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The first option is to reboot the device, so that the organ production process is restored.

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For that, focus on the two computer screens displaying the message about a critical error. Interact with the keyboards next to each of the monitors and press the green buttons in order to confirm the reboot.

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The other option is to shut down life support for the organ farm and thus put it out of its misery. In order to do that interact with the lever shown in the picture and pull it down alternatively, you can also remove the power cable plugged to the organ farm. Unfortunately for the innocent child, even after suffering so much at the hands of her murderer, people are still circulating and using her photos for fake, unsubstantial stories.

Similarly, the image depicting the group of children is believed to be real - except that it originated from Syria.

Organ Farm

The photo is believed to have originated from the Ghouta chemical attack that occurred in Ghouta, Syria on August The attack saw one of the deadliest use of chemical weapons in recent years with the death toll ranging from at least people to 1, These are Syrian children, victims of the deadly chemical attack, and not Malaysian children as claimed.

It is believed that these rumours of child smuggling bid into Thailand have been around for more than two years.

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Back in , it was reported that the police had denied speculations that children were being smuggled in a lorry to Thailand from Bukit Kayu Hitam. Earlier this month, the police have also refuted claims that children are being smuggled into Thailand as part of the organ trafficking syndicate. Get highlights of hottest news and must-share stories every day. Get our latest updates Follow saysdotcom Instagram YouTube.

Published by Tang Ruxyn — 29 Nov , Tang Ruxyn View all stories. Ruxyn spends too much time guessing a stranger's personality based on the MBTI. Even if transplanted organs survived, would their physiological function be appropriate to that of their human hosts? These questions were only minimally addressed. Greater emphasis was given to the problem of porcine endogenous retroviruses PERVs. Of concern is that viral infection has already crossed the species barrier into immune deficient mice, with uncertain consequences.

Are These Malaysian Kids Being Smuggled To 'Organ Farms' Across The Thai Border?

The chance of a future HIV-style pandemic appears remote, but not one expert in the field felt able to wholly deny the possibility. Although this risk of infection may appear irrelevant to a dying man awaiting a transplant, the wider community requires a higher level of reassurance. Are the risks of transmission acceptable—and what role has the public to play in this decision?

The programme makers received unprecedented cooperation from scientists in the field, some of whom have good reason to be wary of the press and attendant publicity. They made articulate and convincing arguments for their cause.

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Several stated that they believed that clinical xenotransplantation was imminent, with the first solid organ transplants occurring within the next two to five years. A young woman received a pig neural cell infusion to the right side of her brain following a severe stroke, and appeared to make an excellent response. Genetically modified food makes headlines, but we are all eating it; the boundaries of in vitro fertilisation are pushed back yearly; the spectre of BSE bovine spongiform encephalopathy casts its cloud over the eating habits of much of Europe; and abortion has moved from a medically indicated need to a freely prescribed social tool—in such a world, we need to be wary of the creeping deregulation of our health and the environment.