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Two-thirds of respondents strongly agreed that the promise was an eternal one from God.

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That meshes with a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center in Pew asked respondents whether the existence of Israel fulfilled biblical prophecy. About a third of Americans said it did — while more than 6 in 10 evangelicals agreed. So did more than half of black respondents. The LifeWay poll also asked evangelical respondents what factors contribute to their support for the state of Israel.

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The third-most-cited reason was that the existence of Israel was necessary for fulfilling prophecy. In a follow-up question, 12 percent of respondents said the fulfillment of prophecy was the most important reason they supported the state of Israel. A third pointed to the promise made to Abraham. Forty-five percent of poll respondents said the Bible was the biggest influence on their views about Israel — 11 times as many people as those who said that their church was the biggest influence.

A great deal of attention has understandably been paid to the fact that evangelical support for President Trump has been robust despite Trump apparently not always meeting the personal moral standards one might expect from someone with strong religious support. The LifeWay poll makes clear that part of it is simply that evangelicals skew so heavily conservative.

The origins of this narrative

In September , Pew found that more than a third of evangelicals said their support for Trump in the election was based mostly on his not being Hillary Clinton. And the move on Monday is apparently seen by many evangelicals as precisely such a step. Politics Analysis Analysis Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data, as well as anticipating how events might unfold based on past events.

The syndrome is featured in an episode of The Simpsons, aired in , where the Springfieldians make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with their church group. While the episode is loaded with fun Israeli-based satire — Sacha Baron Cohen speaking in Hebrew as an almost too accurate stereotypical Israeli tour guide — and a Simpsonified Jerusalem, near the end of the episode Homer has a spat with his devoutly Christian neighbor Ned Flanders, and the scene cuts to Homer riding a camel in the desert.

Reaching the Dead Sea after a sandstorm, Homer passes out, face first, in the Dead Sea and awakens to proclaim he is the Messiah, after having a vision of being visited by talking anthropomorphic vegetables. Homer returns to Jerusalem, donning a toga made of a bedsheet, and makes lofty prophecies.

He is diagnosed with Jerusalem syndrome. Homer ends up on the Temple Mount, standing before Christians, Muslims and Jews and calling for a new religion based on their shared love of chicken, after which all of the assembled stand up and proclaim that they, too, are the Messiah.

However, the jury is still out on whether the syndrome arises independently or whether those who are afflicted with it had other preexisting conditions. Jerusalem syndrome, according to the study, is a behavioral phenomenon observed in eccentric and psychotic tourists who have been visiting the Holy Land and has been recorded since the beginning of the 19th century.

Why Trump's evangelical supporters welcome his move on Jerusalem

Speaking with In Jerusalem, he explains that nearly all of the cases he has dealt with through the years have proven that a preexisting mental condition is the common thread of all of these cases, and that when a tourist visits Jerusalem, this preexisting condition is triggered in one form or another. Naturally, the staff refused and a scuffle ensued, before the police were called. The German chef was brought to Witztum, who treated him. Although this phenomenon primarily affects those of the Judeo-Christian faiths when visiting Jerusalem, Witztum notes that similar patterns can be seen among Muslims when they visit Mecca.

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Same thing with newly religious people who dress in all white and dance fervently with their eyes closed on the roof of the Aish HaTorah building [which overlooks the Western Wall]. Jerusalem Post Israel News.


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Jerusalem syndrome: Caught up in the rapture of God

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