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Larned Incident 4 by Mard In , following the signing of the Medicine Lodge Treaty, things are not going well for the Kiowa. Their promised lands went to another tribe, their promised goods have not arrived, and the bored and tense warriors are becoming more and more unruly.

Mardi Oakley Medawar

When the Indian agent once again fails to live up to his promises, he is run off by the Kiowa and the agent's assistant sends them off to Ft. Larned to receive their annuities.

Anvil shoot in larned, KS

All the while, Tay-bodal - a healer and member of the Rattle Band - is enduring a personal crisis. A fight with his wife has escalated to the point where he has moved out, his wife is seen with a very eligible bachelor, and divorce seems inevitable.

A Tay-Bodal Mystery Series

Savage Heat di Nan Ryan A kidnapped young woman finds she has nothing to fear but her own heartThe toast of Chicago society at eighteen, Martay Kidd is too wild to be satisfied with a life spent in parlors and ballrooms. Bored with the big city, the slender beauty hops a westbound train to join her army general father in the frontier country of Colorado.

But when she arrives in Denver, she becomes the unwitting target of Black Moon, the fierce Oglala warrior who has vowed to fight to keep the white people from taking his land, rescues Katie and brings her to live in his village. As Black Moon tries to reconcile his hatred of the Never one to proceed cautiously when an impetuous move could win him glory, Custer marched his famed Seventh Calvary against the Sioux in June He was thirty-six, already a mythic hero to some, with the possibility of a presidential nomination looming in his future; while to others he was an In the coming days and years it will happen again and again as her family desperately struggles to survive in the harsh Newfoundland environment, while suffering the relentless harassment of the white settlers.

A Tay-Bodal Mystery Series by Mardi Oakley Medawar

We join her family as they unwittingly make their journey into extinction. Johnston serie The Plainsmen Series 16 Turn the Stars Upside Down is the compelling and little-known story of Crazy Horse's surrender in only months after his last fight with the U.

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Army at Battle Butte, his futile attempts to find peace for his warrior heart among the reservation Indians, and his eventual undoing at the hands of his own Oglala people. For all his life, this warrior has been a defender of the weak and helpless.

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She still remembers the flames reflected against the newly fallen snow and the bodies the police dug upone of them her mother's. It was the nation's worst murder scene in decades and the killer was never found.

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Two decades later Hannah is a CSI investigating a case of child abuse when the past comes hurtling back. Think Twice di Lisa Scottoline Unbeknownst to her identical twin Bennie Rosato, Alice Connelly is on the run from her drug-dealing confederates who are trying to kill her.

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Alice sees only one way out - to become Bennie. She slips a drug into her drink, and usurps her life. Not only does she sleep with her boyfriend, impersonate her at work - and steal her money, but she also warns the police that her evil twin is out to get her