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Voluntary reviewed a copy and I honestly loved it. Dec 11, Julianne rated it it was amazing. Received free for honest, voluntary review. You hit the ground running in this final episode of the forever faire series. You might not breath till the final two words either. One particular part had me in tears and I was so annoyed with my eyes as I couldn't see the print. All the questions you've probably saved up from all the other books gets answered here. You may be surprised. Things you never thought there was any coming back from aren't what they appear.

Once again I loved it! I'm sad to Received free for honest, voluntary review.

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I'm sad to see the series end but I know with talent like this there's going to be more good stuff coming our way. Dec 13, Susan rated it really liked it. Destined is the fifth and final novella in the series Forever Faire. This is not a standalone and ends in a cliffhanger. It is a quick read so it's perfect for a short break from real life. The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that all of that info here.

But just who, and what, is Kayla? And is Tara really Dark Fae or is there more to her story as well? There are more clues and revelations in the storyline Destined is the fifth and final novella in the series Forever Faire. There are more clues and revelations in the storyline that keep you guessing what twists and turns will be revealed next.

As usual, things and people are not as they appear. Dec 12, Mona. Christiansen rated it it was amazing. Forever Faire "Destined" I truly love this series and the latest book " Destined". Like all the previous books I was drawn in to the story immediately and was not disappointed in any aspect of the story. You tell a very good story. Good detail, an easy read for me. I am not ready to let go. Thankfully I will re read at least 4 or more times. My only criticism would be if their aren't any additional books to this series.

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There are always more battles to fight and much more of the Fae Forever Faire "Destined" I truly love this series and the latest book " Destined". There are always more battles to fight and much more of the Fae cities and settlements to explore. So I am hopeful that you might continue. Dec 12, Tiffany rated it it was amazing. This was a fantastic end to another series by Hazel Hunter! In Destined, more secrets are revealed about Kayla's family and about Tara. For short, novella length stories there is a lot of complexity throughout this whole series.

However, I do wish we would have seen if Kayla got the one thing she wanted with Ryan. Since it was never officially said, in my head, I am going to think that she did. This is my honest review. Wow I absolutely loved this series I was hooked from book one Hunted and can't believe how the series evolved, it truly is an amazing series. The whole series is a quick read.

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In this last book the main characters come to realize who they are truly meant to be. We get to meet a few new characters but their storyline ties in perfectly to the whole series. All I'm going to say is what's meant to be will be. Dec 11, Linda rated it it was amazing. I have really enjoyed the series. Each book has really connected me to the characters and made me hopeful for them to triumph and have the happy ending they deserve. The book delivers the closure fans of the series want and need. They really have formed a family and whether there is a blood tie or not they are united.

There are some more surprises about their origins in this book and I am glad we got that information. It really leave you with the answers the readers deserved. I am voluntarily rev I have really enjoyed the series. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received. I have to say this was a bitter sweet ending to this series.

Ryan showed his love Kayla a new side of herself. She finally learns who she is while in the middle of a fight with the Bloodstones. They all seem to have a happy end from the turmoil that was surrounding them, or do they? If you have not read any of this series, I highly recommend it to you. Its about a world of Fae: Dec 10, Linda rated it it was amazing.

There is always a sad moment in every series when you come to the last, and IMO most important book. The final book can make or break a series no matter how good the previous books. This series has been my first introduction to Hazel Hunter and I thoroughly enjoyed all the preceeding books. I'm glad to say the final one did not disappoint. All questions were answered, all loose ends tied up and a satisfying HEA.

I will definitely be reading more of this author. Dec 12, Patricia Ibarra rated it it was amazing. I received the ARC of the last book of the series, but after reading two lines I decided I needed the whole story to get a better understanding, and it was the best thing to be done. I got immersed into this amazing world of creatures, with a captivating story that I couldnt stop reading.

The only thing I regret is to think that this is the last one, but Im pretty confident that Hazel will not let us down and spoil us with more of her creations soon. Dec 09, Raina Collins rated it it was amazing. A great ending to the series. Not to give any spoilers, but questions are finally answered and there are some great surprises.

Th romantic tale of Kayla, a half human few, and Ryan, a few outcasted by his clan. The Forever Faire is home and clan for them and many other outcasts. But the dark fey have plans that could destroy it all. But love and family can do amazing things.

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I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of the book. Dec 12, Sharon rated it it was amazing. This is the fifth and last book in the series and it still kept me enthralled with the excitement, adventure and danger. There are many surprises in this story to keep you interested.


The writing is wonderful, clear, detailed and fun. Then they caught Tara and they have to separate one north, one south lose them and meet at Ashdale.

