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It is the home where she experienced abuse and hurt. As she and Forrest walk towards the house where she grew up, she picks up rocks and throws them at the house until eventually she breaks a window. Pain is inevitable, but with God and prayer, healing is possible.

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Here are some ways you can begin to heal from emotional hurts:. Please calm my mind and replace my hurt with your caring love.

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Lord, please help me to release my hurts, to forgive those who have hurt me that You may heal my wounded heart. In life, pain is inevitable. But with God and prayer, healing is possible. Here are some ways you can begin to heal from emotional hurts: Appeal to God for help in dealing with your hurts and pain.

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Your feelings and well-being matter to Him. Acknowledge the deep-rooted hurts you have experienced. Realize that you cannot right all wrongs. Healing Hurts is a c3 nonprofit organization providing assistance to single parent families before, during, and after pregnancy. We provide services to low-income families regardless of income, race, or religion; as well as reestablishing the role and importance of fathers in the lives of their children.

We are a Christian non-profit organization promoting healing to the total being: However, our program is not limited to the residents we serve. Our services encompass individuals, couples, families, communities, and churches as we work to rebuild lives that are met with an unexpected challenge. In conjunction with our transitional living program, we offer victim advocacy for domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

The Healing Hurts staff strives to provide you with a loving, non-judgmental environment where you will receive grace and mercy as you grow and mature. It is our goal to assist you in setting and achieving personal goals to wholeness in these five areas:.

Soul-Talk: How to Heal Your Secret Hurt

This beautiful union brough together a "Brady bunch" of its own with two boys and three girls. When she is not fulfilling the duties of CEO for Healing Hurts, Nefateri enjoys reading, writing, singing, and enjoying time with her family. Healing Hurts is more than something I do I believe that not only do hurting people hurt other people, but I believe that whole individuals have a magnetizing domino effect because their own journey to wholeness is a message of hope all by itself. Oddie was born and raised in the Lowcountry Charleston area.

He shares the joy of his five children with his wife. He is what some would call a jack of all trades.

Having a large family is something he knows all too well as he is the youngest of 10 siblings. Aside from spearheading the fatherhood initiative for Healing Hurts, Oddie enjoys old time classic car shows, Andy Griffith, and singing.

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Healing Hurts carries a special place in my heart. It has never been about a church house of worship, but about seeing to it that whatever I do brings about a change in the lives of those that I am able to reach. South Carolina has again ranked worst in the nation for deadly violence against women, according to a report released Tuesday by the Violence Policy Center.

In my book, Cries From Within, I make myself transparent to the world on my journey of healing from childhood scars.

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