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a short guide

First steps for new groups. Getting a group started. Organising a public meeting. Choosing a legal structure. Legal structures for community groups and not-for-profit organisations. Opening a bank account.

Taking Minutes at Meetings

Bank accounts for community groups. Setting up a social enterprise. Getting outside help with starting a group. Is your AGM coming up?

Look inside

Support for Tenants' and Residents' Associations. Support with publicity and printing. Support for Resource Centre Member Groups. Favourite Funders for capital and equipment costs. East Brighton Trust Fund. Gatwick Airport Community Trust. Hall and Woodhouse Community Chest. Ian Askew Charitable Trust.


JC Robinson Trust No 3. Mrs A Lacy Tate Trust. One Stop Carriers for Causes. Rotary Club of Brighton. Southern Housing Group Gardening Neighbours. Tesco Bags of Help. Love your neighbourhood fund. Trust House Charitable Foundation.

Favourite Funders for existing activities and running costs. Brighthelm Small Community Grant Scheme. Brighton District Nursing Association Trust. Dementia Action Alliance in Brighton and Hove. Sanctuary Housing Grand Ideas Fund. Favourite Funders for specific projects and new activities. Hilden Summer Play Scheme fund.

Taking Minutes - Seeds for Change

Skipton Building Society Grassroots Giving. Sport England Small Grants. Useful research for fundraising. Budgets for community groups. Fundraising from local businesses. Planning a funding application. Fundraising Events and Ideas. Hiring equipment from the Resource Centre. Licensing and regulations for events and fundraising activities. Writing a news release. Reporting to a funder.

Writing a funding application. Designing and using surveys. Free accounts systems to download. Getting outside help with raising money.

Independent examinations of accounts at the Resource Centre. Support with raising money. Looking after your group's money. Charity reporting and accounts. How much money do we have? Managing money at an event. Once you've written the miutes up, make sure they get distributed to everyone who needs a copy as soon as possible. Not only does this encourage a culture of getting things done, but also many people will wait until they see the minutes before they take action. If for some reason you are unable to send out the minutes on time, don't be afraid to ask for help.

Distributing minutes

Decide during the meeting how the minutes will be distributed. Who needs a copy?

How widely do you want to circulate them? Will it be on paper, via email or on the group's website or wiki? You also need to work out a way of storing them in the long-term that is safe and easily accessible - this could be a folder of paper copies or on a web-based archive. Minutes provide lots of info about your group, and individual members.

Some of this info may well be sensitive and should stay within the group e. Corporations and newspapers have all been known to get hold of internal documents and use them to their advantage.

Taylor Hill's 10-Minute Guide to Her Fall Look - Beauty Secrets - Vogue

As a group work out how secure you need to be and what levels of privacy members expect. Agree how openly accessible the minutes will be: Think about what details really need to be written down.