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Tara ask why that sounded familiar and Kayla told her we lived there when I was young and you were born their, Dad always told me if you or I ever needed a safe place to go there and people there would protect us then they seem to forget that message, even when they get there and are ask if protection is needed.

Kayla on her way to meet Tara has her rental car run out of gas 7 miles out on a freezing night so she starts to walk at 2 miles out she sees a light that turns out to be a campfire a man at it. She asks if she can warm herself at it, Ryan has a feeling that she needs help an ask if she is looking for them, not knowing why he is asking she says no and letting me get warm doesn't give you my story,telling her to forget and go to the road help is coming.

The local cop shows up and the tow truck with gas and she gets back on the road to the motel to meet Tara. Kayla remembers hearing Ryan say they had to get a new groom and seamstress because Jannon caught them stealing and let them go, Tara has been making her own clothes for years and Kayla is terrific with horses. Christine Marszalek a dancer in a bar has had her own run in with the Blackstone bikers 20 look a like, same clothes,sunglasses,haircuts, even body build they took over the club, killed her boss, and using the girls for their pleasure.

She got away using a trick of her own and next show up at Forever Faire working children's archery range. Now the next week, knowing she can't keep it that she is not a he since they have moved into the lodge so when Colm comes by the barn where she is getting the horses ready for the show that day she lets him see she is a woman.

Because she is so small he is worried she can't do it- till he sees that she can handle even Ryan's Titan, because she was able to fool everyone he test her to see if she is Fae-convinced she is not he tells her to forget and leaves. But goes to find Ryan and tells him the groom is a she,Ryan trusting him if he says she is trouble let her go Then Ryan saying her full name to see if that is right and Colm saying yes and her sister Tara is the seamstress , changing his mind to let them stay, for now.

Colm said you know her, no I just let her warm at my fire one night Elias Moffett Fae,exiled for marring a mortal had built the lodge before market crash of 29, with their wealth gone and he refused to sell it so moved his wife Lilly there till she died at her ninetieth year when he gave it to Ryan as they had no children before he choose to follow her to the next place. I love the way things always play out with Kayla and Ryan,always fun to see a powerful alpha male lose to a tiny woman who won't give in, except in they are in less than a foot of each other then their minds seem to change what they think they want.

Kayla finds that the Fae men keep telling her to forget and she keeps letting them think she did. Kayla and Christine become friends as both are new to the Faire and Tara has been told to be nice, then Kayla goes to find Ryan to tell him she has told Christine to come talk to him and about the power she used to get away but she is unaware she has power. This book has it all,funny but serious, love and hate, joy and sadness, friendship yet enemy ,plots on more plots,discovery of things hidden in the worlds of Fae and mortals yet I can't wait to get the next book read.

Forever Faire Book One Note: Book 1 but it does have a cliffhanger ending Author: I got this first book in the series free as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is the start of a great world but it does have a cliff hanger ending and is not a full story in one book. Be warned though you will not want to stop with just this one book and I am ready to find Title: Be warned though you will not want to stop with just this one book and I am ready to find out what happens in the rest of the books and can't wait until they are released.

Despite the length it does move at a good pace and keeps you interested. This is not my first book from Hazel Hunter and in fact she is one of my favorite authors. This book however is a change from what I am used to from her and I am finding that very exciting. She is adding in Fae to her menagerie of shifters, witches, warlocks, and hunters. This book is the story of 2 sisters, Kayla and Tara , who are hunted for some reason by a biker gang where they all look the same. No matter how many times they move or run the gang follows them.

So in order to be safe they split up and meet back in a town named Ashdale that they were always told they could return home to if they are in trouble. On the way there Kayla breaks down and tries to walk through the snow covered woods to get to town and is about to suffer from frostbite and possible death when she finds a man camped at a campfire. Right away her eyes are playing tricks on her and the man, who is named Ryan, tries to find out the real reason she is there. Convinced that she is fully human he tries to wipe her mind and send her away to help but she remembers it all.

Ryan is a special Fae who is a leader of a band of exiles and he is in charge with keeping them safe so he sends the human female away despite the feelings he has for her. Fast forward a bit later and Kayla and her sister end up working at the same Faire that Ryan and his Fae put on. Kayla does not know Ryan was out in the woods for a specific reason and had been sent to help some Fae that were supposed to be coming through but that never showed. As the book progresses we learn things about both sides of the coin. Both Kayla and Tara have powers despite the fact that if one of them is fully human she should have no powers, which is interesting in itself and has me very curious about how this will play out in the next few books.

