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The Chestnut King

To drain all life from every world connected to the cupboards. Henry must seek out the Chestnut King to defeat her, but doing so will force Henry to make a terrible, irreversible choice. With the fate of the worlds and everyone Henry loves hanging in the balance, will he have the courage to do what is needed to destroy the witch once and for all? But they made one terrible mistake— they released the undying witch Nimiane. Henry must seek out the Chestnut King to defeat her, but doing so comes at a price—one that will force Henry to make a terrible, irreversible choice.

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Praise for the Cupboards series: Wilson lives and writes in the top of a tall, skinny house only one block from where he was born. But his bestselling novels, including the highly acclaimed Cupboards series, have traveled far and wide and have… More about N. Buy the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.

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The Game Masters of Garden Place. Willa of the Wood. Mightier Than the Sword. Drew Callander and Alana Harrison. Henry finds out that he has two sisters Isa and Una. Henry also finds out that he is the seventh son of Mordecai and that means that he is a green child.

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  • A green child is the seventh born child in the family and each of them has their own mark Henry's mark is a dandelion and his fathers is a grape. Later he gets christened after finding out that the green man in his letters is his father after he gets christened the feast gets interrupted by someone. Fat Frank yelled to Henry to throw the knife. When he does the prison that is holding Henry's father gets broken and Mordecai is freed after being imprisoned by the faeren. Nimiane continues to stalk Henry.

    She wants his blood, as it will increase her power.

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    The scar she previously inflicted on his face continues to grow and rot. Henry's father, Mordecai, fears the wound will kill Henry unless they can vanquish the undying witch-queen soon. Soldiers sent by the emperor of this world demand that Mordecai come with them across the sea.

    Book Review of N. D. Wilson's 100 Cupboards

    The emperor wants Mordecai to answer to charges that his family helped free Nimiane. Mordecai is more concerned about destroying the witch-queen and saving his son than his defense. He says he will respond to the emperor once he has completed his mission. He leaves for Endor, where Nimiane resides. In response to Mordecai's disobedience to the emperor, the soldiers capture his family, including Uncle Frank, Henry's mom and his cousins.

    Then they set fire to the family's house, leaving Henry's cousin Henrietta and grandmother inside. Henry helps his grandmother and Henrietta escape through a cupboard portal that takes them back to Kansas.

    The Chestnut King (100 Cupboards Book 3)

    There, they enlist the help of Henry's baseball buddy, Zeke. Leaving Henry's grandmother with Zeke's mom, the three children travel through the cupboard leading to Endor. The kids find themselves in a crypt with Nimiane's relative, a shape-shifting creature called Nimroth the maker of the blackstar. Nimiane has 10 henchmen, whom she controls with her mind. They're called fingerlings because they have fingers attached to the back of their heads. Coradin, the lead fingerling, follows Henry on his journeys through various worlds. Coradin and the fingerlings pursue the children through the underground tombs of Endor until Henry helps Zeke and Henrietta return to the attic in Kansas.

    Henry returns to Endor, finds his father and Uncle Caleb, gathers old manuscripts that may help them find the witch-queen's secrets and transports the papers back to Kansas. Back in Badon Hill, Fat Frank — an incompetent fairy who has actually been stripped of his fairyhood — rescues three of the children in Henry's family. A group of fairies locates Frank and takes him and the children to the Chestnut King so Frank can answer for his un-fairylike conduct. Meanwhile, Uncle Frank and the other captured family members find themselves on a rough and unpleasant sea voyage.

    The Chestnut King ( Cupboards, #3) by N.D. Wilson

    Henry finds entry into the fairy world, where he seeks the help of the Chestnut King. The king makes a bargain with him: He will help Henry save his family and vanquish the witch-queen if Henry will take over as Chestnut King. Feeling cornered, Henry agrees. Henry is reunited with the family members that were with Fat Frank. Coradin and the witch-queen's other henchmen capture Uncle Frank's group, forcing Henry to confront Nimiane in her throne room. Henry disables the witch-queen just before she would have destroyed Henry and his loved ones.

    After receiving his name in the second book, Henry faces the challenge of living up to the destiny given to him along with his name. He also struggles to understand his place as part of his new family.

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