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They called the cross the mark of the beast , and declared it had no more virtue than a ribbon for binding the hair. It is of historical interest to note the following doctrinal admissions in the article on the Paulicians in The Catholic Encyclopedia bolding mine: Furthermore, near the early part of the 14th century, notice what an inquisitor recorded about some he was torturing: They assert, moreover, that the cross of Christ should not be adored or venerated, because, as they urge, no one would venerate or adore the gallows upon which a father, relative, or friend had been hung.

They urge, further, that they who adore the cross ought, for similar reasons, to worship all thorns and lances, because as Christ's body was on the cross during the passion, so was the crown of thorns on his head and the soldier's lance in his side. From the Inquisitor's Manual of Bernard Gui [d.

Robinson, Readings in European History, Boston: Ginn, , pp. The idea seems to have existed for a thousand or more years. It should be noted that the term 'crusaders' means cross-bearers. The crusaders had crosses on their shields as they went about killing and destoying.

Now, the cross seems to have originated in ancient Egypt and was adopted by other cultures, like Babylon. The cross in tradition, history, and art. Original from Harvard University. The same sign of the cross that Rome now worships was used in the Babylonian Mysteries, was applied by Paganism to the same magic purposes, was honoured with the same honours. That which is now called the Christian cross was originally no Christian emblem at all, but was the mystic Tau of the Chaldeans and Egyptians--the true original form of the letter T--the initial of the name of Tammuz--which, in Hebrew, radically the same as ancient Chaldee, was found on coins.

That mystic Tau was marked in baptism on the foreheads of those initiated in the Mysteries, and was used in every variety of way as a most sacred symbol. Two Babylons, Chapter VI. The cross was a significant item for the ancient Assyrians as well according to another 19th century writer: The treasures of art and religion in Assyria have lately been opened to us.

The cross is everywhere dominant. And the same time that the Church of Rome was pushing Sunday, it was also pushing idols, statues, and crosses. I to XI, Volume 5. Digitized Mar 18, , p. It may be of interest to note that the Geneva Commentary on Revelation They make the sign left by Christ, see Revelation 7: For whom Christ has joined to himself as signified by baptism this beast challenges with his greasy consecrated oil, which he does not hesitate to prefer over baptism, both in authority and value.

It should be noted that it is a cross that is made on the forehead with oil during 'confirmation. What is this "mark? The mark serves to identify those who worship the beast. The metaphor could have come from several practices. In Roman times, disobedient slaves were often branded with marks of ownership, much like cattle are today. Religious tattooing was also widespread.

Devotees of a god labeled themselves with tattoos to designate their loyal devotion. The word mark was also used for seals attached to commercial documentt stamped with the name and date of the emperor. This beast is also identified by the number To what does this numerical cryptogram refer? The mark or name is the same as the number of its name Rev. Inside the Book of Revelation. Some worship idols carved out of stone, or wood, or marble So said Jesus Mark 2: Therefore HE is Lord of the Sabbath!

The Mark of the Beast. And that day is the Sabbath day. Now, they are going to compel disobedience to God Sermon Transcript Dec; Alternately dated Dec They are also so associated with mainstream 'Christianity' that few would consider that a cross or crucifix could be a, or the, mark of the beast. Roman Catholics sometimes also trace the "sign of the cross" on themselves with "holy water" upon entering church. Thus, if the mark has to do with a cross, it would be consistent with long-accepted Catholic practices. As far as the old Holy Roman Empire that Herbert Armstrong mentioned goes, decades ago, I recall watching an old black and white rerun of the old William Tell show on television.

In a particular episode, the Austro-Hungarian empire which is considered part of the old Holy Roman Empire wanted all to bow or kneel before some flag or standard of the empire. The common people refused. So, the authorities called the locals to a square and threatened to kill them all if they would not kneel or bow down before it. After the standard was raised, no one bowed down, then several seconds later, all the people knelt. The local government official, called the Burgermeister , began to smile as he felt that now all would accept his authority. Yet, he looked behind himself and saw a priest who had just raised a crucifix.

