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Remember the 1st May the communion in the church of ash sword at his side, was already an intense walk with tight shoes. Time to leave for the county of Estarreja back let friends and acquaintances, I conceal my departure at all with the benefit of leaving a little before the school year the 4th year being offset by a subsequent letter from the teacher who expressed his astonishment at my silence. The 1st job that I remember was the car wash to my father and spending bill now on the typewriter and he paid me.

I remember the 1st rite funeral I attended was my parakeet to this poor guy had been cut the wings He had been playing in the backyard and climbed a medlar tree when I jumped to the ground, trampled the parakeet! Here begin my sequels, even fell asleep crying over losing that animal, I ended up joining a mosaic and there he did the burial. All very well not be a cat the next day go get him! Result of this story ends with a dog who had asked for Christmas gift but was found as a stray at the door of my house, we welcome this "teko" and just being instructed to attack the cat question, just my teko for killing the cat.

I even hit a stone on a lighter out of curiosity and it broke out. In my early working days, divvertia me in the bakery where he worked, who scolded Used to take the newspaper to the bathroom to read and smoked a cigarette or two but at the time not to be caught by my brother and my sister arrived with the fear of throwing the packet out the window in the car. I had an experience with Shadow Wolf: I was lost but found. Protected, but only by choice. Feed your dexterity of solid chemicals and essential water. In the purity of their own "shadow" for adventure dives and had a touchdown, Caricuao.

As the wolf was protected, but by attitude alone, plunged in solitude apparent. Today I write as a wolf Caricuao, face their world and interpret it. Friend does not live independently without their wild nature, but a real newbie charitable life, an embryo in Caricuao where I graduated as a young blood has loyal, honest, above all, a fearless nature, fierce in its essence but fair and respectful of your friend companion and friend. So faithful traveling companion and always interpreted with care complicity and silence. I lived a little to get to know the shadows of Caricuao "streets" and company.

But I saw courage in the wolf and he established link confidant and statutory change as to its freedom. One thing that the wolf had was freedom, he was, lonely, lonely! Shadow Wolf shimmering energy extra-human in their way of being. With his barking imposed on its independence from the wild nature of genes. I decided to share their spiritual cod, wolf alone with the supper, or rather shadow wolf Caricuao that while connected by a single dish free in unison fraternal sharing also their drink. We are alone by choice? We are free to think about how nature shapes us.

It was a present for me this Christmas, Caricuao wolf, but he wild for inborn genetic environment is driven by their chromosomes to the sensation of a pure state free of its own nature. Enigmatic as the way of life but powered home to live and enjoy your lonely side but free of any restriction or imposition. Shadow wolf and I are friends, as it is uncharacteristic act of unconventional coercion of others, we free the hands of mother nature and so what we have grown and induced in infiltram.

When I was younger my grandmother called bushmaster, one day playing football the teko I had jumped what seemed like 30 inches because it was low and fell 2 feet tall, I was running to call my parents when there I got the small pequenois had survived for Christmas were my grandparents home, got into an argument with my parents and even said to my grandmother before she died that dog. I come to the village where I am today Estarreja city and start to attend the 6th year in school Donaciano, here I met my great passion for teen who would mark me throughout my youth.

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I came to be more than 10 minutes standing there looking at my father's mistress, and thought, thought that at least she made a noise would have some problems. Until I had to put makeup on output due to the usual Sunday marks on his face. At this school with just two negatives, one mathematics to other crafts, I had never realized that was so bad in the crafts.

Naturally embraced by society and their customs in early to play football to finish this career in as an athlete's sports club in Estarreja, as I started practicing football as tip-coming striker to score a goal in three of my long career, but it was a training game against Ovarense. Then as he grew up going backwards in the position of center forward, I traveled to far-left, then to right middle, then the average center to get protection in central and libero positions.

It was known at the end of my career as an athlete of an anti-fair play evident, even from registering the 2nd goal scored in the day that I ask the coach to be the team captain and play center midfield in that game scored a goal I made a difference and the distance traveled through the field to the opposing goal by making a "panties" to the goalkeeper. Meant to take pins to football games in order to make the plays in the field.

What hurt me most was the Portuguese, and it was the first one on my schooling.

