride. There is no paragraph after paragraph of information about what being a werewolf means and I liked that. The de 5 stars Amazing story! The details we get are few and far between, but the clues and the teasers are all over the place. The half sentences drove me crazy with curiosity about what their end was supposed to be. For some we get the answer a few pages later.

For others we'll have to wait some more. We did get some answers and some details about Parker's past though so I can't complain. With the third book having the title Thrown to the Wolves my guess is that Oliver and Cooper are going over to Oliver's family. And maybe this time we'll get to see a wolf on page and learn a bit more about them.

Only five more months to find out! View all 6 comments. You might be aware that this is not my normal kind of read. I know I know, but even that part falls a little shy of my kink baseline. Not checking my favorite boxes. And yet here we are. At some point and without 4. At some point and without my express permission, these characters got under my skin. And there are scads of little things between him and Park that ring so true, so realistic, and so healthily un-romance-novel-like.

Another of the highlights for me: And thankfully not so many that the heat fizzled; the quantity is just right.

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Miles better than it was in the first book, though. But with the other elements are as strong as they are — and OMG I forgot to say how funny it is! Looking forward to book I don't see any faces of any kind in this cover.

Charlie Chan Carries On

View all 17 comments. I fucking love this book. I want to scream it from roof tops. God, I love them so much. They are so snarky and cute and so much fun. For real, they might tie with Caleb and Theo from Riven which is huge because I love those babes to death. This book was just so.

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I really e I fucking love this book. It was well-written and I had no idea who did it until the very end. But what I loved the most about this is the relationship development with Cooper's family and between Cooper and Olivier. Weekend away to save the day. I know a lot of people get annoyed when characters have bad communication, I'm one of them, but it just worked for these characters. Cooper is a bumbling, prickly porcupine and Park is super mysterious and they aren't the best at talking, but it's okay because they're working on it and I could really see their progress throughout the book.

Adhara did a great job showing that not only are they lovers but good friends, they genuinely like being around each other even if it's just watching movies. I am nothing if not trash for the mundane moments, which this had plenty of. And Olivier, my god, is just the sweetest, most patient man around. While Cooper fumbles around, tripping all over himself Olivier made sure that Coop knew he was there and would be waiting once he was done making a mess of things.

He let Cooper know he has his back, without being overbearing. They both just felt so real. And god damn, they were so fucking funny. Cooper's personality is so sardonic and they both have such clever and dry humor I was constantly bustin' up laughing. I adore them, they are such a delight to read. As a fiercely independent significant other, I appreciated the representation of a love that is not co-dependent nor all consuming.

Another thing I really loved was how casually their kink in the bedroom evolved. I get the importance of contracts and safe-words and what-not, but it was fun reading a couple who kind of just went with the flow in the bedroom. They weren't embarrassed to say what they needed or to explore fantasies and I loved that. In the end I love this book. This is the only MM series and only second series in general I've read that follows the same characters, instead of changing characters with every book, and I think Adhara is doing a great job with the pacing and development of everything.

There is just enough information to move things forward but also leave you wanting more and with more questions, especially about a certain wolf. Long story short, The characters make me so happy and I can't wait for more books about them. I hope there are a million. View all 9 comments.

Oct 07, Diana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cooper Dayton and Oliver Park are now partners at the BSI, but they are struggling to define their relationship outside of work. Cooper returns to his childhood home for a family event, and Oliver decides to go with him. Cooper is nervous, not only about seeing his family, but also having to deal with not so nice childhood memories.

It was so much more than I expected. Yes, it was a romance, but the author did a fantastic job of weaving in a murder mystery into the story. I kept trying to guess who it could be, and of course, I was completely wrong. I also adored both Cooper and Oliver. Cooper had a lot to come to terms with, but I also think it helped make their relationship stronger.

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Highly recommend, but start with book 1. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Oct 02, Fabi rated it really liked it Shelves: The author's GR bio says " Writes wonderfully, I might add. Please be aware that this review may be spoilerish regarding book 1.

During their off hours they may be a little more to each other, but neither of them have The author's GR bio says " During their off hours they may be a little more to each other, but neither of them have the courage to take that personal partnership to the next level yet. But even alphaholes can have their sweet momments. This is one of several "awww" quotes that left a smile on my face: All special and brilliant and patient and funny and you know, sort of good-looking sometimes, I guess.

Clues are overturned and reveals rock Cooper's family world. Not only is this a great murder mystery, I had no clue whodunnit , we are also treated to great, emotional character growth for both of our MCs. The plot originality in this series still boggles my mind. I read a lot, so for a storyline to really surprise me takes something special. This series is special. I highly recommend it!

Sep 27, Ariana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh my loving God. This was totally amazing. Charlie Adhara totally bowled me over here, with a great plot and absolutely fabulous character development. Four months after the events of book 4, Cooper and Oliver have been seeing each other regularly, but they have never talked about what they are to each other.

Cooper still has got the mind-blowing knack to choose the exactly WRONG words when it comes to feelings. And we see Oliver Oh my loving God. And we see Oliver hurt over them, and God, I so wanted to flick my hand over Cooper's head, roll my eyes in exasperation and shout at him for his emotionally obtuse behaviour. Lucky for me magic doesn't exist. And although some of this is down to his character, it also has a lot do with his past and the way he was brought up. He was just a man. And a pretty pathetic one these days. He just didn't have the right to stake claims on anyone.

Of course WE know that Oliver is in love with Cooper. Charlie Adhara gets his emotions across amazingly well, even if this is written purely from Cooper's POV.

Charley Bland

He wants Cooper, but holds back because he is a wolf after all. My heart went out for him quite a few times and I couldn't help adore his laid back, calm attitude, but Oliver is also quite a man of secrets. Who is he really in the world of wolves? Why are other wolves that deferential to him? There is some reveal about his family and past, but I got the impression that there is a LOT more to know about him. Something that will hopefully happen in book 3! However, the cause of his illness was pretty easy to guess, tbh, and I might have expected Cooper to catch onto it a lot sooner, but that's my only niggly observation for this book.

What happens here is MEGA relationship development, written in the most brilliant way. From "avoid, avoid, avoid" talking about what they are to each other, and Cooper second guessing every sentence, every move and kiss they share, he goes to being able to say what he feels. And the relief and joy is just absolutely breath-takingly beautiful! Also loved the mystery plot that involved Cooper's family. A family he regains in the most poignant way! I was, admittedly, totally shocked when the book ended so suddenly. It felt like the last ten pages had been ripped out because I wanted it to continue so much!

There's no cliff hanger here, just a HUGE amount of suspense. And now we wait. That's a lot of days and minutes, guys. I am going to ask for a portion of extra patience for Christmas! If you haven't read this, I would highly recommend it. If you haven't read anything about werewolves, don't worry.

If you love books with deeply vulnerable characters and tons of feels, you will really enjoy this! Oct 04, Elena rated it really liked it Shelves: D , still completely clueless when it comes to personal relationships and still prickly, but more insecure and on the defensive than annoying.