The government official was disappointed but kept it to himself, while the local people were happy and comfortable kneeling before a cross. A writing that may have been improperly ascribed to the Roman Bishop Hippolytus claimed Jesus said:. On the End of the World. Appendix to part II. Of the works of Hippolytus. Containing dubious and spurious pieces. Original from Oxford University. Digitized, Aug 22, , p.

The scene calls to mind Ezechiel IX. They have the seal of the Beast in contrast with these who have the seal of the Spirit on their foreheads and on their hearts. The Book of Destiny. So, this seems to be an indication that Catholics believe that they will have the mark of the cross on their foreheads as a sign at the time of the end. They claim that this is consistent with Ezekiel 9. And He called to the man clothed with linen, who had the writer's inkhorn at his side; 4 and the Lord said to him, "Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it.

Will You destroy all the remnant of Israel in pouring out Your fury on Jerusalem? Catholics believe that God had His people in the Old Testament marked with a cross: Thus the Greek lefter tau or thau appears in Ezekiel 9: Farley, Archbishop of New York. The cross was originally traced by Christians with the thumb or finger on their own foreheads. So, basically at the time of the end, Catholics consider that their people will have crosses.

Notice the following from the original Douay Old Testament:. Pass through the midst of the city in the midst of Jerusalem: Notice is something false from one "defending" aspects Catholic mass: Tracing the little cross over our forehead is actually the original form of the Sign of the Cross the one used by the earliest Christians, before the Council of Nicea.

What it is is tracing where the bishop placed the oil in the form of a cross on your forehead at Confirmation. The present Sign of the Cross was developed around the time of Nicaea itself so as to deny the error of Arianism and express belief in the Trinity as the Council of Nicaea defined it.

Timing Gog-Magog: The Battle | The Christ in Prophecy Journal

The basic belief amongst Catholics is that the "sign of the cross" shows the trinity as they normally say, "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost" when they make it. Here is some of what the old Radio Church of God published in an article teaching that many Catholics will misidentify the returning Jesus as the final Antichrist: Hippolytus goes on to say: Will you be deceived by Antichrist?

The writings claimed to be from the Catholic bishop Hippolytus seem to be implying that those who wore the mark of the cross on their forehead or hands will not be allowed to do that after Jesus comes. Catholics tie the cross in with both the hand and the forehead as The Catholic Encyclopedia also states: At the beginning of Mass the celebrant makes the sign of the cross by placing his left hand extended under his breast; then raising his right to his forehead Of all the above methods of venerating this life-giving symbol and adopting it as an emblem, the marking of a little cross seems to be the most ancient Thus, the right hand and forehead are involved with the above mark.

Rubrical law now requires that most of the vestments, as well as some other objects more immediately devoted to the service of the altar, should be marked with cross…. Peace be to thee…. In the consecration of an altar, also, crosses are to be marked in chrism upon the altar-slab with almost the same form of words as that used for the walls. This practice may equally claim Celtic analogues, whose antiquity is shown by the fact that the altar to be consecrated must have been of wood.

The Cross and Crucifix in Liturgy.

"Revelation: Technology and the Mark of the Beast"

The religious sense of the Christian people has always found expression in various forms of piety surrounding the Church's sacramental life such as the veneration of relics, visits to sanctuaries, pilgrimages, processions, the stations of the cross, religious dances, the rosary, medals, etc. As its core the piety of the people is a storehouse of values It creatively combines the divine and human, Christ and Mary This wisdom is a Christian humanism that radically affirms the dignity of every person as a child of God Catechism of the Catholic Church, p.

Catholic scholars made the following claims, mainly about crosses, in their comments in the Rheims New Testament: The image of the beast. And we may note here, that as the making or honoring of this image was not against the honor of Antichrist, but wholly for it, as also the image erected of Nabuchodonosor, and the worship thereof was altogether for the honor of him, so is the worship of Christ's image, the honor of Christ himself, and not against him, as Protestants madly imagine. The character or the name.