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I decided to return to school had made advances, whose grade 5. Punctured low-density floppy disks for double the capacity of those he did it with a manual drill, came to go to school to advance in Estarreja "bicycle, even purposely go after ovar, stealing candy and gum to the hypermarket. The best game I've done throughout my career was after a direct and was against the seaside club until the van came to fetch me home. I put a fly in a butter sandwich with a friend called "minette", the first porno I saw amazed me, a woman had dick and tits at the same time something that made him think, another era of snakes and eels, scenes from my father Among the trips Estarreja and advances of the pass had to make but cp as tobacco addiction is beginning to aggravate, rather than buying the pass I was already a stage only to hitchhiking to get change for tobacco and went to the bakery to eat half regueifa drink a liter of beer at half with colleagues.

In my grandfather's house shot from an airgun and lead it backfired and nearly hit me and I heard the hum of the projectile. Once I went to a birthday party, already with the mania of drugs burned a black gum and was doing in their own party after believing that it was hashish. Before going to train my friends called the house and stole bottles of champagne and drank to my father before training came several times to be expelled. One day one of these friends got drunk that such had to be hospitalized.

His father came to call my doing queixa. I accomplished a great workout and that was when I put the train on the same selection Aveiro and got a placement. On 11 - selecting sub would have a meeting in which they faced the choice of the selection of Aveiro Leiria ending the season , was here in this game that I had my chance and went in the second part as reported by the Daily Aveiro, Tuesday, July 14, - Aveiro, 2 - Leiria, a "game in the field of sports complex s.

Unlike the first part where the leirienses dominated, aveiro proceeded to take account of the game and exploring the best defense of the adversary, gave a "face" of the result. He reached the goal of the tie, by filipe Moorish arch who shot to the back of the goal. She told a friend who was in military school, I got to get inside a classroom in support of French with a toilet seat on his head saying he was lord toilet, had no courage to face the eyes of my father until the first hospitalization, chewed herbs before entering the house after football practice first and last time he took punches, threw in a training started, "I took one and assaulted him and told him to wait for me outside it still took more, and he waited The blue ray blue ray invades infuriated me be resplendent with energy that flows into the pores of dirty prejudice and intolerance that this blue ray will hit.

The light produced by all beings curls in a shameless tricks are not difficult to convoluted artificialities innocuous. This laser light is invisible so pervasive and penetrates to the unseen and undetected. It is a light seer and teacher assumptions and crossroads outside the seer himself. Penetrating the idle time is enthusiastic and is distributed by the lights and exciting in brain electrical stimulation wandering.


Intensifies in body mass and paralyzing hiptonizadora as one will set in rhyming gibberish. These lights come in the attic any head-end engineering. Memories are those that illuminate the mind to always open or closed in trunks Fetched from VHS tapes and having no money to pay the rent on time spreading and increasing Adiva rarely slept thinking about what it should.

I even have the tapes months to accumulate. In I began to want to take my money and decided to go to work after a call to a game room. At the time he was 15 years old and had already seen a lot of authority that held the order of space and prohibiting those under 16 from entering. Came the first contact with hashish and that has proved to be the ultimate consumption over the next 17 years. In this environment I came into contact with other realities, but always refused and denied the use of heroin and cocaine, making it know that I did throughout my life was not with the intent or purpose or I may have been "mined" but never consumed.

Generator, generator or generator love love what fuels this carnal desire not virtual, and this emotional link kissing transparent and thirsty for something vital to the development of energy ties emotive and trams. This generator feeds egos and personalities with hidden faces daily as the representation takes on the breakfast or dinner, or water that feeds the energy of the day to day.

Without masks or agonizing thoughts, enquadramo us in reality the power of love or love the energy of electric and sharp glares and representative of love and loneliness that lives fueled by a cable that never shuts down, an energy incorruptible, but true, always! Always thirsty electrifying look of desire and some patience invented by the monotony of days and oblique face that nothing in this account through electrical wires are loose. Adventure up the imagination of the motor and innate realities but cleared of choking with instant contact. Contact indispensable to life motor, motor, that the consensus reality of being and not being there, but oblivious to other realities almost imperceptible to the conscious desire, but there it is!

There is always this sense of opportunity in the immediate future, so the media can not be watery, if not slide in the thoughts of love generator means and resources available and how to love and generator is always on the lookout for other means not virtual and controlled this very being of condescend, then it can not divest themselves of the pleasure it generates, and proliferates in these ever-present faces of the piece of soul you always wanted to stifle.

