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And while this plot danced close to that, I think that the white people in this were equally awful the hero, her husband and the Turkish characters the more sympathetic ones Laila, Amir. So as Jinan's story, I liked this. I'm not so much sold. I do think I'll read Clare's next book just because I really did like her writing.

This one is good for people that like a slightly different setting, a courtesan heroine who is actually a courtesan, and people that like old school Bertrice Small romance type storylines. If you don't like those, I suggest waiting for Clare's next book. I myself like all three of those things, so this was a good read for me. View all 4 comments. Sep 26, Katie babs rated it it was ok. Starts out with an emotional bang but loses steam quick with lackluster love scene and the questionable motivation of the characters, specifically the hero.

View all 3 comments. Mar 06, Twiggy rated it did not like it Shelves: The starting premise works well and the horrors of the slave trade are brought home in spades. My real problem was that I could not stand Amir.

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He was just vile. And yet, we are told time and again how much the heroine must learn to respect and adore him; how wonderful he is; how grateful she is to him; how well he looks after her son; how she must do what ever he wants; how she is desperate to return to him;how i know a lot of people loved this but in all honesty i just thought it was horrible.

And yet, we are told time and again how much the heroine must learn to respect and adore him; how wonderful he is; how grateful she is to him; how well he looks after her son; how she must do what ever he wants; how she is desperate to return to him;how she grovels at his feet; how he tells her that her upset upon return can only be dealt with by giving herself on the auction block, how she is so overwhelmed by his generosity when he frees her yada yada ya Lets be honest, this is a man who has her bought at a slave market; locks her up in his harem as his latest slave sex toy; has sex with her despite her distress; makes it clear to her from the outset that he will sell her to other men; he grooms her for this process by exposing her to public sex and allowing other men to touch her intimately and then tops it all with having her publicly stripped naked and auctioned to a different man once a year for periods at a time; he holds her son over her; and kidnaps her back indicating that he is going to sell her at the auction immediately all for her own good.

The Surrender of a Lady

This man is a slave owning manipulative pimp who trades in women who have no choice and no way out. The lack of insight into the reality of the character was just disturbing. Also Elena's refusal to accept her first rescue and her insistence that she was Jinan the harem slave girl was simply incomprehensible. I could understand that she may have experienced problems with the transition but she behaved as if she had never had another life and had no point of reference to which to return.

This was just nonsensical. She is married to a marquise, has a titled son of her own and if she wanted them to have any quality of life she would have taken her proper name back. It wasn't exactly going to help him get to school, retrieve his estate and take his title etc. Also he was a totally absent figure in the book as although we have the stupid h crying for him all over the place, he is never an actual presence in the book and appears in only passing reference.

They have a brief history together which just comes across as superficial and they make no real attempt to actually talk to each other. The whole thing was generally based on sex a lot of it and not much else. Oct 24, ms bookjunkie rated it did not like it Shelves: What a thoroughly depressing book!

♛[Lady X Bambi {vs. Tramp] ~ Surrender♛

It should not be called a romance IMO. Buku Historical Romance yg pertama dibaca di Kindle saya. Diceritakan Elena yg baru melahirkan putranya, tiba-tiba terkejut mendapatkan dirinya dijual oleh suaminya, penjudi kelas berat yg sdh tidak bisa tertolong lagi. Terkatung-katung, sampai akhirnya terdamparlah Elena di suatu pulau milik seorang Amir, pangeran negara antah berantah di Arab, yg mendidik dan melatih Elena Buku Historical Romance yg pertama dibaca di Kindle saya. Terkatung-katung, sampai akhirnya terdamparlah Elena di suatu pulau milik seorang Amir, pangeran negara antah berantah di Arab, yg mendidik dan melatih Elena utk menjadi salah satu wanita favorite di haremnya utk penghibur para lord kaya dari negara2 asing.

Maka bertransformasi-lah Elena menjadi Jinan. Alur cerita maju 5 thn kemudian. Tanpa sengaja takdir menentukan Jinan bertemu dgn cinta pertamanya, Griffin, Lord Rothburn, dlm pelelangan harem utk menemani tamu2 lord asing. Jinan yg sudah mengetahui Griffin, berupaya terus utk menutupi identitas aslinya.

Griffin yg sdh bs menebak Jinan yg sebenarnya Elena, berupaya keras membuka cadarnya. Dan setelah Griffin berhasil menembus identitas asli Jinan, serta merta dia membawa kabur Jinan dgn membiusnya, ke Italia. Jinan yg saat sadar dirinya dibius, seketika panik dan minta dikembalikan ke Amir, takut putranya akan mengalami hal buruk. Griffin menolak keras permintaan Jinan. Dan saat Griffin pusing tujuh keliling, Amir sudah menemukan dan mengepung tempat persembunyian mereka.

Jinan diambil kembali dan Griffin terpaksa menelan kekalahan pahit. Mungkin HR yg kali ini saya baca agak menawarkan sedikit istimewa dibandingkan yg seblmnya saya baca. Dgn setting Mediterania, saya mendapat gambaran luas ttg harem dan proses penyeleksian utk pelelangannya. Deskripsi ttg harem ini cukup mendetail, termasuk dari awal Elena "dibentuk" utk menjadi gadis harem yg akan meningkatkan pundi-pundi sang Amir. Kekurangan buku ini, jujur saya tidak puas dgn karakter Jinan, yg tiba-tiba jadi galau menyebalkan setelah diculik Griffin.