By the like emulation also and wicked opposition he will have his name and the letters thereof to be sacred, and to be worn in mens caps, or written in solemn places, and to be worshipped, as the name of JESUS is and ought to be among Christian men. And as the ineffable name of God was among the JEWS expressed by a certain number of 4 characters therefore called Tetragrammaton so it seemeth the Apostle alludeth here to the number of Antichrist's name. And here it is much to be noted, that the Protestants plucking down the image of Christ out of all Churches, and his sign of the cross from mens foreheads, and taking away the honor and reverence of the name JESUS, do make room for Antichrist's image, and mark, and name.

And when Christ's images and ensigns or arms shall be abolished, and the Idol of Antichrist set up instead thereof, as it is already begun: Annotations on Chapter 13 of the Apocalypse. The above seems to be teaching that Catholics will have earlier forced people to worship an image like a crucifix.

Catholics tend to believe that the marking mentioned in Ezekiel 9: But here is what that section in Revelation states: And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, 3 saying, "Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads. Catholics tend to forget that both in Ezekiel 9: Since neither Jesus nor His original followers wore crosses, it seems that some have confused the followers of Antichrist with the followers of Jesus. The sign of the cross is the mark of Christians.

Signs And Symbolism Of Baptism.

Predictions and claims for the Second Coming of Christ

Digitized, Aug 25, , p. Thus, Catholics, and even Protestants, may have been set up to accept crosses in the end time. Countess Francesca de Billante died In those days the Rosary will bring down untold blessings. We will even know true Christians by his rosary. Most all Catholic rosaries have a cross or a crucifix on them.

Some version of a cross seems to have been warned against by the Catholic Countess:. Countess Francesca de Billiante died Many in this land will carry the hooked cross on their forehead and their breast, not suspecting that this is a sign of Satan. The Prophets and Our Times. Scher, Bishop of Monterey-Fresno, November 15, There was also another Catholic writer who indicates that the image or perhaps mark of the Beast may be something that resembles that Constantinian cross:.

Antichrist will further make all men, great and small, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, bear a sign on their right arm or their forehead. What this sign shall be time alone will reveal. Cornelius a Lapide in Epis. No one can either buy or sell without this mark, as specified in the Apocalypse Edward Charles Fabre, Bishop of Montreal. English edition , Reprint Hildegard of Bingen 12th century: Culleton, Reign of Antichrist, p. There will be a mark of the beast which involves disobedience to God. The fact that some Catholic and non-Catholic sources suggest that a cross or iconic physical symbol may be involved may be more than a coincidence.

Astoundingly, there are writings that indicate that some who wear crosses will be persecutors:. Francis de Paul These holy Cross-bearers shall reign and dominate holily over the whole world until the end of time… Culleton,p. Then I saw the beast fleeing to the sea, the enemy hurrying off in disorder, and immense circles of combatants surrounding the church, some on the earth, others high in the air. The first circle was composed of youths and maidens; the second, of married persons of all classes from royalty down; the third, of religious; the fourth, of warriors, led by a rider on a white horse; and the fifth, and last was made up of citizens and peasants, many of whom were marked on the forehead with a red cross.

As this army drew near, the captives and oppressed were delivered and swelled the ranks whilst the demolishers and conspirators were put to flight on all sides Emmerich AC. Jaegher, 14 Februari De Schrevel, Brugis, 14 Februari Josefa von Bourg d. God will choose a descendant of Constantine, Pepin, and St. Louis, who has been tried by a long period of exile to rule over Europe. He will have the sign of the cross on his breast Under him the Catholic religion will spread as never before Culleton, pp.

Bridget of Sweden died The comment about the Jewish sects should be understood to include those in the COG as the Catholic mystics have tended to claim that groups that observe the Sabbath are secretly Jews and not Christian. Of course, Jesus e. Catholics have tended to endorse accepting practices that pagan cultures had. Here is some of what their saint Augustine wrote: What is called the Christian religion has existed among the ancients, and was not absent from the beginning of the human race until Christ came in the flesh, from which time the true religion, which existed already, began to be called Christian.