Because you can not sell any piece, as energy is one and multicultural in its sense of satisfaction, satisfaction, developing several realities, because we are imaginary and virtual, only the presence of others or on the mirror to hide the new energy regulator in the spirit of neutrons, that those are the real animals of light. Dragons lights can light up, and this current that runs through us and revitalize daily give us strength and mimicry of gleaming errant beings, yes! Errant because it can stand the force of light or convalescent sick and oppression that affront to reality dualistic and oppressive.

Do not weigh upon this stream of negative poles who infiltrate deep pain and reducing the subconscious personality negativistic criticism, but the feed yourself positive and transcendent reality of chemical and chemical anti circuit feeds the spirit of innovation and achievement, this realization that is not transferable as feeders frantic race towards any pleasure, but that draws the mind to the waves of thought and this transmission.

The transmission of thoughts is real and develops circuits and nobody can deny that these circuits have current spreads in the air of timeless sensations and pleasures oppressed because we are all starting to beta-blockers, but external stimuli that enhance our thirst for living. These pulses therefore affect our reasoning and sometimes conflicts occur or develop in thought, but that can bring happiness, that the excitation of protons will lead to external reality.

Blue light triggered strong emotions blue light that goes through bridges and ladders and infiltrating the feelings of power that feeds on developing this potential with its witty host beam where ultra sensitive to the beauty of friendship eloquent transparency of wishing for something "blue" stronger, more intense, and develops in us constellations with feeling and profound ramifications of being alienated in this wave Hertzian. This power affects oblique minds bereft of feeling of living, turquoise affecting deep and lasting friendship, he carries in itself magical beams of madness and delight lovers of rare beauty and invigorating.

Twilight of the intensity in the filaments, it develops and transmits energy and warm protective evils and pleasures with agony and silence, there is not a mask that eludes us and alludes to the abstract thought, but rather a strong light and intensifying pleasure real and imaginary, but it affects and who it affects always be transported and run out of bounds for the intrinsic and lasting friendship.

She falls in love and almost bereft of reason but which serves food to the excitement, come and bring pleasure and delight of lust, that pleasure is all calories and invades a frenzy of excitement this primary color that lies down and rolls clasp the accumulation of energies which were empty over time but that does not disappear in the future present, that is always present, protective, does not allow us to evolve the level of uncontrollable pleasure brilliant. In I started learning electrician and along comes a nickname as I still am known by some as the "Faiska" because it got a shock on a loose thread and in the end there was no electrical power.

I went to the night and on the first trip to the disco eclipse in , I became the "catch-cups" I still remember that day you have made a breathalyser test and the result before you start to office was over 2. This night was fantastic, I just grabbed all the bottles of the club and be carried by one of the managers at home with his head out, and there left me at home, was a marvel, this summer of last year's eclipse as a bartender get to the final shot'sea replace bartenders doing the middle of the night who have not stand.

Physics and sport it also was due to my bad behavior, I even have a medical certificate at the time of swim practice meant an allergic reaction to chlorine, but what I did not know how to swim! He had a football team that was called "les bufons" or peidolas and they got the funds in the commercial angrariar Estarreja. With the drinking made me go through the pj in Aveiro with another friend, was global stage before the tests in the secondary where submarines' mixture of beer and cake became in jest.

In the journey of the finalists in Bayou exit super market with the affection born of beers which led him to an apartment where we met We said flat bottom of the empty bottles. On the occasion of the birthday of my girlfriend at the time I got drunk furadouro so I just fell asleep at the table I had only been agreed soup and when I vomited at the dinner table after they gave me a ride home and I wanted to be a party and not at home. I jumped out the window of a classroom and walked through the door saying he had gone to the bathroom the teacher who was the class director said he would tell my parents and I prayed that he had problems at home.

He made friends with the tri-turbos or joints of three filters. Provoking situations of bullying influence the group "back" of the school were those who nicknamed eta. Meetings promoted to 4 and 5 people in the city of ovar at lunchtime, real attacks on freedom of expression and guests who gathered with my best ally nuno coagiamos groups in gender usual. Declaration hall Estarreja, I'm copying: The waiting and he rode well wishing, wanting jumping, skipping and smoking was walking without travel destination Anxiety, varies with age although it is always live so very anxious waiting for something, you always want something, all in the stands as we will own involuntariamente.

