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Parents and guardians are responsible for any fines or charges incurred by their children. All public libraries charge for photocopying. For further information on joining the library, you can read the membership terms and conditions. Each library service issues its own library card. Since the introduction of the Libraries Ireland initiative in , any valid public library card can be used to reserve and borrow items from any public library.

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There is more information on public libraries on the Libraries Ireland website. If you have a question relating to this topic you can contact the Citizens Information Phone Service on 07 Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm or you can visit your local Citizens Information Centre. Introduction Public libraries are open to everyone and most of their services are free. Library services The services libraries provide differ depending on their size, location and policies. Some of the services available include: Lending services — library members can borrow books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, e-books and other materials.

Libraries also have many books available in large-print format. Children's lending service — most libraries have a junior section with books and other materials for children of all ages, from babies to teenagers. Internet services — all public libraries have computers that you can use to access the internet.

In some cases you may need to be a member of your library to use the internet and you may have to book a session in advance. Libraries may offer introductory sessions for new users. Reference sections — public libraries have reference sections, with books and other materials which can be consulted in the library. These reference materials include dictionaries, directories, encyclopaedias, government publications, business information, yearbooks and atlases. Some reference materials may be available on the internet.

Magazines and newspapers — public libraries carry a range of journals and periodicals including national and local newspapers and magazines on a variety of topics.

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You can also access digital magazines and newspapers online using your library barcode. Online learning — public libraries offer over online courses in a variety of subjects to their members. These courses can be accessed through the Universal Class online system. Online language courses — you can access over 60 online language courses using the Mango Languages software, which is available on your libraries website. Educational supports for schools and students — public libraries offer a range of services to primary and post-primary schools, for example, class visits to the library.

A collection of teaching and learning resources for primary and secondary schools are also available in the Learning Zone section of askaboutIreland. Information services — public libraries also provide information on the services provided by the local county council or corporation and by government departments, for example, social welfare information.

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Environmental information — you can access the national environmental information service ENFO through the public library service. You can use this service to find information on the main environmental topics in Ireland. Local studies — public libraries collect materials about the history of their county or locality, for example, county and parish histories, maps, photographs, drawings, old records, and newspapers. Business and employment supports — the Work Matters programme provides supports for people looking for work and for people who want to set-up or grow a business.

These supports include access to business publications, work-related e-learning courses and access to space for meetings, study and research. Literacy support — some libraries have reading and literacy groups to help children and adults who have problems with literacy.

There is also information on how to encourage children to read on librariesireland. Community groups — public libraries often provide a space and support for a range of groups, for example, book clubs, movie clubs and mother and toddler groups. Most libraries also hold a lot of local information about clubs and societies and events in their locality.

Another customer owns an art gallery on Bleecker Street and also lives nearby. Over my past year and a half of volunteering a man named Everett would come in almost every Tuesday. He is always extremely kind and is just a great guy. He has been selling books in New York for years so we would have conversations about different trends in books and reading and I always enjoy seeing him. Peter comes into the store and talks with me about poetry because I have to take the damn English GRE soon, and I know nothing about poetry. Kate and Glen are now friends. I grew up on the far northwest side of Chicago.

Our street was the bordered on an unincorporated suburb.


No public library within a couple of miles, and no bookstores at all. Beginning around age 10, whenever our family piled in the car and went downtown, I started noticing bookstores, galleries, museums, and theaters. Lots of them, some of them huge. At some point it dawned on me: The biggest surprise about working in this bookstore is honestly, truly, I am not just saying this how nice our customers are.

I think when customers come to this store, they feel good about buying books knowing that the purchase supports a great cause. In buying books, they join our community and that creates a culture of a bunch of people who are about to become friends rather than one of a traditional service industry. Social enterprise is a keyword at Housing Works, but I also think it is a key principle in New York City and has been a large part of my personal experience working with publishing, bookstores, authors, comedians, musicians, and other artists in NYC.

When I try to explain my job to my friends and family in other cities, it is a very long run-on sentence. I get to plan, produce, and publicize wildly popular and culturally relevant programs at a beloved NYC institution in order to spread awareness and raise funds for our efforts to end AIDS as an epidemic in New York by I fill my life and my work with books because I believe that literature touches everything and everything touches it. And Housing Works Bookstore Cafe is a perfect example of that. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. Interview with a Bookstore: Housing Works Bookstore Cafe Social enterprise, a community space, and a fifty-cent cart.

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Reading Valeria Luiselli is a bit like walking through a beautiful, charming, bursting used bookstore. I find myself scratching down on bits of paper the millions of books, poems, philosophers, artists, and unknown tidbits of the world that she folds into her narratives. No one asked me what my favorite book of is, but if they did, here is my answer. Reading this book was like getting hit over the head with a brick, but I wanted it. This volume, which lifts devastating words from historical and art archives, argues for living even at its most annihilating moments. A beautifully conceived, post-apocalypse story that follows a small group of characters in the years following a global pandemic.