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Look you here, madam, then, what Mr. Tattle has given me.

kiss and tell

How sweet it is. Mr Tattle is all over sweet, his peruke is sweet, and his gloves are sweet, and his handkerchief is sweet, pure sweet, sweeter than roses. Smell him, mother - madam, I mean.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'Kiss and tell'?

He gave me this ring for a kiss. It isn't entirely clear whether the meaning of kiss and tell there is the same as our current usage.

What Does Kiss and Tell Mean? - Writing Explained

The play does imply that noisy kissing is like kiss and tell, presumably because everyone hears it. That does seem to suggest the meaning as we now understand it. The lack of any explanation of the term in the play also suggests that it would have been expected to have been known to the audience - so we should assume a coinage prior to The phrase didn't become widely used at the time though and I can't find another reference to it for over a century.

That's in The Marysville Tribune in June Kiss and tell continued to be used occasionally until the midth century but has become more public since then. In , Hugh Herbert's comedy of adolescence Kiss and Tell was made into a film and this gave the phrase something of a boost.

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It is only in recent years though that payment for salacious stories about prominent people has come to be called kiss and tell. The project was supposed to be a secret between Jane and me, but she spread it all around. I didn't think she was the type to kiss and tell.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Kiss and tell

I am willing to discuss it with you, but only if you promise not to kiss and tell. The mayor's veto was the kiss of death for the new law.

Kiss and Tell

Fainting on stage was the kiss of death for my acting career. Betray a confidence, as in A real lady doesn't kiss and tell. This idiom originally alluded to betraying an amorous or sexual intimacy.

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  • First recorded in , it is still so used, as well as more loosely, as in Don't ask how I voted; I don't kiss and tell. COMMON Kiss-and-tell is used to describe situations where someone has a romantic relationship with a famous person and then tells people, usually journalists, about it. On many occasions we discussed selling details of kiss-and-tell stories.