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Daisy threatens them with a gun and impulsively shoots them both; she kills one and wounds the other. The horror of what she has done, along with her fears, begins to take its toll on Daisy. Later, she realises that they have lost their map and compass, and the girls are on the verge of giving up when they see Eddie's pet hawk fly overhead.

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They realise it will lead them home and follow it. Upon arriving home, their elation turns to horror when they discover that the military garrison stationed there has been massacred; the house is ransacked and empty; only Jet, Piper's dog, remains. Eddie is not at the barn where they took shelter either, and although Piper is elated to be home, Daisy breaks down in tears outside. The next day, however, the two hear Jet barking, and Daisy runs out into the woods, where she finds Eddie lying unconscious; he has severe burns, gashes, and his eyes are swollen shut. As she nurses him, a ceasefire is announced, electricity is returned, a new government forms, and the country begins to recover.

However, it becomes clear Eddie suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and is mute.

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  • After he accidentally cuts himself while gardening, Daisy tenderly sucks the blood from his cut, which mimics his actions earlier. She kisses Eddie, hoping he may soon recover. Filming began in June in England and Wales. The site's consensus states: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cowboy Films Passion Pictures.

    Canada [2] United Kingdom [2]. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 19 July Retrieved 28 August Retrieved 4 April Archived from the original on 16 August Retrieved 15 August Retrieved 14 May Retrieved 21 February Retrieved 26 July Retrieved 13 February The New York Times. A certain amount of whining allows for some venting of reasonable pain, disappointment, fear, frustration, or frank rage. However, staying stuck in whining mode can become a life-long problem.

    This is where Dr. Laura steps in with Stop Whining, Start Living to help folks conquer the temptation to retreat from living life to the fullest. As she reveals in her introduction, "No matter what you've suffered or continue to suffer, while you are alive you have the opportunity to get something from this life, and I'm going to do my best to help you with that.

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    I know of what I speak, as this has been my torturous journey also. Laura issues an important message in the no-nonsense but compassionate voice that is her trademark: If you don't like your life, quit talking about your unhappiness and try to fix it, no matter how difficult or impossible your situation seems.

    From Genius to Madness

    While it is healthy to vent occasionally, endless rumination on the negative only keeps you paralyzed in misery, reinforces hopelessness, and demoralizes those around you who feel helpless to bring any happiness into your life. Instead, Stop Whining, Start Living encourages "whiners" to reject negative thoughts, emotions, and attitudes; shift perspective; open up to gratitude and goodness; and embrace obligations to loved ones and the world in general.

    Before long, just doing what you're supposed to be doing—instead of moaning about why you can't or won't or shouldn't fulfill your responsibilities—will have you feeling better about yourself and will uplift your interactions with family, friends, colleagues, and even complete strangers in incredible ways. Illustrated by calls and letters from members of Dr.

    Surviving Life Dramas - How To Stop Whining And Start Living!

    Laura's huge international audience, Stop Whining, Start Living features brave testimonials from real human beings facing real challenges. These folks have benefited enormously from Dr. Stop Whining, Start Living gives readers stuck in their suffering the jump start they need to break out of reactive mode and get proactive, moving in the direction of a joyful, meaningful, happy, fulfilling, and purposeful future. Everyone can use a kick in the pants sometimes, and Dr. Laura, who "preaches, teaches, and nags" to millions every day on her radio program, is here to deliver it!

    Laura Schlessinger , Stewart Vogel.

    Dangerous Liaisons: How to Deal with a Drama Queen

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