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Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item? Appianus, the historian and friend of F, letter from F. Aridelus, a freedman of M. Ariston, a Stoic philosopher of Chios about B. Aristophanes, the comic poet, the word vivos quoted from a lost comedy? Armenia, subjugation of, II.

Artaxata, capital of Armenia, taken by Statius Priscus Capit. Athenodotus, a philosopher and teacher of Fronto, I. Athens, city of Minerva, I. Attica, men of Attica and their thyme of Hymettus, I. Bacchus, defender cognitor of dithyrambs, II. Baiae, a resort on the coast of Campania, Marcus there, I. Junius, the murderer of Caesar, his book De Virtute?

Caecilius Statius, predecessor of Terence in Comedy, quoted by M. Caelius or Coelius Antipater, L. Caesar, a title of the Emperor designate e. Marcus Caesar but also used of the reigning emperor e. Caesar, Gaius Julius, foe and lover of Cleopatra, u. Calamis, a Greek statuary, his statues "softer" than those of Canachus Cic. Yet Calamis made colossal statues of gods.

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Licinius Macer, orator and poet, born 82 B. Canachus, a Sicyonian statuary of the fifth century B. Capitolinus, Julius, in his life of Marcus seems to draw from Fr. Carrhae in Mesopotamia, defeat of Crassus at in 52 B. Carthage, speech of thanks for restoration of, II. Catiline, Sallust's and Cicero's description of, II. Porcius, called the Censor, on Galba's acquittal, I. Charisius, a grammarian about A. Tullius sometimes called Tullius and his epistolary style Tullianus ; speech for P.

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Pro Lege Manilla sent to M. Cilicia, friends of Fr. Cirta, in Numidia F. Festus patrons of, I. Claudius Quadrigarius, a Roman. Clitomachus, a Carthaginian philosopher, disciple of Carneades, second century B. Coelius or Caelius L.

Caelius Rufu3 of Cicero's time. Commodus, succesor of M. Cornelianus Sulpicius, overseer of Greek affairs, and amanuensis under M. Demosthenes, as type of supreme excellence, I. Demostratus Petilianus, advocate against Herodes, Fr. Diodorus Cronus, a captious dialectic philosopher, fourth century B. Diogenes, the Cynic Philosopher, his brutality, I.

Dionysius Tenuior , a rhetor and Fr. Dionysius, a painter of Colophon about B. Dis Pater, Hadrian compared to I. Ill; refuses to preside over Sleep, II. Domitian, the Emperor, his villa at Albanum, I.

The Correspondence of Marcus Cornelius Fronto/Volume 2/Indexes

Ennius, Quintus, born , the father of Roman literature, called Quintus. Epictetus, the philosopher, called incuriosus , II. Euphrates, river crossed by Trajan, II. Fadilla, daughter of M. Faustina maior, wife of Pius, perhaps mentioned by Fr. Faustina minor, wife of M , probably mentioned by Pius, I. Favorinus, a contemporary philosopher of Aries, oratorical?

Festus, Postumius, a contemporary grammarian, to be patron of Cirta, I. Fortuna, the goddess, I. Cornelius, orator huius saeculi, I. De Differentia Vocabulorum, I. Senex called from Mauretania, ibid. Speech Pro Demostrato, II. Ill, , f. Ill; speeches on behalf of Saenius Pompeianus, I. Letters to Pius, Marcus, and Gav. Avitus for Montanus, I.

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Repentinus for Fabianus, I. Severus for Cornel ianus, I. Julianus for Faustinianus, I. Mamertinus for Sardius Lupus, II. Kiss of salutation to M. Pains in arm, I. Sulpicius, the first great Roman orator, his speeches taken by M. Gratia maior Kparrta, i. Hadrian, the Emperor, praised but not loved by F. Ill; character of, II. Herodes Atticus, the famous Athenian rhetor, brought up with P.

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Hesiod, became a poet in sleep, I. Homer, Calliope instructress of, II. Horace memorabilia poela, I. Julianus Naucellius, Claudius, letter of F. Jupiter, tricked by Juno Hom. Laberius, Decimus, writer of mimes, first century B. Laevius, a little known poet probably of first century B. Lucilius, the first great satirist of Rome, born B. Lucilla, Domitia, mother of M. Lucilla, Annia, daughter of M. Lucretius, uses chosen words, I.

See also Hertz, Renaissance und Rococo, note Must dig deep for words, I. Reading in old literature, I. Ill; God of war, II. Martius Verus, general in Parthian war, to draw up memoranda of the war, II.

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Matidia, great aunt of Marcus, M. Maximum, Junius, letter of F. Minerva, Goddess of Athens, I.

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  • Muses, meet Hesiod, I. Naevius, writer of plays and satires in the old Saturn ian metre, and an epic on the Punic War, in which he served, uses chosen words, I.