This is how a book on the history of the cross begins.

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Catholics generally believe that God used pagan ceremonies and symbols to prepare the world for Christ. I am a Christian, born of Christian parents, and carry the banner of the Cross on my forehead. Real Christians would not follow the Beast and False Prophet and hence should not wear crosses nor bow down before any statues or icons now.

For more information, and even a picture, please see Persecutions by Church and State. While some might think that the use of a cross by the Beast is far-fetched, consider the following:. The 2-metre high cross from Salvador has become known as the Lund Cross from the Swedish city where Lutherans and Roman Catholics met at the end of to commemorate the th Reformation anniversary. Olav Fykse Tveit at the ceremony. Behold the life-giving cross. The week of prayer for its part is traditionally celebrated between January, between the feasts of St Peter and St Paul.

The cross is rich with symbols, and shows a baptismal font, branches of the true vine, and Jesus inviting people of all nations to share bread and wine. Younan, who was Lutheran World Federation President on that historic day. Crosses are part of various pagan religions, and hence some type of cross could appeal to many who do not profess Christianity. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:. The sign of the cross Do our children know how to make the sign of the cross well?

And you, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, godfathers, godmothers must teach them to do well the sign of the cross because it is to repeat what was done in Baptism. Have you understood well? Teach the children to make the sign of the cross well. If they learn it as children, they will do it well later, as grownups. The cross is the badge that manifests who we are: The children are marked on the forehead. The adult catechumens are also marked on the senses with these words: On Baptism Part II: The Sign of the Christian Faith.

Now, it should be noted that Revelation does not mention any cross as a 'paschal sign' like Pope Francis seemingly indicated. Here are the two verses pointed to:. The Boof of Revelation does not ever endorse marking oneself with a cross. Instead, it warns against a mark of the European Beast Revelation Some have concerns about this placement of crosses in Bavarian state buildings, while others favor this:. A storm has been raging in Bavaria, with no signs of letting up. It will be obligatory as of June 1.

A politician has declared the symbol of the cross to be a sign of identity and demarcation.

A 3rd Century Certificate of the Beast? Tattoos?

In October, state elections will be held in Bavaria, and he is adopting a platform based on maintaining Bavarian culture. The Bundeswehr is certainly no longer waging holy wars. The cross is a symbol of Christian identity that has shaped Europe for centuries. Bavaria, Germany, all of Europe in fact, are unimaginable in their current form without this Christian influence.

Values that have developed over centuries and that unite the European culture region from Sicily to Lapland, and that no one here wants to do without. Consider that a church-state alliance using crosses is consistent with much of this.

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The historical-political message of the cross tends to be warfare and forced accepted of power. It is not only those who may have had association with the Church of God that have warned about the cross possibly being the mark of the beast. Some few Protestant writers have suspected that a cross could be the mark.

Here is some of what H. Ward wrote on that subject in the 19th century: And the first vial of His wrath poured upon the earth, falls " upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image" Rev. These are our fellowmortals, of whatever name or nation they may be, and these warnings are given for man's admonition, that we may escape when the beast shall be " taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had the mark of the beast , and them that worshipped his image Rev.

Also, that we may have our portion with such as " had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads" for " on such the second death hath no power" Rev. By that power, enthroned on the " seven mountains on which the woman sitteth; and the woman which thou sawest is that great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth" Rev. By that power whose wellknown mark, and universally recognised banner, is the lying vanity of the wood of the cross….

