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It also thought to be the day that he had his first date with his future wife, Nora Barnacle. He was as mythical as the myths he used as the foundations for his own work. His quaint-perched aerie on the crags of Time Where the rude din of this century Can trouble him no more. As an adult, Joyce would publish his first book, a collection of poems called Chamber Music , in It was followed by Dubliners , a collection of short stories, in , and the semi-autobiographical A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in which Clongowes Wood College is prominently featured in By the time Nora Barnacle and Joyce finally married in , they had lived together for 27 years, traveled the continent and had two children.

The couple first met in Dublin in when Joyce struck up a conversation with her near the hotel where Nora worked as a chambermaid.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce (FULL Audiobook)

I went home quite dejected. I would like to make an appointment but it might not suit you. I hope you will be kind enough to make one with me—if you have not forgotten me! She would continue to be his muse throughout their life together in both his published work the character Molly Bloom in Ulysses is based on her and their fruitful personal correspondence. Joyce suffered from anterior uveitis, which led to a series of around 12 eye surgeries over his lifetime. Due to the relatively unsophisticated state of ophthalmology at the time, and his decision not to listen to contemporary medical advice, scholars speculate that his iritis, glaucoma, and cataracts could have been caused by sarcoidosis, syphilis, tuberculosis, or any number of congenital problems.

His vision issues caused Joyce to wear an eye patch for years and forced him to do his writing on large white sheets of paper using only red crayon.

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The persistent eye struggles even inspired him to name his daughter Lucia, after St. Lucia, patron saint of the blind.

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In , Joyce—eager to get out of Ireland—responded to an ad for a teaching position in Europe. Evelyn Gilford , a job agent based in the British town of Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, notified Joyce that a job was reserved for him and, for two guineas, he would be told exactly where the position was.

Joyce sent the money, and by the end of , he and his future wife, Nora, had left Dublin for the job at a Berlitz language school in Zurich, Switzerland—but when they got there, the pair learned there was no open position. But they did hear a position was open at a Berlitz school in Trieste, Italy.

Very Interesting People Series

English was one of 17 languages Joyce could speak; others included Arabic, Sanskrit, Greek, and Italian which eventually became his preferred language, and one that he exclusively spoke at home with his family. He also loved playwright Henrik Ibsen so much that he learned Norwegian so that he could read Ibsen's works in their original form—and send the writer a fan letter in his native tongue.

More a money-making scheme than a product of a love of cinema, Joyce first got the idea when he was having trouble getting Dubliners published and noticed the abundance of cinemas while living in Trieste. After not attracting audiences due to mostly showing only Italian and European movies unpopular with everyday Dubliners, Joyce cut his losses and pulled out of the venture after only seven months.

The publishing history of Ulysses is itself its own odyssey. Joyce began writing the work in , and by he had begun serializing the novel in the American magazine Little Review with the help of poet Ezra Pound. But by , Little Review was in financial trouble. Joyce, then based in Paris, made friends with Sylvia Beach , whose bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, was a gathering hub for the post-war expatriate creative community.

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Turner by Luke Herrmann. In the novel, Joyce foregrounds the inner lives of only a few characters. Igoe lingers with every minor character and tracks down almost every allusion. It will enrich beyond measure our understanding of the world that Joyce drew upon for his work … There must be more than biographical entries, with some illustrations, many of them obscure and some never seen in print before.

And in this wonderful and impressive piece of scholarship, she has added hugely to what is one of our most timeless and ever-rewarding works of literature. Keep a copy beside the bed. Who knows, you may find a long-lost ancestor! Igoe is a living link to that now-faded world … [This] volume could not be more lively or lavish.