Kayla is a strong and likeable character. Tara is dark and broody but has a desire to be loved and is upset at how everyone loves Kayla right away but not her. Ryan is a tough and strong alpha male that you realize will do anything he can to protect those he cares for and if Kayla and Tara make it onto that list there is nothing he will not do to take care of them. Aug 14, Amanda Showalter rated it it was amazing. My trip to the Forever Faire was just what I needed. You know how you feel when you take that day off that's been a long time coming and you spend it doing things you want to do - not the things you have to?

Well, that's how this book was for me. Kayla, female MC, is an independent woman who loves her family - all she has left now is her sister. Since her father died a few months ago their lives have been a bit of a nightmare - they are being chased by a motorcycle gang. Strangest thing though, n My trip to the Forever Faire was just what I needed. Strangest thing though, no one else can seem to see the gang.

Kayla and Tara her sister are constantly on the move trying to get ahead and stay away from these strange guys. Having no luck loosing the gang - Kayla and Tara decide to split up, taking two different routes in an effort to through off their pursuers. They agree to meet up in a small North Carolina Town called Ashdale. While on her way to meet her sister, Kayla rental car runs out of gas and she has to continue to town on foot.

In hopes of staying off the main roads and away from the gang she cuts through the woods on a cold winters night. In these dark woods she meets Ryan. He's camped in the middle of no where on a cold snowy night - strange yes.

Destined (Book Five of the Forever Faire Series) : Hazel Hunter :

However, he doesn't creep her out like the other guys - in fact she is drawn to him. Almost as if she can't help herself. Every time she's near one of the motorcycle guys - she feel sick. Ryan makes her feel the opposite. Why is he camping in the middle of winter? And then he does this thing The story that unfolds is familar and yet new again. A medieval Faire in the middle of no where, Hot, beefy men who are more than they seem, A gang of pale faced, tattooed, creepy bikers, two sisters yet not sisters? If you love faerie tales, good and bad fae, tales of changelings and magic - but all grown up with this might be a book for you.

I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this copy and was not compensated in any way. Oct 11, Leah rated it really liked it. Hunted is the first book in the Forever Faire trilogy. In this book Kayla Rowe and her sister Tara are on the run from a biker gang that has been stalking them wherever they go. The only problem is that no one can see them other than Kayla and Tara. Kayla, being the older of the two sisters, decides they will move away from Florida and go north to get away from the gang. She sends Tara ahead to try to keep her safe and she follows a few days behind.

Unfortunately Kayla runs out of gas just outsi Hunted is the first book in the Forever Faire trilogy. Unfortunately Kayla runs out of gas just outside of the town where she is meeting Tara. After walking for miles she spots a man in the woods by a campfire and asks if she can stop to get warm. She and Ryan have an instant connection and Ryan decides to reveal himself in his true form as a Fae. Instantly regretting his decision, Ryan casts a spell on Kayla to make her forget what he has shown her and leaves her in the woods but not before Kayla sees where he has gone. Kayla makes it into town and, unbeknownst to Ryan, Kayla remembers everything about her meeting with Ryan.

When she arrives in town she finds out that Ryan and his friends run a Renaissance fair just outside of town and are looking for part time workers. She and Tara decide to work there because Kayla thinks that Ryan might be the key to helping her and Tara stay safe.

Destined (Book Five of the Forever Faire Series) : A Fae Fantasy Romance Novel

The biker gang finds them again but they are not what they seem; they are more dangerous than Kayla could have ever imagined. Will Ryan be able to protect Kayla? Why are these mysterious bikers after Kayla and Tara? Find out in this suspenseful, paranormal romance. I give this book 4 stars. Aug 03, Shanna rated it it was amazing. A wonderful start to a new series by Hazel Hunter. When Kala and her sister Tara are forced to run for their lives because of a biker gang that only they can see being after them, they finally part ways to see if they can throw off their attackers before reuniting in the town of their childhood.

When Kala arrives late at night she runs out of gas miles out of town an tries to walk to the town, getting lost in the woods. When she runs into Ryan she is unsure if what she sees is real or a figment o A wonderful start to a new series by Hazel Hunter. When she runs into Ryan she is unsure if what she sees is real or a figment of her cold induced imagination. Once reunited with her sister will everything go the way they need it to so that they can stay hidden or will they once again have to make a run for it like every other place that they have tried to settle in?

Will Kala be able to figure out the secrets behind Ryan and his group or will everything go wrong before she can? I found this first story to be a great opening to the series and look forward to finding out how everything works out in the whole setup. Hazel Hunter knows how to write so that the imagery evoked in the mind comes to life and you just can resist turning the page to see what is going to happen next.

Sep 24, Jennifer Shiels rated it really liked it.

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