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However, the literature thoroughly documents that the role of the father constitutes a supportive and protective factor for the mother and for the functioning of the family. Lastly, it is possible that other factors that were not taken into consideration in this study, such as the amount of time the baby is hospitalised, the parent's mental health or marital satisfaction, can contribute to the functioning of the families of premature children, so these variables should be studied in more depth in future studies..

Based on our study, we can conclude that prematurity, particularly when it is associated with perinatal pathologies and when it coexists with psychosocial-type risk factors, is a decisive factor for family dysfunction that significantly increases parental stress and limits the adoption of protective factors such as resilience.

The coexistence of these factors must be taken into consideration by the professionals who assist these patients, who will need to take proactive measures to offer psychological support and regular assessments in neonatal follow-up consultations. These families would greatly benefit from well-designed interventions, whose objective should be to help them look for psychological, emotional and material support, teaching them to use their resources, both material and psychological, to successfully face the potential stress raising a premature child implies.

The authors declare that there are no conflicts of interest.. Please cite this article as: Previous article Next article. Pilot study on stress and resilience in families with premature newborns. Boronat b , R. Llopis c , R. Torres a , M. This item has received. Show more Show less. Introduction Prematurity is associated with severe clinical conditions, long hospital stays, and uncertainty about patient outcomes. The aim of this study was to study risk and protection factors affecting family functioning in preterm as compared to healthy term infants.

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The results were compared using the Student's t test, unidirectional analysis of variance and the Tukey test. Results Parents of the control group attained higher scores than those of the preterm group for all the items studied; however, parents of preterm infants with pathological conditions perceived significantly less family resilience and more stress related to the upbringing of their child. Conclusions Prematurity itself is a risk factor for family dysfunction because it causes an elevated degree of parental stress and difficulties in the development of protection factors such as resilience.

Our hypothesis is that family dysfunction in premature-children families would be worse, expressing more stress and less resilience. The parent in charge of the upbringing of the child signed the consent and completed the questionnaires in an isolated setting. Population The inclusion criteria were: The pathology that was taken into consideration for the inclusion in the PCP group is described in Table 1. Median with interquartile ranges in parentheses.

Characteristics of parents of week premature babies with severe postnatal pathologies PCP and without postnatal pathologies PSP and healthy-term babies recruited to study the influence of prematurity on the functioning of a family. Psychological stress of parents of preterm infants enrolled in an early discharge programme from the neonatal intensive care unit: Rethinking stress in parents of preterm infants: A review of research on premature infant-mother interaction.

Newborn Infant Nurs Rev, 7 , pp. Longitudinal predictors of maternal stress and coping after very low-birth-weight birth. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med, , pp. Parenting stress in mothers of preterm infants during early infancy.

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Declining cognitive development from 8 to 18 months in preterm children predicts persisting higher parenting stress. Early Hum Dev, 87 ,. The development of and validation of the inventory of family protective factors: TFJ, 16 , pp. SPSS for Windows step by step: A Spanish adaptation of the parental stress scale. Psicothema, 19 , pp.

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J Marriage Fam, 64 , pp. Predicting depression and self-esteem from social connectedness, support, and competence. J Social Clin Psychol, 25 , pp. Infant crying, risk status and social support in families of preterm and term infants. Early Dev Parent, 7 , pp. Social support, appraisals, and coping as predictors of depression in congestive heart failure patients. Psychol Health, 21 , pp. Effects of sensitive parenting on the academic resilience of very preterm and very low birth weight adolescents. J Adolesc Health, 53 , pp. Growing up after extremely preterm birth: Definition and management of fetal growth restriction: Relationship of cerebral intraventricular hemorrhage and early childhood neurologic handicaps.

J Pediatr, , pp. The International Classification of Retinopathy of Prematurity revisited. Arch Ophthalmol, , pp. Intestinal stricture in necrotizing enterocolitis. J Pediatr Surg, 11 , pp. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Marshall states that people are affected by their mental states, and fear paralyzes and traps them in a self-imposed shell, one they perceive to be their armor or strength, but in reality it is an anchor weighing them down, miring them in misery. Despite the heavy subject matter, the writing is bright and lively, uplifting and nurturing, offering insights and shedding light into those dark corners of our fear where we seldom venture and, if trapped, never escape.

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Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. How to Reduce Negative Thoughts. If you want to reduce your negative thoughts, try the technique of compartmentalizing. Doing so will also help you reduce fear, anxiety, and tension. Just as a train, submarine, and ship have different compartments, so can the mind. You can reduce your stress if you compartmentalize your negative thoughts.

This may be easier for men who tend to think linear. But it can also be very helpful for women who tend to think in a more circular manner. Think of your mind as having diff. How to Reduce Workplace Stress. If your workplace stress is due to your co-workers, this tip may help. However, you can pick how to get along with them in order to reduce workplace stress. You can reduce workplace stress when you collaborate with others, rather than compete. While competition often induces stress, collaboration reduces it. Since I developed my Without Stress approach from my many years of teaching experience, an example from the classroom can best help illustr.

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