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Soon and loved engaging with different cultures.

18 Empowering and Inspiring Poems on Women By Amazing Poets

As an art form, poetry holds its worthy place in this world. Here is the list of poets and their works who defined and empowered women in their own distinctive style. A creative by the name of Allen from Los Angeles. He goes by cdlv on Instagram and writes about life, love, and everything after.

He is a year-old Male from England. He is a father to a beautiful baby boy and has a wonderful girl by his side. Poetry has helped him with his mental health in the past and now he writes to express his inner thoughts and musings.

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A mechanical engineer by morning and a writer by night Sagar puts everything he feels into words. My throat is a beehive pitched in the river. Look how long this love can hold its breath. You are a good thing, that somebody be dying to get next to.

18 Empowering and Inspiring Poems on Women By Amazing Poets

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Pavana invokes powerful images of nature and the human spirit to write about topics like love and femininity. One of my personal favorite poets, Gill explores the nature and role of the modern woman.

Her poems are exquisite and uplifting, somehow soothing the insecurities and hurts the lie within every soul. A modern day Shakespeare, armed with a typewriter instead of a quill, Gregson draws inspiration from the same themes as the Bard, love, loss, and the immortality of poetry.

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