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From acclaimed author Alyssa Cole comes the tale of a city Cinderella and her Prince Charming in disguise. For more information contact Betty Kidd at A story of how the past affects the present, and of deeply entrenched racism, Sing Unburied Sing describes the life of a biracial boy, his addicted, grieving black mother, and his incarcerated white father.

Eleanor Oliphant -- despite her social isolation and the rules she sets to survive weekends -- insists that she is just fine. But is she really? This month's topic of discussion is Eve by William Paul Young. When a shipping container with a broken young woman washes up on his island between worlds, John the Collector oversees the woman's recovery and discovers her genetic importance. This month's topic of discussion is Never Caught: For more information, please call Cassandra at or email heartandsoulbookclub gmail. Topic of discussion is The Strange Case of dr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

This month's topic of discussion is Y is for Yesterday by Sue Grafton. A penultimate installment in the best-selling series follows the release of a young rapist who Kinsey Millhone carefully monitors in the wake of a vengeful sociopath's determination to exact revenge. By , Charlotte "Charlie" St. Clair is desperate to find out what happened to her cousin Rose, who disappeared in Nazi-occupied France during the war.

With her college career on hold due to an unplanned pregnancy, Charlie pursues her only lead: This month's topic of discussion is Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. The world of Olive Kitteridge, a retired school teacher in a small coastal town in Maine, is revealed in stories that explore her diverse roles in many lives, including a lounge singer haunted by a past love, her stoic husband, and her own resentful son. This month's topic of discussion is Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue. Call it a recession novel, or an immigrant tale -- both are true.

In , Manhattan-based Cameroonian immigrant Jende Jonga gets a job chauffeuring for Lehman Brothers executive Clark Edwards, easing the financial strain on his family. Topic of discussion is Anne of Green Gables by L. England is at war. As Evie Elliott watches her brother, Will, and his best friend, Thomas Harding, depart for the front, she believes—as everyone does—that it will be over by Christmas, when the trio plan to celebrate the holiday among the romantic cafes of Paris.

But as history tells us, it all happened so differently. This month's topic of discussion is Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina by Misty Copeland. This month's topic of discussion is Watership Down by Richard Adams. In a constant struggle against oppression, a group of rabbits search for peaceful co-existence. Chronicles the adventures of a group of rabbits searching for a safe place to establish a new warren where they can live in peace.

All Years Thursday September 20, For more information, please call Betty Fowler at or Tell a Friend Remind Me. Monday September 24, Classics Revisited - Book Club. Saturday September 29, Out of This World Book Club.

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To participate in the group chat, download the Skype app and set up an account for free at: A Lobster Village Story Danny learns about lobstering and his grandfather learns that wire traps catch more lobsters than wooden traps. A Maine Moose This is the story of Maynard, and how he came to be honored as the state animal of his native Maine.

The Adventures of Maynard and the Loon Maynard's Allagash Friends Juvenile When a young boy finds out that Pine Island in Maine is actually a peninsula that you can sometimes walk out to and not always an island, he must explore it. A Boy's Life Young adult Story of a boy's life among the fishermen. Marjorie of Monhegan Juvenile Story of a city child who spends a year on the island of Monhegan off the coast of Maine. An autistic visitor gives Megan a chance to do something unselfish, for which she is rewarded. Once there, he realizes there's a lot to see and do in the wintry woods -- and begins to build a deep bond with his grandfather.

Barlett lives in Vermont. Ages Although fifteen-year-old Paige thinks he is determined to get away from home and pursue his own career goals in the big city, thirteen-year-old Abby confuses the issue by helping him see his Maine countryside in a more appreciative way. Ages Two young girls, Marilda and Olga, have difficulty getting along until an old Witness Tree, a great white oak, helps solve some mysteries and provides a comforting place for the two girls. Set in New England. The Story of a Maine Boy ; ill. A boy with a difficult home life longs for a life of music.