We aim to promote cultural and recreational activities in order to dignify this school, it badly needs to assert itself both internally and externally. To achieve this goal we suggest: For other projects, the executive board Buy billiard table football and gets half of that cost 20 shields each game. On the day of inauguration and I quote: Participated in two lists, a and b whose representatives are listed in the application process, noting that the act took place within the normal range.

Vista da esplanada. - Picture of Restaurante A Fateixa, Vila Nova de Milfontes

Following the closing of the polls, where students voted, we proceeded to count the votos. After this presentation there is no surplus. It should also be noted that the previous association has in its heritage a desk, a metal cabinet, a chair, a bench and two games of chess incomplete. And nothing else to add closed session from which these minutes were drawn after that deal will be signed and approved by members presentes. At the end of to psp ovar open inquiry and police investigation is reportedly the anonymous complaint of child I was mayor of Estarreja and was the head of a trafficking network.

He had just finished smoking a joint when I entered the premises of the cops, I denied it consumed and had tried and had not liked it since then had no more contact or information on my interrogation at the police station that ovar. This year on prom fall suspicions and allegations of non-payment of that dinner, something immoral because it was paid in the following days with 1 Working from my best friend at the time, the list has applied the following year she was afraid that we do not we paid for dinner, something that was made, rumors.

In January I am invited to a week of education, brought memories of his exa. Jorge Sampaio President of the republic which has provided a picture with the dedication "to the group of Aveiro, in particular in e Joseph Macedo fragateiro the school with a friendly hug "Education Week January 24, - President of the Republic, had lunch standing in the museum where the electricity greeted the President.

That same year, comes the opportunity to work at a nightclub in pildrinha furadouro, there as a bartender entertained guests with bottles and juggling tricks, they do remember the movie "cocktail" was a night I blotted and all had the feeling that the club had burned up believing it even after when I am awake all smudged the underwear shoot through the window, fall upon an umbrella of a cafe, days after the mother is a friend of mine to return the already washed underwear saying that maybe had fallen from above. It was common to drink two bottles of absinthe a golden strike along with my partner.

Until I'm at a party to serve a customer in front of the boss and start to fill the glasses spreading the liquid around the counter and was immediately fired. In short he was a manager of a client and I served them two shots are throwing everything he told me Get out here and today more than ever talked to this man.

I attended a wedding of my brother's best friend, I smoked weed in the bathroom and I got drunk so much that I put on the table and made a shoe phone. The night always accompanied by glasses and consuming hashish used to write the formula of Einstein on the cover of the school monho bar - bartender was here a few months to serve cups.

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Realized a final party of 2nd period, as usual rival nightclub phoenix he struck people, at the first party of people monho hit against almost other people at the party rival, was a success. After the party took all the elements of the association by paying out to dinner the owner of monho not giving this dinner, no more money for the party. This year I started my employee discount as the philips factory worker where I worked two months with almost two weeks of absences. It was the first and only experience with these substances. At the disco Dacascos public relations and security when they picked me for one more day at work told me that I the day before with my juggling bottles and had hit on the head of a client who had gone to the hospital exiting news in the newspaper after all it was all a lie and I had believed.

For a delay of 3 hours I was with a girlfriend and I get there pick up cups and replaced by fired on the spot. Mando all customers leave the pub before midnight and ended up closing the bar and the New Year.

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I go to the bar ovar stones where I am assaulted by advertising within the establishment to another event, lodged a complaint with the police and they go to a bar where they are told that walked ashtrays from inside, pure lie. I even go to the prosecutor but did not give sequence to the case for lack of witnesses. Viscount Salreu Estarreja rode a program in which: In the middle of the party and in order for me to go home to dress for the party and my friends show up, put away all the customers of the bar that night where he was porter at the end of the year.

In my thoughts I question the order of the alphabet and come to think that the ab or abba were very forward thinking to create a security system for men type blink or touch and feel each other and walking speed in all to see who was ill or suffering and help. I watch television and I think the footnotes contain messages to my mind I see the channel ftv and I think that day will receive the Nobel Prize.

