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According to the Government of Canada, job prospects for nurses are good.

Sources of employment will open up in coming years mainly through retirement of nurses, and to a lesser degree, from job creation. Some career opportunities will result from promotions; less so from others turning to university or college teaching positions.

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That being said, increased demand for RNs will not always translate into new jobs, according to the government. Part of the demand will mean in an increase in the number of hours of work, including more full-time work.

In fact, the general public gets sicker during a recession a result of increased unemployment, homelessness and other negative health consequences associated to employment and education. And when people are ill or need extra help to staying well on a lower income — they need a nurse. Before the latest recession to , there was very high demand for new grads. After the recession, nurses that were expected to retire chose to continue to work for a few more years, leaving fewer positions available.

However, they may not automatically get a job in their area of choice, and they will find they are now competing with each other in an interview like most other candidates do in other job sectors.

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Why are some people being turned away from nursing school when there are looming shortages? The other reason some people are turned away is that there is a shortage of nursing faculty PhD in nursing that can teach at the university level.

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What is the state of the nursing labour market? What will the nursing job market in Ontario look like in ? What does a predicted nursing shortage mean for me?

The Truth About the Nursing Job Market | Careers in Nursing

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