When they are threatened with disaster, it's Sarey on whom depends the success of the family's new life. When Johnny Dixon takes a tiny skull from a haunted dollhouse, demonic forces are released, capturing Professor Childermass and leading Johnny on a harrowing chase to a deserted island off the coast of Maine. Along with two of her new friends Samantha 'Sam' Bridges and Carolyn 'Carrie' Alden , eighteen-year-old Emma Cresswell has been hired as an au pair on Sunset Island, a tiny island off the coast of Maine where the rich and famous like to vacation.

K-3 At a sporting camp in northern Maine, an aging beagle befriends a crippled whitetail doe. Everybody Needs a Hideaway Somewhere in the woods of western Maine, there is a hideaway tree, in a secret place where a boy and his dog can be.

Juvenile and Young Adult Fiction Set in Maine

Ben and his dog share the forest and marsh beneath Ben's treehouse with birds and beaver, red squirrels and crows and grouse and moose. A humorous tale of cross-purposes.

Yes. Life is good here in Maine

Juvenile Novel set in Acadia National Park. Part of the 'Your Fair Land' series. Stories of nature's doings in the country -- Bluebird and green umbrella, Mr. Bear reading, a nosey chipmunk, more. Young adult Historical fiction. Novel about an innocent sixteen-year-old English girl sentenced to prison for theft. She escapes to pre-Revolutionary Maine and gets caught up in the struggle for American independence.

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Based on actual incidents. A Rick Brant Electronic Adventure Young Adult Rick Brant and his pal, Scotty, have the kind of adventure all boys would like to have. They live on Spindrift Island where Rick's father heads a group of scientists working in the field of electronics.

Here and abroad, the boys encounter thrilling adventures and solve baffling mysteries. Second book in the series. Five-year-old Fudge Hatcher is back for more antics as he makes sure there is never a dull moment at the family's summer rental house in Maine. His latest plan is to marry his brother Peter's sworn enemy, Sheila Tubman. The story of the friendship that grows between two very different boys during a summer in Maine. A handicap proves no barrier to love, trust and adventure.

Juvenile Candy initially resents her parents decision to move to Maine and open an antique store, but she soon makes friends and grows to love her new home. Two On an Island Juvenile On an uninhabited Maine island from which their rowboat has drifted away, nine-year-old Trudy and twelve-year-old Jeff endure a three-day trial of survival, fighting hunger, sunburn, and nighttime cold. One To Make Ready Historical data based on lost Gloucester fishing schooner.

There is a Tide Young adult Set in Maine. Also features Jud's terrier-mix dog. Juvenile Evan 16 is spending the summer with Gram in her home on an island off the coast of Maine. The grandmother is cool to Evan, and Evan is forced to discover the island people on her own. One afternoon she poke around the attic of the island home looking for things to make her room homey. The memories she stirs up in Gram from the articles she brings downstairs starts Gram on the road to a better time.

Young adult A gay teenager in Tranten Township -- rural Maine -- contends with his dysfunctional family, his serious crush on a teacher, and his first love. Juggins and her father, both lobster fishermen, live in a small fishing village on the coast of Maine. When her father is accused of stealing lobsters from other fishermen's traps, Juggins and her summer friend Jimmy set out to clear her father's name.

Original Booklists: Set in Maine, Juvenile and YA Fiction

A tale of both adoption and of Maine historical fiction, this book is set on a fictional midcoast Maine island and based on the Maine Hendricks Head Light baby-in-the-sea chest legend. The telegram says that her father died when his Thunderbolt aircraft was shot down by the Germans over Holland. But for Molly, that's impossible. She feels certain that her father has found a way to survive. As her small fishing town of Keenan, Maine, struggles with the deprivations of wartime, Molly awaits a sign from her father. Young adult Science fiction. Teenaged Ben is the only person to realize the dangerous meaning of the underwater light which has affected the minds of the other young people in his small town in Maine.