Estarreja ran as an act of ultimate freedom to near the river and think of climbing the trees, using meth body in the river and I think I am a genius and that Mr.. President of the republic is to watch me, I have contacts with the cows that were grazing and try to communicate to them my thoughts. I think they are stealing the ideas and I want to do bad things start to feel weird, to isolate myself, doing things like turning the whole room, reading books on psychology to realize what was happening to me, I started delirium, delusions of persecution, or who was being monitored and controlled either by television or the newspapers of the day, come to think that my father would buy me a bar, and that was the world's largest, was only taking the odd things my parents to be seriously concerned, this general hubbub gnr someone calls and firefighters still transport me to the hospital which ran adrift hours walking until I found the military gnr which I say: Driven by firefighters strapped to a gurney after the conversation I'm thinking I'll take an injection and I will have with the girls after talks with the chief of psychiatry, but only took the injection When I wake up I'm in a room of the psychiatric ward!?

Flee, I took a taxi and went to the Coimbatore Estarreja where he said the taxi driver to wait and went to tell my mother The next day I had to take a tablet sent by psychiatrists not knowing it was purposeful to feel bad, asking to take me to the hospital, stayed over 20 days under the regime of physical restraint that is tied with a belt to bed! At the hospital in Coimbatore received the first number of very interesting in which he was the man to turn over the papers and the name sparks.

He participated in football tournament held in psychiatric service - men HUC February 11, in Coimbatore am approached by the chief psychiatrist who smoked gray to me and put a plastic cup and deceived me saying he would succeed, women and travel, when the nurse comes in late and I thought to myself going to take me to some party and will be ftv sex only when the end was a shot that took the next day when I wake I find myself in a room I know where it came from, I left the confines of Hospital going towards the passing cars and houses illuminated contained movement that is where the police were thinking that interact with me, I ended up being taken home by a man who went by car and saw me in my pajamas, and asked him to let go that would give the disclaimer to sign, a fact ignored by the entire medical team even though I am of legal age.

The output from there is compared to an earthquake in social life, being weakened in the next few years, I have fears such as: I do not sleep because I do not want to sleep but living here is a hurdle that keeps me awake I face it with sleeplessness. Ipj statement, he served as animator of information, a scholarship of 01 March to February 5, went to schools advertising for healthy behaviors for youth. I begin to see online pornography and have contact with chats.

I went to Tenerife in the last days alone start thinking about the woman of my life and write three postcards with the name Rachel s. I got the notes of the 11 Portuguese, 15 in English, the French 15, 17 to interdisciplinary area, 18 to 18 to computer science and philosophy, copying in the examinations thereby obtaining approval for the course. Demonstrated throughout this period great capacity to learn, unusual dedication and sense of responsibility. We applaud their willingness and their relationship with us. Had disciplinary proceedings for assault on fellow bar because it made me feel lessened because he knew that he had been hospitalized in psychiatry.

Paticipei staff in Estarreja Carnival - Carnival or nothing! Declaration of ovar town hall - a division of culture, heritage and library. States that he served in administrative assistant in the regime of fixed-term contract, between August 6, to May 30, , the services of public attendance at the public library of the museum and ovar Julio Dinis - a house Ovarense "which he did with great sense of responsibility and commitment" documents had disappeared from the library and did the recording of "hopeless cases" - gnr hospital between Leiria Leiria and the battle there is a complaint by radio from a trucker who was going to disrupt traffic , bt is called to the scene to tow the car after say there is no penalty, call for reinforcements and take me to the hospital handcuffed to Leiria.

I even roll my room and thinking that had cameras filming me and I was being watched by spies. In Leiria think interpol rode to work with me since I put 5. In those days I thought it was Russian spies under the car. I think I'm magical and I'm controlling the car with the mind and brain of the car glued to the machine at a constant speed which makes me venture to the road in his underwear with a bouncing ball to venture me that ball was thrown Caldas da Rainha and hit the ground in front of the court and went to his roof.

I am challenged by the brigade's command gnr b5 considered regions of Coimbra and Aveiro beginning to have ideas of persecution and newspapers in the lap car being towed by order of bt leiria. Liscont Statement - operators of container, with the category of worker practicing in the administrative area. During moments lay me in the bathroom Liscont, I had two months without smoking hashish and when I hurt my head off the problems started with an early departure Liscont deep love, the love was felt also been forgotten in the bottom half lived and lost sorry.

