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There are some humorous character names at Hogwarts. Can you think of any other examples? While choosing his wand at Ollivanders, Harry finds out that the wand right for him shares a special connection to the wand stold to Voldemort. What do you think this connection symbolizes? The story is told through Harry's view, except for the first chapter which is told through Mr. Dursley's point of view.

Why does the author choose to tell us the story with Dursley's thoughts and reactions instead of a third-person story? What does it add to the story? The Mirror of Erised shows the most desperate desire of our hearts. Professor Dumbledore told Harry that if he stood in front of the mirror, he would see himself holding a thair of thick, woolen socks. What would you see? Although he knows he is disobeying an order from a teacher, Harry takes flight on a broomstick during an afternoon class. However, instead of being punished, he is named Gryffindor's Seeker on the Quidditch team.

Name other instances when Harry broke the rules but was not punished. What lessons does each character really teach Harry? If you were making a flow chart of how the characters related to one another for both the Dark Lord and his forces, and Harry Potter and his forces, how would the characters line up? Is Voldemort opposite Dumbledore or Potter? If Barty Crouch, Jr. Which characters from The Goblet of Fire do you think will become increasingly important in the remaining books? Harry and Voldemort provide the major conflict good against evil in each story.

Compare their two characters and discuss how their differences provide the conflict for the novels.

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Consider each of the following instances:. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself" p. Explain what he means. Why does naming something make it less intimidating? In The Sorcerer's Stone , Harry disregards a direct order from one of the teachers at Hogwarts School and takes off on a broom.

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This infraction is normally cause for expulsion from the school. However, in Harry's case, it brings him the honor of being chosen as the "Seeker" for his Quidditch team. Can you find other instances throughout all the books where Harry's actions lead to quite opposite results from what is expected? Is Harry above the rules, or just lucky, or is there another explanation?

In The Sorcerer's Stone , readers learn that this stone is "a legendary substance with astonishing powers. The stone will transform any metal into pure gold. It also produces the Elixir of Life, which will make the drinker immortal. Are we surprised to discover that this fountain of youth and source of great wealth causes problems? Discuss other stories that have addressed the quest for immortality, such as Tuck Everlasting. Ultimately, this stone feeds the greedy.

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What other fantasies explore the consequences of greed? In The Chamber of Secrets , we discover that Slytherin had wanted Hogwarts to be a school only for full bloods, with no mudbloods admitted. His prejudice against anyone different from himself creates all sorts of problems. How does this attitude compare with real prejudices people have had throughout history, for example against people of "mixed blood" regarded as inferior? In The Prisoner of Azkaban , Lupin tells Harry that "James would have been highly disappointed if his son had never found any of the secret passages out of the castle" pp.

Why would James want Harry to do anything other than follow all the rules? In The Prisoner of Azkaban , Sirius Black is imprisoned for twelve years in Azkaban, and Pettigrew is imprisoned for the same amount of time in the body of a rat. Which character was more truly the prisoner? How does the game of Quidditch represent Harry's life at Hogwarts? Consider the position he plays on the team — "Seeker.

Much of what makes the Harry Potter books delightful reads are the plays with language. Using a dictionary if necessary, find out what the following names mean, and discuss why they're good names for the characters they represent. In each Harry Potter book readers can find comparisons to traditional fairy tales, myths, or legends. For instance, the dog Fluffy which guards the trapdoor at Hogwarts School resembles Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the underworld of Greek mythology.

Harry could be compared to King Arthur — both are orphaned boys who are raised by foster parents, and each is unaware of his true background but slowly begins to understand it. In The Goblet of Fire , Harry must complete three tasks. What other mythological characters face difficult tasks? Malfoy, the Veela Goblet of Fire , p. In The Goblet of Fire , Hogwarts students discover that items have been banned from the school that year p.

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Speculate on why Rowling would include such a comment about banned items in this book. Would Harry have succeeded at the tasks he faced in The Goblet of Fire without outside assistance? If not, what does this reveal about Harry's greatest strength? In The Goblet of Fire , mask-wearing wizards torment the muggles: Harry squinted at them They didn't seem to have faces Then he realized that their heads were hooded and their faces masked" p. Compare this moment of torment to other times when groups of people have worn hoods and masks to cover their identities.

What does the masking of a face tell us about the nature of evil? An important message throughout all the Potter books has to do with respect for differences and those who are different. By The Goblet of Fire , we see that, for some, a caste system is well-established: Wizards and witches are better than muggles and mudbloods; giants are outcasts; and house-elves are considered as sub-human. How do you suppose this caste system will play itself out in the remaining books?

Next, consider Dumbledore's admonition that "Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open" p. Which characters would agree with him? In The Goblet of Fire , we learn that when Voldemort killed Harry's parents, Harry survived the attack due to his mother's loving sacrifice. Voldemort explains that "His mother died in the attempt to save him — and unwittingly provided him with a protection I admit I had not foreseen I could not touch the boy" p. As a result of surviving that attack Harry is labeled a great wizard, but has Harry truly earned that title?

To what extent would you say that Harry is not so much "great" as lucky? In all that Harry does, how much is he acting of his own free will, and how much is he simply living out what from his birth has been his destiny? Although it may seem that Harry is pre-ordained to be a great wizard see previous question , clearly he also acts of his own free will and at times makes difficult choices. Locate the times when Harry made critical choices and, in each case, discuss what would have happened if Harry had made different choices.

Here's a partial dictionary of charms that Harry and his friends used. Explain why each is a good name for the charm:. Consider Harry and Voldemort and rate each on the following continuum. Which qualities most separate these two characters?

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Compare Harry to Dumbledore. If you rate them at similar points, discuss what makes Harry the hero instead of Dumbledore?

Do the same with Harry and Hermione and Harry and Cedric. Millions of readers of all ages enjoy the Harry Potter books. Rowling must be writing in a way that appeals to lots of people — from children to adults. What do you enjoy most about her writing?

Consider the following elements as you discuss your answer:. By the fourth book, Rowling has answered some important questions, including why Harry returns each summer to the Dursleys, as explained when Voldemort says "Dumbledore invoked an ancient magic, to ensure the boy's protection as long as he is in his relations' care. Not even I can touch him there" p. What other questions are answered in The Goblet of Fire? What questions do you still wonder about? The Goblet of Fire , the halfway book in the series, leaves readers anticipating the conflict that will surely erupt between the Dark Lord and his forces and those who would oppose him.

At the end of the book, Dumbledore begins to rally those who would fight against Voldemort, telling the students at Hogwarts to "Remember Cedric. Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy With that statement, Dumbledore appears to be saying that what is right and what is easy are not the same. Do you agree with this? Think of examples from your own life where making the right choice was difficult. The last chapter of the fourth book is titled "The Beginning.

The last line of this book is "As Hagrid had said, what would come, would come What do you anticipate Harry and his friends will have to meet next? Understanding and Creating Middle School Readers. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, and incorporate the series into your classroom with these resources. List Name Delete from selected List.

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Save Create a List. The Teacher Store Cart. About the Books Wizards and Hogwarts! Theme While the fun of fantasy might be its otherworldliness, its power lies is the truths it reveals about the real world.