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Limassol knows more than its share of top Russian secrets but not everything stays secret.

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Local laws require foreigners who apply for citizenship through naturalization to publish such announcements. Having foreign citizenship is not a violation of Russian law but the practice is strongly discouraged by the government, especially for relatives of top officials, or close allies of the president. The Russian Parliament adopted several laws prohibiting public servants from having some assets abroad.

While foreign citizenship was not officially banned, informally it was discouraged. The Pythagoras 3 Street office is home to Ronin Europe, a branch of Ronin Partners, a group of companies specializing in wealth management and corporate governance.

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Ronin Partners is tied to Bolotova and her husband--and to Transneft--in a number of ways. Andronov could not say whether Bolotova works for Ronin. Neither entity will disclose the exact amount of assets of the state company that Ronin manages.

People working there are competent and professional. For example, Ronin Trust is managing a seven-story building at Zubovskaya Square in the center of Moscow, just 3. The house was built in the s in constructivism style, an architectural style once popular in the Soviet Union. Seven-story building at Zubovskaya Square.

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Ronin doesn't disclose the beneficial owner of the building, but in , the construction company Aurora Group , which was contracted to renovate the building, named the Bolotov- owned RPA as its client on the project website. Today the building looks preserved and ready for the rebuild. The guard at the door said that there is nobody on the premises. On its website, Aurora Group named RPA as a client in another project, a business center called Prohub , located on the 13th floor of a skyscraper in the Moscow-city business district.

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Prohub consists of 19 offices. The Art Nouveau-style house built in is a historic landmark. The house of Anna Kekusheva on Ostozhenka street. The same number is used by an assistant to Bolotov.

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