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Having said that, like Wodehouse, Smith not infrequently produces inconsequential conversations that struck me as tiresome. The novel also struck me as a manifestation of the end of the Prohibition Era in the USA as it was published in Thus all alcoholic restraints are off among the Americans in Europe. Equally, of course, those restraints would not have applied in Europe during Prohibition.

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The life-lovers can then set about enjoying sun, food, sex, drink and mischief in a riot of hedonistic naughtiness and delinquency. In their invisible — or semi-invisible — form they can get up to no-good. Two things gave me great pleasure. Firstly, Wodehouse tends to people his stories with a small cast suitable to stage farce. After I finish one of his books I increasingly find myself feeling what a small, melancholy, limited and unfruitful world he portrays.

Smith, by contrast, in this novel has a film set in mind with his core or corps? Secondly, many of this supporting cast are French and their speech is presented in literal English. This I found very funny, juvenile as I am. Thus we have moments such as: It is also an affair of the most lamentable nature, for is it not that there go an illimitable number of francs that should be rightfully ours? Nov 26, Chris Knopff rated it it was amazing Shelves: I so enjoy this kind of humor.

I suppose there are some deep thoughts here but first enjoy its humor and fun and then contemplate all those things. Jul 26, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: Quite funny, but not Thorne Smith's best work. Topper is once again pursued by ghosts who turn his life upside down, this is an extract which sets gives you some idea of the tone of the book: The manager stepped into the room, quietly closing the door behind him. Waste not, want not, say I. You're the first person I've seen to-day, and I'm not particularly glad to see you.

That was not my intention,' protested the man. You could have seen at a glance it isn't any too strong.

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Anyway, you shouldn't be looking for naked women at this time of day. Aren't you able to get your own naked women? Must my husband turn procurer for your sake, may I ask?

If there is going to be a naked woman in this room I'll be that woman. A fun light-hearted read, it's rather a shame more people haven't read it. Jan 04, Leslie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Unfortunately, as rhinoceroses are rarely if ever encountered in these drab days sitting on Riviera grass in Riviera gardens, this observation must of necessity remain merely one of those vast mental pictures upon which to dwell during the interminable reaches of a family reunion. Even better than and quite different from the movie with Constance Bennett and Roland Young!

I laughed out loud multiple times while reading this and wanted to quote passages aloud to anyone nearby. View all 7 comments. Jul 17, Chris rated it it was amazing. Britain has Wodehouse; America has Thorne Smith. He is a national treasure who should be more widely read. Unfortunately, he is out of print in this country. However, you can still find his books at Amazon.

Topper is a banker who develops a following of hard-partying ghosts. In this book he goes to the South of France. My favorite wordplay is the drunken slurring of "Goddarme Gendamns" French cops. This is not a serious novel, but it is in the canon of humorous novels. Read Smith and you will think you've seen it all before in comedy films. That is because Hollywood stole a lot of what it knows about comedy from Smith, and it is still funny today.

Topper Takes a Trip

This is the second outing of Cosmo Topper and his ghostly friends, and time has gone by, the author is six years older and even more world-weary. Although this time the action is set in France, which gives him a chance to have a go at the French as well as the Americans. I originally preferred this second book, but now I find the first rather charming—childish in a nice way.

The second book has its moments, but it displays a more adolescent sense of humour with a touch of malice, which may not ap This is the second outing of Cosmo Topper and his ghostly friends, and time has gone by, the author is six years older and even more world-weary.

Topper Returns (1941) ROLAND YOUNG

Alan Mowbray is back in the thankless butler role as is Spencer Charters as the judge. Grant appears via flashback from the original film, but his absence is not well explained. Asta the dog is funny too. Not a bad film but it could have been funnier.

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Topper Takes a Trip

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Nominated for 1 Oscar. Learn more More Like This. Passed Comedy Fantasy Romance. Topper TV Movie Theodora Goes Wild Bells Are Ringing Tales of Manhattan The Stork Club Conveniently ignoring the first film's climactic reconciliation between Topper and his dithery society matron spouse Clara Burke , Topper Takes a Trip finds Mrs.

T seeking a divorce in the wake of Cosmo's erratic, mortifying behavior, including his public appearances with another woman. After Topper's attempts to rationally explain that the other woman was merely Marion Kerby's ghost, Clara hops a cruise ship to Paris in order to expedite the end of their marriage. Marion, now somehow still stranded on earth along with the spectre of her dog Skippy, pushes Topper to follow his wife to the continent and beg her forgiveness. The proceedings are helped along by a great cast of comic supporting players, including Franklin Pangborn, Verree Teasdale as Clara's snooty society friend, and Alex D'Arcy as the fortune hunter who targets her.

Roach would ultimately get Young and Burke into harness one last time for Topper Returns , a more conventional haunted-house comedy, with the ectoplasmic hi-jinx being provided by Joan Blondell as a murder victim enlisting Cosmo's aid in unmasking her killer. Bennett sprang from solid theatrical stock, the eldest of three daughters who followed their parents, stage and early screen luminaries Richard Bennett and Adrienne Morrison, into their profession.

She signed her first film deal with Goldwyn in at the age of 17 on the strength of the family name, but abandoned Hollywood by the mid-'20s for a life of partying in international society. While her professional star was waning by the mid-'40s, the determined and savvy Bennett broadened her focus, founding and running a cosmetic concern as her stage and screen appearances became more sporadic.

In , she had entered into her fifth and final marriage, to Brigadier General John Coulter; her final illness came when he was stationed at Fort Dix. She passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage not long after wrapping her last film performance as Lana Turner's mother in the version of Madame X. Bren, Hal Roach Director: Norbert Brodine Film Editing: Parkhurst , Franklin Pangborn Louis. Also Playing on TCM. Songs on Screen - Fridays in December.