Of this abomination, which now " showeth himself, that he is and has been infallible," our Lord would have men beware. The mark of this mysterious monarch on the banner of the Latin empire, in place of the Roman eagles, is now the image of the pagan cross, which of old led, and is now leading, into the sanctuary, especially in America, the fashionable symbols, the lying wonders, and false pretences of the mother of abominations, together with a growing army of images and pictures, carnal indulgences, sacrificial masses, and noisy thunders, which consign whole nations, not to purgatory, where his own are purified in flaming fire, except they purchase redemption with gold, but consigning both kings and princes and peoples who reject his infallibility to endless burnings, as if he were God manifest in the flesh, sitting on the throne and dispensing judgment and justice in eternal portions over all the earth!

Christendom has long been imposed upon by this "abomination of desolation," whose mark, like every other idol, thrusts itself between the heart of the worshipper and the Lord, making itself the recipient of those affections which are due to the invisible and only wise God. History of the cross: Original from Princeton University. Digitized Mar 30, , pp. Of course we do not rely on Protestant writings for doctrine, but it is of historical interest to note that the Protestant scholar above believed that the cross is in the abominable mark of the beast category.

The Apostle tells us what it is. As he gives it, it is made up of two Greek characters which stand for the name of Christ, with a third, the figure of a crooked serpent, put between them, chxs, the name of God's Messiah transformed into a Devil sacrament. This horrid sign everyone must receive on one of the most conspicuous parts of the body, cut, stamped, or branded in, there to abide indelibly. No one may either "buy or sell" without this "mark,"… Seiss JA. Exposition of the Book of Revelation, Electronic Database.

While the above is an odd writing, it too seems to suggest that some type of cross is being employed as the mark. Notice also something similar from a Catholic source: English edition ; Reprint Hence, even outside of COG sources, the idea of some type of cross being the mark has been considered by others.

There are a variety of apparition related reports Fatima being the most well known that suggest "Mary" will have end time roles. Some suggest she will be involved with rosaries and crosses. Various Catholic writings claim that the rosary is the sign of being highly faithful. Our Lady said, "It is my will that those who recite my Rosary shall receive, during their lives, and at the hour of death, light, abundance of graces, and liberty.

Monthly Magazine of the Holy Rosary. I am the great Mediatrix of Grace. The Father wants the world to recognize His handmaid…My sign is about to appear. God wills it…I cannot reveal my power to the world as yet…Then I will be able to reveal myself…Chose a sign for yourself so that the Trinity may soon be adored by all!

Pray and sacrifice through me! I pray, be prepared to bear the cross in order that the Trinity may be honored Culleton, Reign of Antichrist, pp. So, the cross and trinity are considered to basically be signs or marks, according to the above. Real Christians would not pray and sacrifice through Mary as the Bible only shows such practices as appropriate for God. It also should be mentioned that the doctrine of the trinity that was adopted in A.

But this is not something that the Bible advocates. Magdalene Porzat 19th century: Mary comes from heaven…After this Mary, all powerful shall change all men…Holy women, images of Mary, shall have power to work miracles. After them comes Mary to prepare the way for her Son in His triumphant Church.

Perhaps I should mention that according to the above mystic, this happens after a time of "universal bankruptcy" and "confusion" Ibid, p. Thus, if the international financial situation worsens maybe if only a little bit, though probably more than that , Catholics may point to that as proof that their Marian prophecies are correct.

Thus, in my view, we should be a little more proactive about warnings related to "Mary. Paul says, "The things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God. It was also common in Germany, as appears from a work entitled "The Kiss of the Virgin. Babylon is threatened with sudden destruction for the multitude of her sorceries,—seeing that "by her sorceries were all nations deceived.

Statues and paintings of the virgin are now multiplying in every part of the continent. The character and miracles ascribed to her, present, indeed, the very image of the beast, as sanctioning under the guise of Divine authority, folly the most contemptible, and vice the most ferocious. This verse has received a variety of explanations.

