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To improve speed and gain cost agility, BP used Amazon EC2 to migrate these core business apps to the cloud. In addition, the team built EC2 X1 instances to increase scale and to power their real-time analytics. The team can now stand up systems on demand in hours instead of weeks or months. BP is seeing performance increases across the board, including a 40 percent speed improvement for the Lubricants ERP system.

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These new standards helped BP to develop a secure framework for operating its IT organization. Amazon SageMaker Quickly build, train, and deploy machine learning models. Explore the AWS platform, cloud products, and capabilities Get started. Everything you need to get started on AWS—for a low, predictable price.

Fully managed nonrelational database for any scale. Find tools for testing, deploying, and monitoring serverless applications.

Amazon Cognito Identity Management for your Apps. Amazon Inspector Analyze Application Security. Amazon Rekognition Analyze Image and Video. Amazon Transcribe Automatic Speech Recognition.

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Optimizing Racing with Machine Learning. Bringing Fans onto the Track. Building for the Future. Learn how financial technology company Intuit uses Amazon SageMaker to train its machine learning models quickly and at scale, cutting the time needed to deploy models by 90 percent. Product Innovation Through Data Science.

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker for Machine Learning. A Foundation for Deep Learning. A Home Run with Artificial Intelligence. Learn how Matson is using AWS to drive innovation and world-class customer service, while achieving operational reliability, security, and infrastructure cost savings. Database Configuration and Storage.


Data Monitoring and Alerts. Both functions use your own master encryption key that is stored locally. The Object Persistence Framework eliminates the need for application-level data conversions and custom middle-ware solutions by mapping. The Glacier ArchiveTransferManager, through a high level API, eases transferring data to and from Amazon Glacier by automatically dividing large files into parts and computing check sums.

NET comes with assemblies built not only for. Simply add the desired NuGet packages to your project references to get started.