Traveled under the clouds flew under the heavens was the planets Mars and Jupiter in on Mars, I decided to love you and wanted to Jupiter 've my being here, flying from planet to planet pen was no power, there was energy, joy was something that conveyed the love-shaped flower. Had the force of the sun, moved like sunflower, had willingly in constant search of something burning was a dream, an accomplishment, a goal, all with passion, without size was great, amazing last very loving. I looked out the window on the horizon I noticed his eyes looked across the hill I saw your star, was brilliant sparkling lifted my gaze I saw the moon was mine and yours was a landscape, a journey via you to travel over land and under the sea, followed up winning We traveled over land and under the sea was only the luar.

I'm missing you and is wanting to have you here, you want the meeting to love you, always thinking of you and feel your presence, and I miss being there without you, think, want, feel you and love you without see you, wish you with all 5 senses: A reminder for you that I suffered, felt, loved, lived, never loved another I kissed in thee, I saw, I got the love that you are always remember.

I was 4 months without smoking joints before joining, then smoked and it hurt my head was the beginning of the intrigue with his boss and ended up in sick and go seek employment. Faculty of Letters slept in classrooms and smoked my joints. Town Hall Library lisbon orlando Brook frightened by contact with the latest create the phobia of doing business with them, worked one month saying good-bye. Following want to clarify some issues with the technique above, I say I quit and present sick - I sent a letter to the President of isel with the discrimination of particular facts can not go into the bathroom and leave cheese in the toaster, got out..

Wrote lives dissatisfaction with satisfaction on a postcard of the ctt and sent myself to receive it. Sending a letter to the President of the Republic of realizing my last 8 years. The highlights just a moment, a moment that your thoughts come, probably not all exist only as virtuous image but in terms of appearance or a state, the brain does not die when they cease all physical existence, and suddenly everything fades or may lead.

I heard voices saying that the command to kill myself, moments before had told my wife it was a "hacker" who had the profession, wrote a paper saying that I always loved the supermarket to buy two bottles of bitter almonds and drank it all together with multiple tablets. My wife when he entered and found himself hugging with that situation called for firefighters inem arrived shortly after and gave me olive oil when I'm in a diaper according to the hospital.

If evaporated to me if my soul, nothing left but rubble secret, outside the fantasy. In a subversion emerged, floats to idle a moment longer, particularly. The absence, if I played and see your world, would be unclean, without a touch of sensitivity change, at least believe that anyone beyond my reality.

My sadness is simple as all the happiness attainable and unattainable. By magic, without irony in a day you say, sounds and feels to me like you look at me and see who I am not and never felt that much pain, wanting nothing more, dying for you by me for you I wrote that I suffered for so and never died and you'll never feel lost only to yourself in a fiery match the pain that burns in me when everything closes burn. Never took you out, in fact I would say that you suffer because you never left you and know that I loved you and always love you. It is treated in the hospital and curry cabral where he was in "coma" and is awake and sees only a diaper, can not remember the conversation with the psychiatrist who however gives me release order after signing the waiver.

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Give me a kiss hidden, as those who robbed one another when the desire grew gives me a kiss, soft, of those, you know. Gentle and sweet to know you. I give you a kiss from me. With all due respect, allow you to you and me! What do you think of me and I of you? I am grateful to him for me to have read, understood perhaps! Turning to some of the considerations I have already taken their already read at least eloquent elationships unwrapped this cool since the time the midnight mass or game cock that is the terrible question!? A locadora foi a Alamo.

Conversei com uma atendente da Alamo pelo facebook, enviei o numero do vouch e ela confirmou estar em meu nome com todas as taxas inclusas Valeu pelas dicas gobbato! Pode ir tranquilo, por conta disso aqui: There may be charges for additional drivers including the spouse. Vandalism is not covered. This protection is optional if customer is paying with a credit card that extends coverage options to Mexico.

All credit cards are subject to verification and acceptance at the rental counter. If credit card coverage cannot be verified and accepted, the customer will be required to purchase our basic protection, which includes basic liability insurance PLI and loss damage waiver LDW. Customer will be responsible for the full value of the rental vehicle. This optional coverage will allow the renter to have zero responsibility for the vehicle. It includes tires, glass, rims, and other incidentals not covered by the LDW.

Personal Liability Insurance is "Mandatory" unless the customer can provide written evidence of liability coverage that is accepted in Mexico. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Available for download now. Available to ship in days. Terras da Irmandade Portuguese Edition Dec 31, A Quantum Diet May 06, Imagens Escritas Portuguese Edition May 03, Ensaio Portuguese Edition Feb 19, Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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