Mental harem yg sudah melekat pada dirinya selama 5 thn ternyata tidak bisa dihancurkan oleh Griffin, malah nyaris mencelakakan Griffin di tangan Amir. Sehingga adegan2 di ranjang seakan cuma sekedar hubungan antara majikan dan pembantunya, hubungan yg tidak digerakkan oleh ikatan cinta. Saya jadi bingung seakan-akan cinta diantara mereka mirip balon yg ditiup-dikempeskan-ditiup kembali.

Mar 23, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: I both liked and disliked this book. The time line was jumpy and a bit hard to follow. I usually enjoy harem books but then this one was different in that the girls in the harem weren't just sleeping with one man, but being auctioned off to spend months at a time with another. It was just weird. And then there was the relationship between Griffin and Elena which didn't really seem like a relationship at all.

So again just weird, in the Meh So again just weird, in the end 2 stars? Mar 29, Tina rated it did not like it Shelves: I so liked this idea but I kept waiting for something to happen or catch my attention. I really didn't care for the main character either. Once I read the first encounter between hero and heroine I put the book down. I just didn't care for it and the jumping back and forth between past and present didn't work for me either. Jan 07, Splage rated it it was ok Shelves: Bizarre book for me. I didn't feel the love between the H and h.

Weird sexual scenes, weren't exciting or beautiful just weird. Just didn't feel any connection with any of the characters, primary or secondary.

See a Problem?

Sep 26, Kit rated it liked it. Parts of the story were fresh, compelling and a page turner-but somewhere in the middle I felt like I was reading a dated Beatrice Small romance A little to over the top- shaking my head at the heroine's angst and reaction to the hero, pulled me from what might have been a great romance. Feb 12, Curious Bear rated it did not like it Shelves: Oct 25, Morgan rated it it was amazing Shelves: A wonderful debut novel!

Refreshing and unusual historical setting. A new author to watch. Jan 02, bell rated it liked it Shelves: This story started off ok and then just became monotonous. I ended up skipping pages about half way through and it didn't start picking up again until almost the end. The epilogue was also a disappointment, many questions were never answered in regards to her son, taking his rightful place or if the heroine ever assimilated back into society.

The heroine was in love with a man whom she was betrothed to for a day. In the meantime his jerky relatives place her in a compromising position with a loser baron and she has to marry him. The baron has to keep running from his creditors so the heroine and him end up in Constantinople with their infant son. The baron loses all his money gambling and sell's his wife to pay off debts.

The husband is swiftly killed and the heroine is tied up and her infant son taken. She lives a hellish existence for a week when a harem buyer finds her. He purchases her with promises she will see her son. From that point the story started dragging. Heat level- It's about a Harem. While the scenes are not gratuitous, there are many Violence- fist cuff level Nov 10, Marlene rated it did not like it. Started at 'Meh' and quickly went to 'Ugh'.

The main characters well, all the characters; plot moppet warning were poorly drawn cardboard cutouts and annoying as hell; when the heroine wasn't in tears, she was groveling at the feet of her brothel master or - most disgustingly - still turned on even as she was being raped.

Plus it was on Started at 'Meh' and quickly went to 'Ugh'. Plus it was one of those aggravating novels where key information points like, why would you not say a you had a son and b it was your late husband's? I'm a completist, so I finished it, but it was a struggle. Glad it was from the library. Sep 19, MaggieReadsRom rated it liked it Shelves: The heroine of this book, Elena Ravenscliffe, is gambled away by her irresponsible and self-centered husband.

She ends up in a harem as a sex slave after being bought at a slave market. The hero of this book was a bit of a problem for me. Sadly this never improved throughout the book. First was the hero, but there was also the placement of chapter 3 in relation to chapters 4 through 7 in the chronology. In this unusual historical romance Tiffany Clare is not afraid to touch subjects like prostitution, drug addiction and kidnapping in a way that was acceptable to me as a reader who is sometimes wary of these subjects.

While I really loved the first part of the book, despite the minor chronology issue, I was a bit less enthusiastic about the start of the second part of the book as in that part I lost the connection with the romance and the characters a bit and I missed some crucial plot information, which once again took me out of the reading flow trying to sort it out in my head. However, what he does further on is inexcusable.

The Surrender of a Lady by Tiffany Clare

As much as Griffin made me want to pound my head against the wall, I really loved and admired Jinan for the strong, determined woman she had become, standing her ground and facing a man deaf and blind to her protests, reasoning and dilemma. I must say that a HEA seemed unattainable and I was constantly wondering how on earth the story was going to have a happy ending. Hidden from society, Elena's secrets are threatened when a man she once loved recognizes her on the auction block. He has never forgotten Elena, the innocent girl he desperately wanted to marry ten years ago.

Realizing it is the only way to possess her, he bids an outrageous sum to make her his mistress for six months. But once their deadline looms the Marquess has no intention of letting her go. Nothing will stop him from keeping the beautiful Jinan for himself, and he steals her away from the harem hoping she'll confess her feelings and desires for him, even if it means destroying both of them in the process.

She and the other women in the harem have strength and character, and the author shows both good and bad aspects of their world. As a general rule, courtesans, prostitutes, and harem girls did not get whisked away by their first customer to live happily ever after, and this book shows that. Before marrying the feckless man who lost her at cards, Elena had been courted by Griffin back in England.

Griffin had intended to marry Elena, but a convoluted series of events separated them and he is now shocked to see her in the harem and determined to have her. After he bids on her, Griffin embarks upon a passionate affair with Elena and falls in love with her. The resulting conflict could have been quite poignant. After all, Elena belongs to Amir and she cannot simply fall in love with a patron and expect to have a relationship with him. She has friends within the harem and, in her view of the world, Amir has treated her well, so she does not see Griffin as a great rescuer.

All of this could have been meat for a great love story. Unfortunately, none of this gets explored with sufficient depth.