We refer it to the Virgin, without hesitation, inasmuch as at her deification by the decree of December 8, , she may be profanely said to have had Divine life conferred on her by the will of the Pope. Digitized, Aug 15, , pp. Now, here is the important fact to be observed, that this never was done, and this never could have been done, till eight years ago: What, however, had never been done before, was done in December Then bishops from all parts of Christendom, and representatives from the ends of the earth, met in Rome; and with only four dissentient voices, it was decreed that Mary, the mother of God, who died, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven, should thenceforth be worshipped as the Immaculate Virgin, "conceived and born without sin.

Now, since the Image has been set up, its voice has been everywhere heard throughout the Papacy. Formerly decrees ran less or more in the name of Christ. Now all things are pre-eminently done in the name of the Immaculate Virgin. Her voice is everywhere heard—her voice is supreme. Viewed from the Roman point of view, the new dogma is the legitimate fruit of the genuine spirit of modern Romanism. It only completes that Mariology, and fortifies that Mariolatry, which is the very soul of its piety and public worship. We may almost call Romanism the Church of the Virgin Mary—not of the real Virgin of the Gospels, who sits humbly and meekly at the feet of her and our Lord and Saviour in heaven, but of the apocryphal Virgin of the imagination, which assigns her a throne high above angels and saints.

This mythical Mary is the popular expression of the Romish idea of the Church, and absorbs all the reverence and affection of the heart. Her worship overshadows even the worship of Christ. Schaff, Philip, The creeds of Christendom: Digitized May 16, , pp. Now, I am not saying that I agree with all of the logic of these sources. But I do agree that it is possible that some image allegedly of Mary or a Marian rosary could possibly fulfill the prophecy of the "image of the Beast" as Marian worship is rampant amongst Catholics and there have been stories of statues of Mary having tears, bleeding, etc.

The following was written over a decade ago by a member of the Orthodox Church and is warning people that false apparitions claiming to be Mary will lead to people to Antichrist:. This confusion has led the Kogis to call their pagan temples "cansamaria," a corruption of "casa de Maria" house of Mary. Given these Roman Catholic "evangelistic methods" of more than a century ago, it is it any wonder that contemporary "apparitions" of Mary are invariably accompanied by ecumenistic messages promoting the idea that all religions are equally valid and Orthodox Christianity is but one "path" among many?

A recent issue of Orthodox Tradition contains the account of Matushka wife of a Russian Orthodox priest Katherine Swanson's trip to Medjugorje, Croatia, to investigate the most famous of the recent cases of apparitions of Mary in the Roman Catholic world. In it she recounts a telling episode: The Life magazine article, then, is yet another contribution to this line of thought.

Given the idea that all paths are equally valid, then all "Marys" are equally valid, too. The author describes several of the Marys of our times: Andrew Greeley saying, lets people into Heaven through the "back door" , Editors notes: Mediator Mary of the feminists, and Mother Mary.

This last one, Mother Mary, is the role which the author considers the most appealing to non-Catholics: It is known that Muslins revere Mary as a pure and holy saint Interdenominational Marian prayer groups are springing up throughout the world. Many Protestants, even some who still reject notions of a supernatural Virgin, miss Mary. To which Mary are Muslims and Protestants being drawn? The Protestant Reformation rejected the distorted view of Mary which had developed in the West since the Schism of , and which would ultimately result in the Roman Church's proclamation of their dogma of the Immaculate Conception.

But Protestantism did not just reject the Western view of Mary; it ignored Her altogether, in effect denying Her role in the Incarnation and, consequently, the part She plays in our salvation. As Rome began to see her more and more as a "goddess," a fourth Hypostasis of the Trinity, as it were, the Protestants reacted by down playing Her position and refusing to honor Her at all, this in spite of the Gospel words: Today, as heterodox Christians become more and more ecumenist and work toward creating a "One World Church," the search has begun for a Mary of universal recognition, one who will appeal not only to those who bear the name Christian, but apparently to Muslims and others as well, just as attempts are likewise being made to identify the "new Christ" with the Muslim concept of their coming Mahdi and with the Messiah still awaited by the Jews.

This, of course, will be no Christ at all but the antichrist.