YA Sixteen-year-old Charlotte dreams of escaping from 'Bleak,' an island off Portland, by going to boarding school. Twelve-year-old Sarah spends the summer on an island in Maine, baby-sitting to earn enough money for a new dog for her brother. Though her job isn't easy, she has a few thrilling experiences, including exploring the secret of Middle Island's spooky old house.

Richard Mansfield, the Prince of Donkeys Sweet little story set in the author's childhood home area in rural Maine. Young adult When her parents go to Europe for the summer, Colleen lives on her own in their Maine island home, working a summer job and coping with her friends. A teenage girl discovers that the sinister forces at work on a Maine island center around an old lobsterman. A Shetland Pony Comes to Monhegan RL When a steamer carrying animals for the Barnum and Bailey Circus sinks, a Shetland pony swims to the Maine island of Monhegan where he is adopted by a young boy.

Sword of the Wilderness Young adult Tale of a Maine boy captured by Indians during the early days. Five Bushel Farm Lobstering, storms and even a friendly ghost enliven the tale. The Wonderful Day The Little Haymakers The Captain's Daughter Young adult Thomaston in the days when ships sailed from Maine to the Orient. An Incredible Tale Young adult Magical fantasy. The moving story of a young man's strange romance in the 'Enchanted,' an actual, magical place in the northern Maine woods. Novel of a young man starting a wilderness farm, the encroaching forest, adjustment to marriage, etc.

Dollar for Luck Young adult The second in her series of Incredible Tales. Set in the haunting countryside of Maine. When Cephas Hewes calls out in despair, a young stranger with grace and silken beauty appears. Young adult Modern version of an old Abenaki Indian legend, in the shadow of Katahdin. Set in the wilderness of Maine, this is the story of a man with mixed Indian blood and his family.

Young adult The real and the imagined become indistinguishable. Novel set on a hilltop on the Maine coast. A woman fights for control of herself her family from the loneliness of the land and the strong will of her husband's sister. The Sailing Hatrack Juvenile Fictitious account of life on a store-boat off the coast of Maine. Juvenile Spellbinding adventure, set in the haunting landscape of a Maine island. Raised by a harsh grandmother and an indifferent father, Marra comes to understand her world with the help of a seal mother.

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  • Captain Pottle's House Miss Rumphius loves flowers, especially lupines, and shares her joy by scattering lupine seeds everywhere she goes, including the rocky landscape around her Maine home. This is the story of how he grows from a little boy to a grandfather on this small island. Young adult The Fog Point Horror Trilogy 1. Christina comes from her island home to the mainland of Maine to go to school, never guessing at the evil waiting for her. Winter has come, and the Shevvingtons have nearly succeeded in destroying Anya, the dreamy senior who boards with Christina at the Shevvington?

    Now the Shevvingtons have set their sights on Christina and her friend, sweet, trusting Dolly. While Christina tries to protect Dolly and bring Anya out of her desperate isolation, the Shevvingtons work to destroy Christina's reputation.

    Family and Friends Weekend Sept. 21–23

    Last of the trilogy. Christina knows the Shevvingtons have left a trail of hollowed-out, lost girls in mental hospitals across the country, and she has seen the secret files that prove it. But the Shevvingtons are determined to destroy the evidence, and Christina. This time, they'll use fire. They stuff her pocketbook full of matchbooks, scribble flames over her class notes? Elin's Island RL: YA Thirteen-year-old Elin can't imagine living anywhere but the island off the coast of Maine where her father is lightkeeper, until the night in when she awakes to the sound of German torpedoes while her parents are on the mainland.

    Delighted when her prayers for an Irish wolfhound are answered, thirteen-year-old Annie, living in a small Maine town where her father is an Episcopal minister, soon finds herself in trouble when she tries to deal with the consequences of the large dog's playful curiosity. Five stories of emergency rescues. Davey Mountain and Matt Rich are trained to know how to react in emergency situations.

