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Choose to silence calls and notifications always or only when the device is locked.

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Allow calls from everyone, no one, your favorites, or specific contact groups stored on your device or iCloud. If someone calls you twice within three minutes, the second call isn't silenced. View and manage your notifications and reduce interruptions throughout the day.

Mon Sep 17 The only reason I gave this sign a 4 out of 5 is because it doesn't seem as durable as I would imagine PVC material to be. They do claim it is weather proof-- so I will update my review if I see otherwise, but for now it looks good hanging on my door.

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Also, I have Amazon Prime and this product was guaranteed to be at my house on a Wednesday, but it showed up on Friday. The one other mild discomfort I have with this-- and this is just a preference so take it with a grain of salt-- is the length of the rope it comes with. It seems a little bit short.

It definitely works for the door, but i would have liked the option to have it a bit longer if possible. Definitely not worth complaining about if I wasn't writing this review already based on the material seeming not-as-durable as I imagined it would be. This sign is the perfect size, not too large to be obnoxious, but not too small to where people don't see it.

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I was getting pestered at home by so many people knocking on my front door to sell things or talk about politics, religion, etc. I originally bought a sign that said "No Soliciting" but no one seemed to know what that meant. I was so happy to find this sign.

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The directions are clear, the lettering is easy to read, yet the design is still friendly. Works perfectly for me.

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Cute, "polite" door sign that doesn't scream "Go away! And it doesn't look tacky like a scribbled note. The sign is solid and easy to keep clean, so it's worth the price. Wonderful sign in every respect.

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However all my friends in my retirement community want me to make copies so they can make their own signs for free. Purchased for my camper door for rude campers coming up and knocking at all hours. Please leave your queries on this issue in the below comments section. You can visit seosiren. You are possibly the only person, who have written down the procedure for partial DND correctly.

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Information published on TRAI website http: I quote the example on TRAI portal:. And starting from this nodal agency, everyone else seems to be mentioning the procedure incorrectly. And there are people who are suggesting that partial DND means stopping promotional voice calls, but allowing promotional SMS. Still I remain confused about the real fact. I am an individual and i dont have any business. How this is possible when i am not sending any commercial message. How can i contact trai and remove this block. The same thing has happened with me, and without any intimation my no.

I dont want to register as telemarketer, as that will put restriction on me calling my friends n family who have activated DND.. As I hoped, these data will help me for same. I am very pleased with your service; I have been able to help one another often.