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What is a wife to do? Pray thru the week, pray hard and with determination.

There is only one answer, the same answer for each of these situations my friends—PRAY. Talking back, fussing, telling him where he went wrong will do no good. Your nerves are shot, but you are there to help in any way you can.

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What do you do? For you see, if Satan is up to that much mischief, God is up to something bigger! I saw that happen just a few months ago.

Nothing was needed from the under shepherd. That car ride home will be different for God is bigger than anything Satan can throw at you. For one member of the clan the migration will be a new experience.

Alan Shepard

The Georgian shepherd is a tough, ancient dog breed that helps keep the sheep in formation and protects them from wolves. The dogs are bred to be the same color and size as the sheep they protect. It's impossible to spot the dogs from a distance, meaning the wolf packs that stalk the migrating sheep must treat all flocks with caution. At the base of the pass the men pause for lunch -- a bag of salty sheep cheese, bread, a tin of stewed fish….

The shepherds down three shots each. Every swill is accompanied by a toast -- to the mountains, guests, and to a friend who died recently on the road they're about to take. Immediately after lunch the climb begins. The road over the Abano Pass is regarded as one of the most dangerous on Earth. A truck passes carrying the wreckage of a vehicle that toppled off the road.

Shepherd’s Wife (Part 3)

According to group leader Gigoidze, the driver of the vehicle was the dead friend honored with the lunchtime toast. Gigoidze watches for stragglers at the back of the flock. As the sheep climb, the rain turns to sleet, and then snow. Around 85 percent of each flock is female. The Tusheti sheep are known for their resilience and rich, buttery meat.

Their fleece is too coarse to be sold and is usually burned after shearing. The breed boasts a wobbly lump of fat above the hind legs that serves as a kind of emergency energy reserve. A buffeting wind tugs at the flock as it crests the pass. With no shelter to be had, the sheep push ahead. The animals need to get to the relative warmth of the lower altitudes as quickly as possible. On the other side of the pass the men turn off the serpentine road and direct the flock straight down the mountainside.

Shepherd’s Wife (Part 3) » Barry Rowland & Deliverance

Little Georgik is exhausted, and yelps in fright at some of the steeper sections of the mountain. The men help carry him over the rougher sections of the path. The flock rejoins the road, but only for a short time. It's a race against darkness to descend from the freezing heights of the mountains. As the sheep cross below the timberline they plunge straight down slopes that look impossibly steep.

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