    If disaster strikes, they will be there, managing the scene until the professionals arrive. Because in an emergency, there are only moments between life and death. Nightmare at Norton's Mills The Secret of the Missing Grave The Mystery of the Black Moriah: A Bean and Ab Mystery The two boys' adventures take them from 18th century pirate ships to 21st century mini-submarines. Shack and Back When Tim 'Crater' Creighton insults the girls, the Spurwink Gang splits up, boys one way, girls the other -- until the boys are challenged to a bike race by the Broad Cove Bullies.

    Then, the Spurwink boys need the girls back in their gang, and they plead with T-Ball, the girl champion cyclist, to ride for them. When young Rosemary goes to stay with her Aunt Sibby in Maine, the elderly cat, Parsley Sage, takes her to a hidden herb garden and shows her the stones marked Sage, Rosemary and Time not thyme. When she picks a sprig of the time, time stops for her and she soon ends up back in s.

    Twelve-year-old Picasso Dewlap has just moved with his parents from Chicago, and longs to makes friends and fit in. When he and his middle school basketball coach, also from away, find a Bigfoot who can play like a pro, they put him on their losing team in hopes of making it a winning team. Experiences of a girl, Carol, growing up on a chicken farm in central Maine.

    The Live Bale of Hay: A Real Maine Advnture ; ill. One night, chasing fireflies, a bale of hay starts to move. A story of an obstinate bear, a brave dog in a portrait of rural Maine 50 years ago. Racing the Past About fifth grader Ricky Gordon whose struggle with bullies and beatings brings him self-confidence, self-knowledge, and self-control.

    Set in rural Maine.


    Some themes are long-distance running, family struggles, and drunk-driving. Jeff returns to the North Woods where he learns more of the lore of the woods and tracks down clues to his father's death. Jeff White, Young Guide Young adult Jeff White, Young Trapper Adventures of a young trapper in the Maine Woods.

    Jeff White, Young Lumberjack Juvenile A fifteen-year-old boy living in the Maine North Woods becomes obsessed with hunting down a mountain lion. Young adult In a small Maine seacost town, Steve graduates, goes to work for Marine Biological Laboratory, and becomes involved in a dangerous adventure. Mystery on Graveyard Head As Narrated by Nellie Juvenile Set in , concerns a French girl and an English family who travel to Maine to a new life. Beginning with the trip aboard the Isabella B. Hitty, Her First Hundred Years Grace for an Island Meal RL: Three visitors travel to a small Maine island for a picnic and count their blessings: The Sunday Soldier of the 17th Maine YA Historical fiction, based on a real event.

    When mentally challenged year-old Billy Laird of Berwick, Maine, enlists in the Union Army, he is ill prepared for the training and fighting, especially after he is sent to a unit without his friends. Lonely and unsure of what to do on his own, Billy runs off and meets up with a runaway slave, Elijah. Together, and with the help of the Underground Railroad, the two make their way north to their fates. The House at Noddy Cove Young adult Problems, adjustments, and friendships at a high school on the mainland.

    The author was born and raised in Connecticut, and credited a summer in a Maine island fishing village as the inspiration for this book. Young Indiana Jones and the Pirates' Loot Young Indiana Jones series. In on the coast of Maine, the ghost of a young girl begs Indy to help find her father, who disappeared years before along with a map to some buried treasure.

    She meets a strange small boy, but just when things were getting exciting, the boy disappears and she is forced to face her grandmother's death alone. Eleven-year old Timmi misses a big baseball tournament to spend his summer in the Maine woods with her grandfather and discovers another side of this seemingly aloof man. Young adult Using colloquial language year-old Wes recalls in diary form his older brother's slide into schizophrenia.

    The boys' hardworking, small-town Maine family is an integral part of the novel. Set in Calvin Cove, fictional town near Machias. Young Adult Set in Maine and rural Massachusetts. Dara Cohen won the title of Little Miss Maine at age 7, but at age 17, she is definitely plus-sized.

