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All images provided by GoodReads. The following titles are soon to be cataloged to a Twin Lakes Library System tllsga branch near you. Clickable titles and book-covers provided to you by goodreads. See a staff member if you need assistance in requesting or locating a title. The Twin Lakes Library System continually adds new material throughout the year. Many of these items are patron requested by people like you.

The Training of a Ponygirl

Each month we feature the newest General Collection additions coming out, soon to be arriving and cataloged at one of our two branches in Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia. Take a moment to see what was ordered in December to be cataloged for January. Finished binge-watching 'Stranger Things' on Netflix? We've got the cure: Newly published books, new-to-you books, and these books are on their way to being cataloged at a local Twin Lakes Library System branch near you.

So click away at the book covers below to learn more about each title then come on into one of our branches to request it today. You will be notified when your requested title is ready for pickup. Just like all businesses for profit or not for profit, libraries also feel the disruption of technological advancement. Because of the nature of what a library is at the heart of its business providing access to information , technological advancement becomes an evolutionary step towards how a library is defined by and how it can provide for its community.

Public libraries, especially, are going beyond the bookshelf to provide opportunities and information to the communities they serve. Fall might be in full swing, but you are probably still hiding inside with your air conditioner even on a cooler day like today.

Take a moment to read up on our newest arrivals then come on into your nearest Twin Lakes Library System branch to request one today. Book covers provided by goodreads. Your Twin Lakes Library System New Books blogger here looking back at our most recent additions from over the summer months. If you check in with us monthly, I do apologize for not having these up sooner. Our website was locked down during a bit of cleaning up and redesign.

So here they are whether or not you caught them the first time on social media, the newest books to our local collections, April thru July. The August list is on its way. For the most distinguished American picture book for children: Recognizing an African-American illustrator of outstanding books for children and young adults: For books that embody an artistic expression of the disability experience: All book cover images sourced directly from goodreads.

A young writer listens in breath-held astonishment as his ailing grandfather, whose lifelong reticence has been vanquished by strong painkillers, tells the hidden stories of his past. By deftly infusing each spellbinding page with historical facts entertaining and tragic, effervescent imagination, exceptional emotional intricacies, striking social insights, brilliantly modulated drama, canny wit, and profound and uplifting empathy and compassion, Chabon has created a masterful and resounding novel of the dark and blazing forces that forged our tumultuous, confounding, and precious world.

With homage to dance as a unifying force, arresting observations, exceptionally diverse and magnetizing characters, and lashing satire, Swing Time is an acidly funny, fluently global, and head-spinning novel about the quest for meaning, exaltation, and love. In this magnetizing and wrenching saga, Whitehead tells the story of smart and resilient Cora, a young third-generation slave on a Georgia cotton plantation. Certain that the horror will only get worse, she flees with a young man who knows how to reach the Underground Railroad.

Each stop Cora makes along the Underground Railroad reveals another shocking and malignant symptom of a country riven by catastrophic conflicts, a poisonous moral crisis, and diabolical violence. Portrait of a Friendship: Eleanor Roosevelt, born to privilege, prosperity, and power, first crossed paths with Pauli Murray, the granddaughter of a slave struggling against racism and poverty, in when the First Lady visited an upstate New York facility for unemployed women.

Desmond does a marvelous job exposing the harrowing stories of people who find themselves in bad situations, shining a light on how eviction sets people up to fail. He also makes the case that eviction disproportionately affects women and, worse, their children. This is essential reading for anyone interested in social justice, poverty, and feminist issues, but its narrative nonfiction style will also draw general readersβ€”and will hopefully spark national discussion.

Patrick Phillips Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America W. As current political discourse addresses controversial notions regarding immigrants and race relationships, the events Phillips describes in this harrowing chronicle of racial cleansing in Forsyth County, Georgia, in the early twentieth century feels eerily contemporary and all-too relevant. Read about these books HERE on goodreads!