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The idea that the mark or image could have something to do with crosses, rosaries, crucifixes, Marian images, etc. When it comes to the image of the beast, it may be that there will be a literal image. The same holds true for the mark of the beast. There are several scriptures related to this. The first four times the Greek term translated as image, eikon , is found in the New Testament, it refers to an image on a coin Matthew The implication is that eikon is something physical.

If the image were only a resurrected "Holy Roman Empire," I do not believe that the scripture would have also specified that the image was given breath and the ability to talk. The image seems to be something physical. And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate, Even until the consummation, which is determined, Is poured out on the desolate. The above verses suggest that the 'abomination of desolation' is something physical and is affiliated with the ten-horned Beast the King of the North and possibly Mystery Babylon.

Perhaps the abomination is related to the image of the Beast. A physical item, such as a crucifix or statue, may fulfill scripture related to an image. An idol of some sort would be an abomination, as pagan worship practices are labeled as abominations in the Old Testament e. Additionally, the Bible is clear that those who worship this image will be punished by God Revelation Furthermore, Isaiah seems to tie the fall of Babylon is with carved images: And all the carved images of her gods He has broken to the ground.

Physical images are a problem with the end time Babylon this also seems to be confirmed in Deuteronomy But he shall flee from the sword, And his young men shall become forced labor. Notice also that this may suggest that the "banner" the Assyrians had will be considered as a problem but as the Hebrew is not completely clear to me, it is possible that the Assyrians are fearful of some banner of God instead one of their own—but either way, idolatry is clearly shown to be a problem up until the end. Many Catholics consider these to be signs that their faith is the correct one e.

Flynn Ted and Maureen. The Thunder of Justice. Sterling VA , So the time of greatest tribulation must begin and end before these two "beings" are too old to appear as realistic humans. They are actually NOT humans. They are fallen angels, and so is Bashar Assad. So these two "popes" are actually millions-billions of years old. But they are manifesting themselves to look like humans. If they were to allow themselves to appear to live as humans beyond the time span that humans live, that would give away their identity as not being human.

Therefore their old age reveals that time is very short. The same with Assad. Direct Jesus gave me dreams of the Hoover Dam collapsing. It is located in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. I am thinking that it might include other locations as well on the same day. Posted July 8, Direct concerning all other parts of the prophecy. President Trump will attack the president of Syria, Bashar Assad. America will be unsuccessful at removing Assad from office. Posted Direct Assad will claim to be god.

He is the Son Of Perdition, the one most people call "the Antichrist". Posted May Click for more information. Posted Direct New specific timing information about above prophecy: Many buildings will fall. Many will be hurt and many killed. Direct Bashar Assad will invade and take control of Egypt. Indirect There will be announcements that they have found ancient scrolls, text, etc, that prove that Jesus, the apostles, the prophets of the Bible, were Muslim and that Islam is the true religion.

Indirect Russia to use drones in their invasion of the USA. Direct Cannibalism to become widespread in the Great Tribulation. Others Small Spanish missiles will enter Texas from Mexico. Direct Mark of the beast system Islamic Sharia Law including the halal mark will be enforced in America. Direct Russia will invade Europe. Russia will invade England. Direct Many Americans will be taken across seas as slave labor.

Others Americans will die in the United States from guillotines. Indirect will be a bad year, but will be even worst. Direct Christ will NOT return in , nor before Direct 5th Seal will open on date of Purim. Invasion of Israel will occur 30 days later on date of Unleavened Bread or Passover. The 7 trumpets will blow over a time period of one year. Saints will be caught up on the Day of Atonement. NO specific year given for any of these. These specifics added Oct. Click here to see proof of these specifics. Others Huge tsunami to hit the east coast of USA. Others Tsunami to hit the west coast of USA.

This is the least reliable, but could still be true. Others California, as well as from Texas to Florida will be completely destroyed. Others Raleigh, NC to the coast line will be completely destroyed. Click on "Share" below and choose Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email or other. Type words into the box below and click enter. Results are rendered by Google.

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