    When her Re Think Thin school project, which questions how society views overweight people, humiliates her parents, they send her to therapy. Dara decides to contact her estranged sister, who lives on a collective goat farm in rural Massachusetts. Fifteen-year-old Tink's friendship with a writer temporarily staying in a house on the Maine beach contributes to anguishing problems at home and at school, but also gives him the sustenance for surmounting them.

    Then Came Timothy Kathy helps her friend Philip and a leprechaun named Timothy Sweetfern who has traveled from Ireland. YA Eleven year old Allie Ward's summer isn't looking especially fun filled until she makes friends with the daughter of a well-to-do family who are spending their first summer on Seal Island. Juvenile Introduces the varied aspects of a career in dairy farming through a description of the daily lives of two sisters who run a dairy farm in Maine.

    Juvenile Three volumes of tales of wildlife on an old saltwater farm in Maine. The Tales of Fabian and Gilead-Brown Juvenile Little Toot a tugboat and his father take a trip to Maine, where Little Toot gets lost exploring with his friend Bob. Older Juvenile Her parents divorced, living in Maine, winter approaching, Schuyler and her pals plan a yard sale to benefit their favorite charity, but an outside sophisticate draws them in to her misadventures.

    Tommy Thatcher Goes To Sea While her mother and stepfather travel, sixteen-year-old Cynda comes to stay with her father and his second wife, Susan, at their remote bed- and-breakfast inn on the Maine coast. At first, everything goes well: Cynda likes her five-year-old half-brother Todd; she can study at home; and she meets an attractive boy, Will. But Susan's pregnancy confirms that Dad's found a new life in which Cynda is just a visitor.

    Spooky legends about ghosts and a murder at the inn only increase her sense of isolation. Deep and Dark and Dangerous: A Ghost Story RL: Thirteen-year-old Ali encounters old secrets during her summer trip to her family? The Secret of Smugglers' Island First in a series of seven titles. Others, which don't take place in Maine, are: Jill is terrified that the German U-boats that patrol the shores of the North Atlantic will torpedo her mother's boat.

    Adding to her worries are the mysterious goings-on in Winter Haven. Even her grandmother is secretive about the Sunday night meetings she has with her friends. When Jill intercepts a carrier pigeon with a message in German, she begins to suspect that someone in the community is guilty of treason, and she has no idea whom to trust. A thirteen-year old boy in colonial Maine learns that a man does what has to be done when he is left responsible for the garrison on a coastal island refuge during Indian attack.

    The Liberty Pole Children's Set in Machias, , historical novel. Tale of love and adventure based on the first naval battle of the American Revolution when the tiny sloop Unity captured the British frigate Margaretta off the coast of Maine. YA In a small Maine town, two families with magical powers must overcome their differences to combat an evil sorcerer. Miss Renee lives in an oceanside home where she builds dollhouses. After her barn is blown down, a family of mice takes up residence in her dollhouses. Miss Renee's mice go along with her to a miniatures show and exhibition, attracting more attention than do her miniatures.

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    • Young adult Explores relationship between a year-old and his facially scarred ex-teacher, who is gay and lives alone in a big house on a Maine island. Now Is Not Too Late Young adult While spending the summer with her grandmother on a Maine island, year-old Cathy learns a great many things about herself and her relationship with other people. Lobster's Secret ; ill.

      But when twelve-year-old Homer and his mother travel to the Maine coast, to a house the family lived in when Homer was a baby, he decides to unravel the mystery. Picture book that follows the Winters family as they embark on a dreamy adventure following childhood dreams. From California to Maine, Nick, Annie, and their folks journey to a new home, discovering new people and places that their father left behind from his childhood in Brunswick, Maine.

      Ten-year-old Birdie tells the story in the form of her diary: Young adult During a summer on a Maine island, seventeen-year-old Molly and her older cousin become very close, as she helps him deal with his father's suicide and his experiences in the Vietnam War, and as together they share encounters with a troubled ghost. Teenage brothers cross the threshold into adulthood but take different paths in this atmospheric first novel, set on the Maine coast. Although he fears being in the water, sixteen-year-old Dan is determined to be a professional lobsterman, despite pressure from his older brother Eddie and widowed mother that he attend college instead and despite the fact that someone is sabotaging his lobster traps.