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Sadly, no one on staff knew about it. And we did not know about it even after it was removed until about two years ago when a young letterboxer came in search of that little stamp and this is how we learned about letterboxing, a unique hobby in which people solve riddles and follow clues to collect the stamped image of custom and handmade rubber stamps.

In an effort to get more active over the years more outdoor oriented hobbies are popping up everywhere from geocaching to Pokemon Go. Letterboxing not only incorporates travel, the outdoors, and critical thinking but also art. Looking for something new to try? Need a creative outlet? Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Christmas decorations are readily available at the nearest retailer before the turkey has even begun to thaw in your refrigerator.

This is also a time of reflection on all the wonderful books we have read throughout the year and all the wonderful books we have read with our children. Click here to view availability in catalog.

The Training of a Ponygirl (The Maddy Saga #2) by Paul Blades

Click here to view availability in the catalog. Check the availability in the catalog: Bear Alert Snicker of Magic. These books are selected after many months of consideration by the Georgia Center for the Book Advisory Board. Georgia Center for the Book announces annual lists. Georgia Public Library Service News , 14 , 2.

MLP: Equestria Girls - 🍎 Rollercoaster of Friendship 🎒 Part 2

This list includes fiction, non-fiction and a collection of poetry written by Georgians or about Georgia. Check out the reviews about these books on goodreads! The deadline to sign up for volunteering is Friday, April 6th by the end of the regular business day. If you have printed and filled out an application you do not need to fill out this online form. Please turn in your application no later than Friday, April 6th by the end of the business day.

Recognizing African American authors and illustrators of outstanding books for children and young adults. Read the full list of Youth Media Award winners. All cover images borrowed from goodreads. I know how to my say my alphabet backward and forward. Come to the Lake Sinclair Library and I'll demonstrate for you. Saying my alphabet backward is as automatic as anything else I can do. But what is really more amazing is not that I can say my alphabet backward but how I learned.

The year was The only way to access nick. The site took approximately 20 minutes to load and while waiting it recommended that I learn my alphabet backward then proceeded to show me a graphic of the alphabet backward. So I did just that, instead of walking away for the time it took to load the website that day, I took the time to learn my alphabet backward.

Now fast forward to today, , dial-up is in the past, we do not even take a second thought about access. We access what we want, where we want, and when we want it. We stream endlessly with little to no lag.

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Do you remember lag? The experience of the slowdown. In gaming, in streaming, in web surfing, etc. That psychologically painful wait for what we now experience as instant gratification was once not so instant. We trade in our phones every couple of years to keep our hardware up to speed with our software.

We buy into subscription services rather than physical software packages so we can have the practically instantaneous live updates. But what happens if it ends even temporarily if in the slow down begins. In , there was this great thing that occurred that you may have heard about in the news again recently being challenged again , Net Neutrality. All internet traffic at least in the United States would be treated equally and redefined broadband access as a public utility shaping our internet experiences as we know them.

We have everything at our fingertips. But what happens when this Net Neutrality is repealed? What would replace it? What will access look like? Would we notice the changes?

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Will we have to pay more for Netflix? Will we have to subscribe to more services to receive the same features and online experiences of which we have become acclimated? Will we even notice a difference? How will this affect YouTube? Will we still be able to afford internet access or the ability to access information? December 14, , will be another defining moment in Internet history. The potential end to Net Neutrality. How we access and experience the online will not necessarily be forever changed but it will be changed for the time being if the FCC overrules the current policies.

While those making these changes believe it will be for the better it could be for the worse. The battle for the internet is not new and it is not necessarily about ensuring equal access for everyone, it's about the Benjamins, the money, the politics, and just vying for power and control over the people. I agree there are things in the online realm that ethically should not be accessed but that should be for the individual person to decide but that's my personal opinion.

I want my internet, unfiltered and uninterrupted. I want to decide how to control my online experience and my own access to information. Learn More About Net Neutrality. Regardless of the outcome this December, libraries continue to work to make access to information available to all. Libraries work to protect your intellectual freedoms.

