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Wind and Cloud grow up training with Xiong's first disciple, Qin Xiang. The Three become Xiong's trusted aides in his design to rule the world. Mud Buddha opens the Persian Box and reveals Xiong's destiny: Wind and Cloud will make you. Wind and Cloud will break you. Kong Qi, Xiong's daughter, is fond of Wind, but she has also promised herself to Cloud. Xiong, worried about a Wind-Cloud alliance, exploits the love triangle by offering her hand to Wind while knowing that Cloud is deeply in love with her.

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Cloud breaks his ties from Wind and Xiong and vows to take Kong away. Xiong tries to use Cloud's outburst as an excuse to kill him, but kills Kong instead by accident. Cloud flees with her body. The cave is guarded by the Fiery Unicorn. Wind finds his father's lost sword in the cave and ingests the Sacred Grapes to fortify himself in his fight against the unicorn. Wind and Cloud finally unite to avenge their fathers' deaths. Using the powerful swords left by their fathers, the young men kill Xiong in a fierce fight.

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Customers who bought videos directed by Andrew Lau also bought videos by these directors: Search Keywords The following keywords are associated with this product. Please click on a keyword to search for similar items. Warriors from the Magic Mountain. The plot is classical wuxia style mythology, with an evil overlord called Conqueror Sonny Chiba trying to take over the martial arts world.

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After it is prophesised that two young boys called Cloud and Wind are needed to help him complete his domination, he kills their parents and takes them as his students. The two grow to men under his tutelage, serving as the top lieutenants in his army, with Wind Ekin Cheng being more laidback than the rather serious and distant Cloud Aaron Kwok.

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All seems to be going according to Conqueror's plan, until he is told that the prophecy has a second part - that Wind and Cloud will bring about his destruction. Watching The Storm Riders today, it is amazing just how well the film has aged.

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The computer generated special effects, which were provided by Centro an effects house which went on to work on high profile films such as Kill Bill and Kung Fu Hustle , are still impressive, and actually compare favourably with those of many more recent efforts. In this respect, the remastering has certainly been worthwhile, as it serves well to clean up some of the graininess of the previously available release and underlines the imagination and creativity of the effects even more. The film has a truly spectacular feel, thanks to some excellent production values, with the big budget clearly having been put to great use.

Future Infernal Affairs co-helmer Andrew Lau's direction is tight, and he gives the proceedings a suitably epic feel.

Poster for Wilson Yip’s ‘Storm Riders 3’ is dark and gritty!

The martial arts action comes thick and fast, with some great wire work as the characters fly through the air and engage in explosively over the top duels like colourful superheroes. The film was edited by Danny Pang, and his fast cutting technique adds an injection of pace and style that has been copied in countless other productions since.

As the poison takes its toll Wind remembers the truth about who killed his parents, and uses the Blood Bodhi fruit that grows in the cave to heal himself as well as make himself even stronger. He then defeats the fire beast who killed his father using the Blizzard Blade retrieved by his father's corpse. Cloud trains his new arm with the help of Muse's kindness before deciding to head back to Conqueror's kingdom.

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Conqueror, believing himself free of the prophecy, challenges and defeats Sword Saint after the latter is distracted by Muse. Frost arrives and announces his discovery that it was Conqueror who kidnapped Mud Buddha and framed Wind and Cloud.

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Conqueror, now deluded into the belief he is invincible, kills Frost, who attempts to leave the clan. Soon afterwards, Wind and Cloud meet upon the steps to Conqueror's main hall and, united by their common enemy, confront Conqueror. As the fight spills over into the Sword Graveyard, Wind and Cloud are almost outmatched by Conqueror's superior sword skills. However, the blood from a cut on Cloud's arm reveals to him the location of Ultimate Sword which Conqueror unknowingly had amongst the standard weapons littering the ground.

With Striding Sky's sword in hand, Cloud rejoins Wind in the battle and Conqueror is soon beaten, with Wind stopping Cloud from landing the death blow so Conqueror is left insane and tormented by the ghosts of those he has killed, including his beloved Charity. Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok returned for the sequel, reprising their respective roles as Wind and Cloud.

The film was helmed by the Pang brothers and followed the Japanese Invasion story arc of the comics. Tse played the villain Heartless while Yam played his father, Lord Godless. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Storm Riders Film poster. List of Fung Wan characters.

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