      A Counting Book ; Initially he depends on fantasizing military escapades with himself Freddie Ackerman as hero. Reality gradually becomes more exciting as he explores local legends with Ariel, a girl even lonelier than he. She too has an unhappy, fractured family life, and each of them learns to deal better with that reality as well as with each other. YA When thirteen-year-old Melita, sophisticated daughter of a New York actress, comes to visit Phoebe, who has been raised by her father on a farm in Maine, Phoebe discovers she has confusing feelings about their developing friendship. The Ghost Rock Mystery When Janice and Tommy visit their Aunt Annabelle's guest house in Maine, they begin wonder if it's haunted.

      Mystery at Pemaquid Point ; ill. Mystery at Shadow Pond ; ill Raymond Abel: Mystery in Longfellow Square Josh, who has dyslexia, spends the summer on an island off the coast of Maine and finds that he has much to prove to his gruff grandfather and his older brother. Juvenile An amusing story of an eccentric woman, Helen Mewer Perley, who operates an unusual animal farm in Maine. YA Suspense, romance, paranormal themes. Zara's life has been pretty rough so far; now she's living with her grandmother in sleepy, cold Maine, to keep her safe.

      However, safe she's not: Sand Dollar Summer Debut novel by author from Vermont. Book set in Maine. A girl's story told with affection, grace, tension and suspense. The lives of year-old Lise and her 5-year-old brother Free who is intelligent but selectively mute are changed when their mother is seriously injured in a car accident and decides to move with the kids to a shack on a beach in her hometown of Spindle Beach, Maine.

      Lise is afraid of the ocean and is bored and lonely, until she meets Ben, an elderly Passamaquoddy man, from whom she begins to learn a kind of eternal wisdom. Young adult Nancy Drew mystery. Nancy joins Ned at the Rocky Isle Marine Institute in Maine as a volunteer at the facilities aquarium and has to deal with a threat to destroy the entire institute. These books are for young adults. Story of a youngster who, in love with boats of all kinds, teaches himself the art of building them.

      In spite of an early set-back with his first effort a sailing log canoe he finally masters the difficulties and succeeds in becoming a much sought-after young boat-builder and shipwright. While helping his grandfather herd and shear his flock of sheep on a small island off the coast of Maine, twelve-year-old Gabe encounters a mysterious woman who may be the ghost of a drowned milkmaid. Young adult Having reluctantly moved to Maine after her father's death in Manhattan, fourteen-year-old Denise forges a healing friendship with a boat owner surrounded by considerable mystery.

      In a small town in Maine, a sex-obsessed teenager named Jason gets involved with a mystery and learns that humor and intelligence are as important as physical attributes. Patrick's Tree House ; ill. The Night of the Hurricane A Mystery for Meg ; ill. Meg's stay with her older brother on an island off the Maine coast is punctuated by mystery and suspicion. Meg's Mysterious Island Meg and Melissa Ironbound Island Trouble on Heron's Neck The Indians on the Bonnet ; ill.

      And she doesn't feel she belongs with her hippie parents, either. When her family moves to Tidal, Maine, Raleia forges a friendship with eighty-eight-year-old recluse Ian, and an unlikely and combative but ultimately rejuvenating friendship results. Jem's Island , illus.

      Fourth of July Bear , illus. Addie and Chris try to solve the mystery of two strange men on Black Rock Island off the coast of Maine. Tracy James leaves her contented life in Florida to become involved in a mind-controlling cult in Maine and to learn why an old family friend's lobster business is being sabotaged.

      Genesis is 17 when her father disappears on Moosehead Lake, Maine, and the family must wait until spring for answers. Set in late s. The Trouble with Gramary Grades Carrie, a year-old girl living on a Maine Island in , wants more than anything else to go to school.

      But by day's end, her world will be turned upside down.