Most Anticipated Fundraiser of the Season: Library Fair 2018

Speak up for your library and librarians. The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the author s on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of the Twin Lakes Library System, or any other employee thereof. Most Anticipated Fundraiser of the Season: The days of summer are upon us. Now it is the time read!

General Reading Challenge Instructions: Wednesday, May 30th No prizes will be awarded the same day you sign up Books read before signing up do not count Only books printed, electronic or audio will be counted You are to read on and not below your reading level Exception: Wednesday, June 6th Last day to sign up for participation in the Reading Challenge: Wednesday, July 11th Last day to read in the Reading Challenge for prizes: Wednesday, July 18th Last day to pick up prizes: Maker Monday September 17 3: Fandom Day September 18 3: We Read on Wednesday September 19 3: Teen Club September 19 3: Adult Yoga September 19 5: Just 4 Fun Club September 20 3: Teen Movie September 20 3: Mandala Coloring September 21 2: Library Fair September 22 9: Between Harlem and Heaven: The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist: Casting the First Stone.

Down the River Unto the Sea. A True Story of Rape in America. The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia.

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The Great Cowboy Strike: The House of Impossible Beauties: How to Stop Time. I Will Find You: In the Fall They Come Back. Into the Black Nowhere. The Keeper of Lost Things. Deadly Women Throughout History. Life Along the Way. The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore. Madness Is Better Than Defeat. Inside Moebius Part 1. Only the End of the World Again. A River in Darkness: Speaker for the Dead.

Summer Hours at the Robbers Library. Surrender to the Highlander. Tea Cups and Carnage. The Republic for Which It Stands: What Are We Doing Here? Anime Fusion returns again this weekend. While we will not be able to vend there this year be sure to check out our Ad in the program and bring it by the store for special savings.

Parkview Theater keeps the hits coming in the next couple of weeks.

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Bring your best Standard Format deck and compete for the mat. Holed up Loyalist Militia. In Wilderness Wars you can not shoot at units in a building with small arms. You need a cannon or burn them out. Nerdcon Stories is being held this weekend. It is a great mash-up of creative stories told in countless ways. We still have Battlefront minis on sale. They have finally arrived. Halloween Mini Comic Bundles. Get them while supplies last. Halloween was a blast here at the Source. Tons of great costumes. Check out our Facebook page to see some of the great ones. Uncover the machinations of the mysterious Kraken Society, what is the origin of the bizarre froghemoth, or how to avoid participating in the ghastly reproductive cycle of the grotesque vargouille.

Friday, Nov 11 β€” Booster Draft β€” 6: Friday, Nov 25 β€” Booster Draft β€” 6: Saturday, Nov 12 β€” Booster Draft β€” 1: Saturday, Nov 19 β€” Mini-Masters β€” 1: Saturday, Nov 26 β€” Booster Draft β€” 1: The Pokemon league welcomes all players, all skill levels and is reallly a ton of fun to participate in!

So much so that many of the parents of our players have gotten involved. Wednesday nights begin at 6 pm. Games are 5th Edition. All you need is a pencil and dice. At the Source, I have recently put out issues of the following titles: We will be on hiatus until January of Plenty of great OP kits left from Keep an eye out here in the newsletter as well as the Calendar on the website for details of when we will start up next year.

Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall. Expect a Flow of Randomness! As your local comic book and game retailer of choice, we hope you know how much we appreciate your support. Please feel free to contact us at anytime! It is the age old battle between humanity and the undead in a Russian Civil War Classic!

Artillery, true god of Russia. The barricades of Borodino. View from the heights! Do not miss the Halloween fun for the whole family. Halloween Comic Fest is this Saturday, October 29th from 11am to 2pm. We will be giving away free comics while they last to all of the Trick-o-Treaters who stop bye. We have decorated the store and have some spooky suggestions in comics and games to make your weekend a blast.

Be sure to dress in your best costume because we will be having a Costume Contest as well.